British Barn Finds

Lotus Europa Body

Chop Shop Lotus Europa

$500 for a Europa body doesn’t seem bad, but there is something fishy here.


1967 Jaguar Daimler 250 For $7,500

This Jag could be a good buy at $7,500 or a rust bucket, we just dont know.


1947 Triumph 1800: Unclassy Modifications?

Someone modified this rare early Triumph, but could it be returned to original?


Austin Healey 3000 BJ8 Barn Find

With the meteoric rise in Austin Healey 3000 values, especially the later BJ8 cars with… more »


10 + 10 = 20? A Pair of Triumph 10 Sedans

Thanks to frequent contributor Olaf E, who sent us these two great small 1958 Triumph… more »


1962 Austin Mini: Part or Save?

It’s rusty and rough right now, but this Mini could be a sweet racer!

right front

1965 Morris Minor Traveller: Woodie Wagon

This little Morris Minor Woodie listed here on craigslist has been tucked away for 17 years… more »


1966 Lotus Super Seven: Hangar Find

Now this airplane hangar find looks like fun!


15 Foreign Cars In New Hampshire, No Reserves, More To Come

Wow! Thanks to reader Victor MB, who sent in the gold Fiat above that led… more »


Inexpensive Sports Car: 1979 MG Midget 1500

When I first saw this MG Midget submitted by Jim S, I was struck by… more »


1964 Triumph Herald: Want To Be Popular?

As my wife owns one of these small convertibles, I have to admit my bias… more »

Dusty Jaguar XJ6

1986 Jaguar XJ6: No Mice!

Now that’s an impressive amount of dust (at least I hope it’s dust). This 1986… more »

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