Muscle Cars

Hot Rods and Saabs: Maine Auto Auction!

We love seeing listings for estate clean-outs and auctions for whole car collections, as the variety of parts, cars, tools, and signage is usually pretty entertaining. This upcoming auction at a property in Maine is no exception, with a… more»

Parked Since ’68: Rare 1958 Pontiac Bonneville

Yeah, its rusty and rough and in need of a complete restoration, but it’s still a desirable ‘58 Pontiac Bonneville Sport Coupe with three rare factory options: Air Conditioning, Air Suspension, and the Sportable Transistor Radio (that you could… more»

Original 440: 1971 Dodge Charger R/T

By 1971, it seemed the writing was on the wall for the American muscle car as it faced a perfect storm of circumstances that would impact performance for decades. Companies detuned engines preparing for stricter emission standards, fuel prices… more»

Original 400: 1971 Pontiac GTO

As we head into an automotive future where it seems that zero-emission vehicles will dominate the new car market, enthusiasts with gasoline coursing through their veins will be drawn to high-performance offerings from past generations. When it comes to… more»

1987 Buick Regal GNX With 2,248 Original Miles!

Ah, the 1980s. The decade that gave us big hair, bigger shoulder pads, the emergence of the personal computer, and the first signs that the automotive industry had begun digging its way out of the misery that was The… more»

Oversized Fuel Tank! 1962 Chevrolet Corvette

The first generation of the Chevy Corvette enjoyed a 10-year run, and that would end in 1962. The all-new “C2” Sting Rays would debut the following year. This stunning ’62 Corvette has received a frame-off restoration, is numbers-matching, and… more»

4-4-2 V8 Motor! 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

Oldsmobile introduced the Vista Cruiser in the middle of the 1964 model year. It was an upscale edition of the Cutlass Supreme wagon but with a raised roof and extra glass in the back to make for something of… more»

30,439 Original Miles: 1965 Pontiac GTO

Talk about a nice, low-mileage ’65 GTO with an interesting build sheet. Of the 42 previous 1965 GTO’s featured here on Barn Finds over the past decade, this is the first one ordered as a convertible with an automatic… more»

A True Mopar Survivor: 1968 Dodge Charger Barn Find

When it comes to naming quintessential muscle car’s of the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Dodge Charger is without question one such icon. Starting out as a show car in 1964, it became a concept the following year, which was… more»

Injected Big-Block: 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 454

Chevrolet released the First Generation Monte Carlo in 1970 as its competitor in the “personal luxury car” market. Its target was the Ford Thunderbird, and if the buyer ticked the right boxes on the Order Form, it could show… more»

383 V8 Project: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

Dodge was a latecomer to the “pony car” game in 1970. Sharing its new E-body platform with the redesigned Plymouth Barracuda, the Challenger would remain in production for five years. More than 30 years later, the nameplate would be… more»

Desert Project: 1974 Chevrolet Laguna S-3

For 1974-76, the Laguna S-3 became the successor to the Chevelle Super Sport. Times had changed, and raw power was being phased out in favor of style and sporty looks. You could still get a 454 cubic inch big-block… more»

Grand National-Inspired: 1987 Buick Regal WE4

General Motors’ mid-size cars were due for an overhaul in 1988 and would shift from rear to front-wheel drive. That meant the 1987 Buick Regal and its variants would be the last of the RWD line, including the all-muscle… more»

Diamond in the Rough? 1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Sometimes, you just can’t quite tell what’s going on with a seller in regards to how they view their car and its value. This is a desirable LS1-equipped Pontiac Trans Am, but it has definitely seen better days. The… more»

383 V8 Transplant: 1970 Chevrolet Camaro RS

Some consider the 1967-69 Camaro to be a hastily prepared response to the highly successful Ford Mustang. Things would change with the 1970 edition which would be an all-new car from the ground up. It debuted mid-year as there… more»

Big Engine-Small Package: 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS396

Some would subscribe to the theory that if enough is just right, then too much is perfect! Take Chevrolet’s compact Chevy II/Nova. In the mid-sixties, it developed some real hair with high-powered small-block engines. In’68, an all-new platform, shared… more»