Motoring Monday: 1959 Bentley S2

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Brian C for calling our attention to this cool Arlington, Washington find! The Bentley S2 is similar, but not identical to, the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II, and along with the SCII marked the introduction of the Rolls Royce/Bentley aluminum block V-8 that would stay in production for 50 years! Other than that, there weren’t a lot of changes from the Bentley S1, which is not a bad thing in my opinion. This particular S2 is for sale here on craigslist with a listing price of $9,500 although by the language in the ad lower offers may be accepted. Read more »

1953 Jaguar Mark VII

Jag Mark VII Puzzle

It looks like someone started this 1953 Jaguar Mark VII project and gave up. The engine was swapped for a Chevy V8. A lot of the interior was done, but rodents damaged some of the new upholstery and much of the interior wood is missing. The big question is how well was the engine and transmission conversion was done. Those loose wires under the hood look pretty scary. There doesn’t seem to be much rust on the underside. So, do you think there is a future for this old Jag? Starting bid is $6,000 here on eBay. Someone has sunk a lot of money into this car and I don’t think they’ll get much back. It could be nice to have an elegant old Jag like this with a more dependable powertrain, but is this the one?

1959 Morgan Plus 4

1959 Morgan +4 With Promises

This ’59 Morgan Plus 4 has been stored since 1982, but it looks like it has avoided the kind of damage and degradation that has happened to a lot of poorly stored cars that we’ve seen lately. It isn’t perfect but it looks like it’s all there, although it’s very dirty and will need a complete cleaning before you’d even want to sit in it. It does need attention beyond a simple cleaning pretty much everywhere, especially on the lower body panels, which show ominous signs of rust along the bottom. The amazing thing about the eBay auction for this Morgan is that it contains some remarkable promises, such as a full service, including brakes, and a “full detail and tires of your choice”. In fact it’s claimed that this Morgan “will be ready to tour upon delivery”….perhaps the Copperstate 1000 (mile) Rally? Who knows? But that’s the claim that’s being made. The question is – Do you buy the promises?


Corner Carver: 1972 Lotus Elan Sprint

The Elan is well known as one of the sweetest-handling classic sports cars, but like most Lotus cars, it’s not known for it’s robustness. The good thing about buying a good driver like this one is that most or even all of the bugs will have been worked out – if the owner has been conscientious. This example is located in Scottsdale, Arizona and is for sale here on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $25,000. The seller is also inviting lower offers. This Elan has the famed Lotus twin-cam based on a Ford block. There’s a small crack in the fiberglass near the driver’s side headlight and the seller reports some scratches and wear, but the car really looks great overall. The ad says to check back later for a more thorough description – I’ll be doing just that.


1971 Jensen Interceptor: Backyard Find

This 1971 Jensen Interceptor is listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $7,500 and resides in Canada. Bidding is non-existent, currently; perhaps it’s because Jensens are not known for being cheap to restore and this example looks needy. But like every Interceptor project, it’s hard to resist the aggressive looks and lure of Chrysler V8 power. The seller mentions a host of new parts will come with the car, which indicates he at least had plans of starting a restoration that never moved past removing the hood. Thankfully, it’s included. Rust is said to be contained to the lower sills, doors and rear quarters, but the flat tires likely indicate that this Interceptor hasn’t moved in quite a while, which increases the likelihood of rust entering the floors. It’s far from the worst case of Jensen neglect we’ve seen, but is the opening bid still too strong for this project?


Engine Needed: 1929 Austin 7 Special

This charming little special is just begging for someone to finish it – engine needed! Reader Robert R sent us this find, which is physically located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and listed for sale here on eBay. There’s a buy-it-now of $23,500, while bidding has yet to meet the reserve at just below $10,000. Many of these specials have been built over the years, mostly in the UK. For example, Colin Chapman’s first Lotus cars were based on the 7, and entire classes of British racing have existed for these little specials. In the US, I have seen them used mostly in vintage racing, although if this were mine I’d have to license it for the street and use it occasionally for short jaunts just to surprise my neighbors. No history for the car is listed in the ad, although the seller invites phone calls and seems knowledgeable about the car. Is this too high a price to pay for a car that weighs well under 1,000 pounds without an engine and can fit in the back of most pickups? Or is it a bargain for a hand-crafted evocative piece of history? Tell us what you think!


Lotza? Rotary Powered 1969 Europa

One of the big knocks on the early Lotus Europas was the lack of “oomph” from the small Renault engine originally fitted. The chassis was certainly capable of handling more power, as Lotus themselves proved when they fitted the famous “twin-cam” Ford-based engine to later Europas. I have heard of various engines being mated to Europas, including a Mazda rotary, but had never seen pictures of one until now. This hybrid Lotza (Maztus?) is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and is listed for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of $3,900 and no reserve. The former show winner (with original engine, which is included in the auction) was re-engined and has been stationary since 2008, although the owner states that it ran “like a scalded dog” prior to being stored. It is characterized as a non-runner, with some other issues around tired weatherstripping, faded paint and clutch hydraulics. Read more »

1961 Vauxhall Velox

1961 Vauxhall Velox Garage Find

From Dave S – It’s Dave from London here again. Following the Ford Zephyr a couple of weeks ago I managed to acquire another barn find (more a garage find in this case) in the shape of a 1961 Vauxhall Velox. It’s been off the road since 1973, has had 3 owners before me and shows 61,000 miles on the odometer. It’s the less flashy version of the Vauxhall Cresta, much as the Ford Zephyr was the cooler, more restrained cousin of the Ford Zodiac. These cars were renowned for their ability to rust, even before they were delivered to new owners, so to find one in such clean, solid and unmolested condition is a rarity these days. Indeed, we’ve taken to reimporting them from Australia and New Zealand now as most of the domestic stock is long gone. I’ve never seen one this colour before (Havana brown) but I quite like it in this single tone scheme. The plan is to recommission, not restore and just enjoy it. Hope you guys like it! Read more »


Flinstone-Mobile: 1969 Jaguar E-Type

Looking at the picture above, this 1969 E-Type doesn’t look too bad. It’s located in Springfield, Missouri, and is offered for sale here on eBay, where bidding is up to $3,300 (and has climbed more than $1,000 since I started writing this posting!). There is no reserve. The car was taken off the road in 1977 due to electrical issues and I’m guessing was stored outside without a cover. How did I come to that conclusion? Look at the interior picture. Read more »

Old Junkyard

Jeff in the Junkyard: Memory Lane

I decided to go a bit old-school this week and post some finds from yards I used to visit. I say “used” because they’ve since been cleared of anything remotely interesting and replaced with late-model garbage from the major U.S. car brands. Of course, the bitter pill I swallow every time I look at these photos is realizing how many good parts I passed up – these were taken at a time when I was more looking for photos than parts! Read more »


Motoring Monday: Austin Americas

I was very surprised to find not one, but two Austin Americas for sale this morning. The Austin America was a model intended solely for the US market (surprise, considering the name, right?) based on the British Motor Corporation/British Leyland ADO16 platform, which itself was based on the original Mini. My family owned a Morris 1300 growing up, and I remember it being competent but unexciting; I was certainly happy when my parents traded it for an S-Type Jaguar! I saw a lot of these running around in the UK, and I’m sure someone thought it was a great idea to import them to America. My wife remembers a relative having one when they were new and liking it; unfortunately, I think they were in the minority. The lighter colored one here in the above picture is a 1970 model located in Milford, New Jersey, and it’s here on eBay where bidding started at $1.00 with no reserve! It’s a 1970 with just over 40,000 original miles, but there’s a catch; it no longer has an engine or transmission! Many of these cars are used as engine donors for Mini’s, and this one is no exception. However, the body is relatively solid, and the rest of the car is complete, including some of the nearly unobtainable trim.  Seems like a great parts car if you have another America, right? But where would you find another one of those? Read more »

Chucks 1955 MG TF

Look At What Chuck Just Bought For $2,500!

From Chuck F. – I couldn’t believe it when I went and checked this out! $2,500 seemed like such a great price to me even for a basket case, especially since it had the body straightened and painted, although it had been parked for over 10 years. Body panels were just half bolted on with some scratches and paint pebbling in spots from time in a humid garage. It included new seat covers and door panels, some books and a workshop manual, and several other boxes. Can’t wait to get started on it! Read more »