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Over 200 Classics California Estate Sale!

With 212 classics for sale in this estate find sent in by reader Doug M., I’ll bet everyone can find something they are interested in! The vehicles are located in Merced, California, and are listed both… more»

Little Survivor: 1958 Standard Pennant

Thank you Pat L for your tip on this interesting craigslist find. The Standard may be unfamiliar to many. They were around from 1903 until 1970. Standard purchased Triumph in 1945 and became Standard-Triumph continuing to use “Standard”… more»

True Blue Barn Find: 1967 Jaguar E-Type

There’s no denying that this Jaguar is a real deal barn find, it’s still in the barn! First series E-Types are in serious demand these days, even rough ones can fetch big money. Given the condition… more»

Georgia Overdrive: 1966 Mini Hauler

Got a bear at your back door? No worries if you’re driving an Austin Mini Rig, as you’re likely not exceeding the speed limit anyway. I love CB radio trucker lingo, as evidenced by the title… more»

Judson Power: 1953 MG TD

For the most part, I like my cars in stock configuration. But there is one performance combination I’ve always wanted to experience, the MG T-series with a Judson Supercharger strapped to the engine. I know it’s… more»

Two For One: MGB and MGB GT

Here is a pair of MGBs projects listed on eBay with a BIN of $6,000 in sweet Magnolia, Texas. On the left is a 1973 roadster with about 67,000 miles that will take only a little work… more»

V6 Upgrade: 1980 TR7 Convertible

This TR7 has had a John’s Cars Conversion to a Buick V6 so I’ll begin with an apology to any Triumph fans offended by the sacrilege. It’s listed on craigslist in Sacramento, California for $2,800. According… more»

Fixed The Problems? 1976 Triumph TR7 V6

As frequent readers of Barn Finds know, I’m the resident Triumphphile around here. Having owned and enjoyed two TR7s and a TR8, I can tell you that they don’t deserve the horrible reputation they have, especially… more»

BF Exclusive: 1968 Triumph TR250

The TR was a generational evolution, starting with the 20TS, then the TR2 and working it’s way on to the TR8. While most of the names followed that simple convention, right between the TR5 and TR6… more»

Multi-Colored Mini Machine!

We don’t know whether or not this 1965 Mini panel van is an Austin or a Morris, but I suppose ultimately it doesn’t matter much. Despite the patchwork appearance, there is an interesting vehicle under the… more»

Well Lettered: 1950 MG Riley RMD DHC

Riley introduced the RM series car after the war and built the RMD series from 1949 until 1951. In 1949 production moved to MG, so some might call this car an MG. This rare DHC model is listed on… more»

Gone Green: 1974 Triumph Spitfire 1500

This Spitfire was donated to the museum and is for sale on their website for $3,000. It looks pretty nice but has the usual issues from sitting and the some of the restoration work was done poorly…. more»

Not A Westfalia! 1970 Commer Van

After spending some years in the UK growing up, versions of these Commer vans were a regular sight for me. This particular version was originally a camper, and it needs some work, but it’s hard to… more»


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