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1970 Lotus Europa project

1970 Lotus Europa: Barn Racer

The Lotus Europa may not be the most handsome car, but when it’s sitting on a set of Minilites at the track, all awkwardness is forgotten. This one is going to need some work before that’s happening though. A previous owner flared the fenders and from the looks of it, was preparing things for paint. The mismatched panels and a crusty interior may not get everyone’s blood going, but I believe this barn found racer has potential. The only problem is that the seller seems to have gotten excited about their  new discovery (can’t blame them there!) and priced it a tad high. Find it here on craigslist out of Haddon Heights, New Jersey for $5,900. Also be sure to checkout the photos on the seller’s site. Looks like there were a few other treasures where this one was found. Thanks goes to Clayton H. for the tip!

British Motoring Showdown

Motoring Monday: Jags, A Landy, & An MGA!

There is a plethora of British projects on eBay right now; I’m curious as to what you would most like to be working on! The really rough 1954 XK120 is located in Miami, Florida and is offered here, currently at $3,695 but has not met its reserve. The disassembled but complete 1970 E-Type is in Athens, Georgia and has met its reserve here at $8,000. The running but still needing a little work 1975 ex-Belgian Army Land Rover Defender is in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is auctioned here at $7,500 with no reserve. Finally, the unrestored 1957 MGA is located in Lawton, Iowa and is listed here where it has a buy-it-now of $7,800 but offers are being taken. Read more »

1957 Austin Healey 100-6

Desert Fresh: 1957 Austin-Healey 100-6

Surely there are more than a few AH enthusiasts already dieing to get their hands on this 100-6. They are dreaming of a body off restoration back to it’s original Healey Blue hue. I, on the other hand, am dreaming of going through all the mechanical systems and driving it as-is in the Colorado Grand. They probably wouldn’t let me in, but it’s a fun thought. This car is crusty and the engine needs a rebuild, but I love the look.The rust doesn’t look terminal either so perhaps my idea isn’t too unrealistic. The floors might need some help, but from what I can see in the photos, the frame looks solid. So, have I just been writing about dirty old cars too long or are there a few of you out there who would like to do the same thing? Find this iconic British sports car here on eBay out of Englewood, Colorado!


1959 Triumph TR3A: It Runs!

This is a classic story of a stalled father-son project. A great deal of work has already been done on this Triumph, located in Palm Harbor, Florida and available here on eBay with bidding currently under $900 but it hasn’t met reserve. $2,300 of new parts are included from a leading Triumph parts vendor and some metal work has already been done. Some of the new bits include a grille, front bumper, other chrome, and even the top. The tonneau and side curtains have been renewed recently. The engine even runs, and the seller has posted a video here to prove it. If the metalwork has been done well and depending on the reserve this could really end up being a bargain. The seller states that the only components missing are the radiator and center part of the dash, both of which are fairly easy to obtain. If I were looking for a TR3, I’d be all over this one!


Supercat: 1967 Sunbeam Tiger

We have seen a lot of Sunbeam Tigers over the years, but I think this one takes the cake as being the most odd. Tigers are very collectible because of the V8 under the hood and their connection to Carroll Shelby. This one takes things in a strange direction though with a Superbird-esque nose job and an automatic transmission swap. Luckily, the original four-speed are included with the sale, but you would have to find your own fenders. Take a look here on eBay where the seller is asking $48k or best offer. This MK II suffered an older restoration and could use some freshening now, so you could take it back to original or just keep things weird. Which route would you go?

1954 Singer garage find

Our Newest Project: 1954 Singer Hot Rod

Yellow is my least favorite color, but for some reason we keep buying cars in the obnoxious hue. Our latest yellow acquisition is this 1954 Singer 4AD. There were only about 3,500 of these built, but for whatever reason I have already found two in my neck of the woods. The first one evaded me, but this one was meant to be. The seller inherited it from his father who had gotten it from his father. So, it had been in the family for a while. The grandfather was the one who built it into the little hot rod you see here, but the grandson has other interests besides old cars. They are headed to Alaska to work on a fishing boat and the proceeds from the sale will help them get there. They might be the wiser one here, but I bet Josh and I will end up having a lot more fun! Read more »

1963 Rochdale Olympic

1963 Rochdale Olympic: Rare Little Racer!

Here’s one you don’t see very often. Well, actually I’ve never seen one until now! It’s a 1963 Rochdale Olympic and it was one of the first fiberglass monocoque cars ever built. Lotus may have beat them to it, but I’d argue that this car is much more unique. Power was provided by a little Ford four banger and although it didn’t put out a lot of power, with a sub-1,400 pound curb weight, this thing had to be a little screamer. So, if you can appreciate something a little off the beaten path, you can find this one here on craigslist. It’s located in St. Louis, Missouri and the seller does not have a price listed. Thanks goes out to one of our facebook followers, Joel H, for the tip! Read more »

1959 Austin A40 Farina

1959 Austin A40 Farina: Cheap Pininfarina Style

Those of you that have followed this site for a while know that I’m a fan of oddball British cars, and the A40 fits right in. This one is located in Long Beach, California and is available here on craigslist for only $2,450. Styled by Pininfarina and quite successful in rallyes at the time, the A40 brought Italian styling to the masses in the UK. This one seems very solid and sports Cosworth Vega wheels, although a stock car racing wheel is shown as well. The great thing about these cars is that Sprite/Midget hopup parts fit, such as disc brakes, larger engines and fully synchronized transmissions. I’d modify the heck out of this one and create a real sleeper. The ad says it runs and drives already so part of the work is done, and newly redone seats look very usable. Build on the already refurbished mechanicals and you’re on your way! What would you do? Thanks to Robert R. for this great find!

1964 Jaguar XKE

1964 Jaguar XKE: Grandparent’s Kitty

My dad use to tell me stories about a Jaguar XK120 that was parked behind my grandparents house for a number of years. I use to dream that we would go to visit and somehow that Jag would have reappeared. Sadly, that will never happen, but reading the listing for this Jaguar E-Type sure brought back that childhood dream! This Jag has been off the road and parked in this garage since 1987. The seller is helping their grandmother list and sell the car, so information is sparse. It looks complete and solid, but they didn’t provide any info on condition or history. Have a look at the listing here on eBay in Visalia, California.

1960 Austin Healey 3000

1960 Austin Healey: The Eliminator

One of the funnest parts of buying a classic car is doing the investigation work to discover the car’s full story. Few cars tell the kind of stories that old race cars do. Some are easy to dig up all their history, while others are almost complete mysteries. This 1960 Austin Healey 3000 was clearly used for racing at some point, but the seller doesn’t provide any information about its history. Based on the logo, this car was clearly called The Eliminator, but that is the only clue we have to go by at this point. You can start the investigation by viewing it here on eBay in Fresno, California. And if you dig up any history on this old racer, please share! Thanks to Jim S for this tip!