Rare Welsh Wagon: Gilbern Invader Estate

Gilbern Invader Estate

I love to learn about new cars I’ve never seen before! Today I learned about a very special wagon that I had never heard or seen of. If you haven’t ever heard of Gilbern Sports Cars, it’s alright because there were only about 1k of these Welsh built cars ever produced. If you happen to know about Gilbern or have seen one in person, you know they are quite beautiful machines. You might also know that the Gilbern Invader Estate you see above is extremely rare. This example has been off the road since the late ’80s and is a real basket case, but given how rare it is, I think it deserves to be saved. Have a look at this two-door wagon here on eBay in Blackburn, Lancashire, England. Read more »

Big Block Brit: 1973 Jensen Interceptor

1973 Jensen Interceptor

We’ve featured quite a few Jensen Interceptors recently. I’m not sure if there are simply more coming to market or if we have all just been on a Jensen kick lately, but seeing yet another Interceptor is really giving me an itch to join the Jensen club. There aren’t too many things out there that are better than an Italian bodied British sports car with a big American V8 under the hood. Not only does this one have a V8, it has a 440 big block. Sadly, it also has lots of issues and may not be the car to start with for someone just joining the club. If you think you are up for the task, take a look at it here on eBay with a $2,250 BIN. Read more »

Wagon with a Stiff Upper Lip: 1969 Ford Cortina

1969 Ford Cortina Estate

When I first saw the pictures of this Cortina Estate, the nose-in-the air attitude caused by a lack of drivetrain had me thinking of my very British father’s suggestion of “keeping a stiff upper lip” when faced with crisis. And this car is at that crisis point of being desirable enough to want, but rusty and incomplete enough to make one wonder if the time would be well-spent refurbishing it. Thanks to Mark D for calling our attention to this 1969 Ford Cortina Mk. II Estate. Find it here on Craigslist, where you can buy this beauty for $1200. Read more »

$400 for a TD?! Oh, wait…


Since test driving an MG TD a years back, I have considered picking up a T-series project to restore on multiple occasions. They aren’t very fast, but with a slick gearbox and agile handling, they present an affordable opportunity to experience what sports cars used to be. The only problem is that values are not that high and cheap projects are not that common. Well, Pat M. just sent in a link to  one he found here on eBay bidding starts at $400! There are some obvious concerns here though… Take a look and let us know if you would take the risk of bidding on something like this. Thanks for the tip Pat!

Some Assembly Required: 1967 Jaguar E-Type

Jaguar E-Type Project

Disassembly is easy to do but it can also be the undoing of an ongoing restoration. That’s been a clear lesson in project car ownership for yours truly: finish what you start. When life gets in the way, days can turn into weeks between improvement or rebuild jobs that get interrupted. What seemed easy to remember when you began tearing out the interior or rebuilding the motor can appear significantly more complicated when you finally get the time to put it all back together. For the owner of this 1967 Jaguar E-Type spotted here n eBay by reader Jim S, it looks like clearing this project out of his crowded garage might help get another car closer to completion! Read more »

Triple Intercept: Three Jensen Interceptors!

1973 Jensen Interceptor

Being an oddball British car lover, it shouldn’t surprise you that a Jensen Interceptor has long been on my most wanted list. I’ve almost bought one twice, but been scared off both times by rust issues. The big Jensen tends to rust even more than most British iron, and based on the pictures, these three aren’t any exception. That being said, the combination of a big honking Chrysler V-8 combined with a body that I love the looks of, has made them barely resistible. The fact that these three are in my hometown and available for less than $1500 each is not helping my itchy wallet. Find them here on craigslist in Raleigh, NC. Read more »

Rare Cat: Mk 1 Sunbeam Tiger Project Car

1965 Sunbeam Tiger MKI

Today’s cars are expected to be good right out of the box, with looks, performance, and reliability, all at a reasonable price. Years ago it wasn’t easy to get that combination, especially with sports cars. I don’t know about reliability issues with this car, as I have never owned one, but for great looks, performance, and affordability the Sunbeam Tiger was hard to beat back in 1965. Along with the TR8 that was featured here on Barn Finds, this is the second British factory hot rod with an American V8 to appear here recently. This is a project car that will need some parts and serious work, but it seems to have the credentials as a genuine Tiger, so it’s worth a look. Find it here on eBay with one bid at $22K and 6 days left for the auction to run. Read more »

Orange Gold:  1978 Mini Midas

1978 Mini Midas

When I was little, my father used to bring me back 1/43 scale die-cast cars from his business travels.  My favorite was a metallic burgundy Mini Marcos. What’s a Mini Marcos, you ask?   First sold in 1965, the Mini Marcos was a British kit car designed to take the mechanical bits from the simple original Mini and put them into a somewhat swoopy…ok…cute, lightweight fiberglass body. Believe it or not, in 1966, a Mini Marcos was the only British car to finish the 24 Hours of LeMans. Over the years, the design and molds were sold several times, but by the mid-1970’s, the design was starting to look dated and it was updated into the Mini Midas. Eagle-eyed reader Jim S found this one here on eBay where you can buy it now for $8,000. Read more »

Yes, You Could Have a V8: 1980 Triumph TR8

1980 Triumph TR8

Ok, I admit it, as a past owner of a TR8 (and hopefully someday a future owner as well), I’m partial to the last Triumph TR.  The Harris Mann-penned design has worn well through the years, and this convertible version found by reader Jim S promises lots of top-down fun in the future.  Check out the eBay ad here for more details and to throw in a bid or two! Special thanks to Jim for this tip! Read more »