British Barn Finds

Are Three Wheels Enough? 1980 Reliant Robin

This 1980 Reliant Robin was not the result of a cost-cutting… more»

Never Crossed The Sea: 1954 Triumph Mayflower

This Triumph Mayflower is an example of a car… more»

Triumph + Mustang = Stag Pony?

Folks what you have here is a combination project,… more»

1966 Austin Healey Sprite For $400!

Sprites are great little cars! They are fun to… more»

Disassembled For Many Years: 1951 Jowett Jupiter

This unusual and quirky Jowett Jupiter has been disassembled… more»

Austin A35 Saloon Body: Gasser Time?

The Austin A35 had some racing successes in the… more»

Spitfire With A Six: 1970 Triumph GT6

We do like the Triumph GT6’s styling and inline… more»

Precariously Placed: 1976 Lotus Elite +2

It has been said that a picture is worth… more»

Fishing For A New Owner: Triumph Spitfire

Barn Finds reader Bonneville64 sent in this great find… more»

Cheap B? 1980 MGB

I’ve always loved English sports cars and probably have… more»

20/20 Vision: 1975 MGB

In 1975 there were only 20,171 MGBs produced. We… more»

Reader Find: Two E-Types!

From David H – Just found these V12 Jags… more»

Triumph Herald Project For $650

Thanks to Barn Finds reader CJS for this great… more»

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