British Barn Finds

1986 Jaguar XJ-SC With A 5-Speed!

This vintage of Jag doesn’t normally get me excited, but this one is a different story. Not only is it a cabriolet, but it has a 5-speed manual transmission! Normally, we only see slushbox equipped XJSs here… more»

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EXCLUSIVE: Massive Stash Of Morris Minors!

Reader Chris T made quite the interesting discovery when he visited an old vineyard. Stashed in two barns and a chicken coop on the property were 20 Morris Minors! He managed to buy the whole collection,… more»

Build an Alger: Sunbeam Tiger + Alpine Projects

When I first glanced at this Sunbeam Alpine / Tiger duo project, I thought for sure the blue car was the Tiger and the red one was the Alpine. Nope – turns out the blue coupe… more»

Stupid Fast: 1963 Lotus Seven Twin Cam

As some of you are aware, I’m the proud owner of a Blakely Hawk (it wants to be a Lotus Seven), but I’ve had a hard time deciding what exactly to do with it. Well, that was… more»

What A Buy! Maybe? $4k 1969 Triumph TR6

No, Howard, it doesn’t have overdrive, darnit. However, this 1969 Triumph TR6 looks like an excellent buy based on the pictures and information we have. It’s being advertised here on craigslist for only $4,000, which is… more»

Old Money: 1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur

What kind of car do you buy when you want people to think you’re rich? Well, this Rolls-Royce might be a good start. It reeks of money and has low miles so it might actually be a good buy. These… more»

Save These Classics! Pick ‘N Pull Project Vehicles

One of my biggest gripes about any number of self-service salvage yards is that they allow good project cars to go directly to scrap. There’s never a chance to “save” a car before it goes into… more»

Starting Point: 1960 Austin Healey 3000

After spending 30 years with the current owner, this Austin Healey 3000 project is available to the next person who has the time, money, and space to complete it. Described as un-rusty, this 3000 has some… more»

Awfully Inexpensive? 1952 MG TD for $2,450

For a buy it now price of only $2,450, you won’t find many other rust free body MGTDs around. The red primer has been sprayed over what was left of the original white paint, and you… more»

Not Built That Way: 1960 Ford Anglia/Thames “Pickup”

Featuring some heavy modifications from stock, this 1960 Ford Anglia/Thames was submitted by reader Craig B.–thanks for turning us on to this rather unusual British Ford find! It is advertised here on eBay with bidding starting… more»

Originally Cost $167,400: 1990 Bentley Turbo R

Well, this is a sad sight: a once-proud Bentley Turbo R sedan languishing in a tow yard after being collected from an estate sale. This is one of those vehicles that graced the pages of any… more»

Stalled Project: 1951 Jaguar XK120 Roadster

I still remember the first time I saw an XK120 and just how in aw I was by it. It was a beautiful dark green roadster that was in immaculate condition. Ever since, I’ve dreamt of… more»

Fiberglass Thoroughbred: 1965 Jensen CV8

A Jensen CV8 is an acquired design. By that I mean that most folks initial impression is something along the lines of “what were they thinking? They had a clean sheet of paper and produced that?”… more»