1970 Jaguar E-Type

Clay Stained: 1970 Jaguar E-Type FHC

Sometimes a fantastic find comes through that time just doesn’t permit us to write up as soon as they’ve hit the inbox. The new Reader’s Find feature, which I discussed just earlier today allows us to share them quickly, but it doesn’t give us a chance to really talk about the find. This 1970 Jaguar E-Type was just so fascinating that even though I already ran it as a Reader’s Find, I decided it deserved a full feature. You can find it here on eBay in Santa Barbara, California with 4 days left. Read more »

1961 Jaguar MK IX

British Motoring Monday: 1961 Jaguar Mk IX Project

My wife is in love with Jaguar Mk. VII’s, VIII’s and IX’s and eventually wants one. Consequently, I am in a constant search for the right car, although I think there will have to be a thinning of our herd before we purchase one. I asked her the other day what her ideal color combination would be, and she said dark blue and gray. So the first thing I did when I found this Jaguar that’s located in Berlin, New Jersey was pass my laptop to her. Sigh. It’s offered here on craigslist for $5,500. Read more »

1964 Bentley S3

Sable Coat in the Garage: 1964 Bentley S3

Imagine putting this Bentley in your garage as a daily driver (if it would fit, not too sure it would in mine)! A true garage find with a claimed three owners from new, this relatively rare (less than 1,300 produced) luxury machine can be yours if your bid is the highest one. This 1964 S3 is located in Union City, California and is available here on eBay. Read more »

Pair of MGBs

Another Pair: 1966 And 1974 MGBs

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a pair of rubber-bumper MGBs that were available as entry-level classics. Imagine my surprise this morning to find two of the more desirable (to most) chrome bumper models on eBay, both at the same reasonable starting price, and both from the same seller! They are located in Eatontown, New Jersey. The black one can be found here on eBay, with the orange one for sale here on eBay. Both auctions have started at $3,000 with no reserve. (And no, the GT6 on the left isn’t for sale that I can find). Read more »

1976 TVR 2500M

One of 947: 1976 TVR 2500M

For many of us, there is a car that we may have never owned yet occupies a fond place in our collection of favorite vehicles. For whatever reason, memories come flooding back every time we spot one. The original TVR 2500M is that car for me, thanks to a moss-green example that was laid up next to an old garage that my elementary school bus passed daily. It was the highlight of my day catching a glimpse at such an unusual classic on the side of the road, though it saddened me to see it sinking deeper into the ground. That’s not the case with this 14,000 original mile 2500M here on craigslist in Massachusetts, which is listed without a price and needing a new head gasket. Read more »

1971 Mercury Capri GT

Sunburned: 1971 Mercury Capri GT

I blame Jesse for turning my mind back to British Fords with his recent post about the budget-friendly Ford Fiestas that were very briefly up for grabs. It reminded me of a salvage yard near me that has lots of interesting old sheet metal rusting away, with a bright-green Fiesta and a yellow Mercury Capri sitting kitty-corner to one another. While it certainly looks like the pair may have entered the yard together, the Fiesta is returning to the earth much more quickly. Hopefully, this 1971 Mercury Capri here on eBay finds a new owner who can sort the necessary mechanical issues to get it back on the road before it, too, returns to dust; there’s no reserve and bidding is only at $1,700. Read more »

1972 Triumph Stag

Would You Pay $2,595 For This Stag?

Everyday we receive dozens of emails from our readers containing links to seemingly good deals. Some really are bargains and others… well, not so much. When Rich G sent in this 1972 Triumph Stag, I got a very excited because $2,500 seemed like a great price for one of these V8 powered cruisers. It is always a good idea to stop and take a deep breath when you stumble across something like this though. You don’t want to jump into a bad purchase, but you don’t want to waste any time doing your research either. Let’s take a closer look together and see if it really is a good find. Read more »

1958 Berkeley SE328

British Motoring Monday: 1958 Berkeley Project

The first time I ever saw a Berkeley it was hanging on the wall of a foreign car repair shop in Raleigh, NC. Turns out the shop owner had it and had run out of convenient storage places, wasn’t going to get to the car anytime soon, and thought out of the box and literally hung the car on the wall. That will give you an idea of how small these tiny cars really are. This project is available in Cantonment, Florida and is offered here on eBay at no reserve. Read more »

Rubber bumper comparo

British Motoring Monday: Entry Level MGB’s

We’re trying a new feature idea out for Barn Finds on Mondays where we examine some of the finer British cars out there. Today, we’re going to look at one of the most common and inexpensive ways to enter the British motoring hobby: 1975-1980 “rubber bumper” MGB’s. Two likely 1976 candidates are offered right now on eBay: here is a yellow one at no reserve in Xenia, Ohio, and here is a blue one with a buy it now of $4500 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Read more »

1978 Triumph Spitfire

Never Break Your Own Rules!

Now that I have lived in Boise, Idaho for a few months, I have finally settled in and can say I feel at home in the Tree City. However, over the past few weeks I have been missing my Fiat 124 Spider (it’s still in Wyoming) and I have been really feeling the need to have a classic to work on, tinker with, and enjoy. The other day I was telling Jesse that I really needed a classic to park in my own drive. I’m still working my way through college, so I told him it needed to be something cheap. That’s when he recommended a certain car from his buddy Bruce’s collection that would fit even in my budget. So he got on the phone and before you knew it, we were off to meet up with Bruce to have a look at the car. Read more »