British Barn Finds

Parked Since The 80s: 1967 Jaguar E-Type Roadster

The seller of this Jaguar claims that it has been in the procession of the first owner since new. It supposedly only covered 47k miles before being parked in the 80s though. The car was then… more»

BF Exclusive: 1955 Triumph TR2 Project

This TR2 came as a part of a package deal we just picked up. We’re not going to reveal what the other car is just yet, but this one has to go to help fund its… more»

Garage Find! Austin A40 Somerset

Some challenging pictures here of a garage find in Bluemont, Virginia, although it was originally delivered in Ontario, Canada and still wears a decal from AM900 CHML, a radio station out of Hamilton. The A40 Somerset… more»

Roadster Replacement: 1958 MG Magnette ZB

Some of my favorite cars have the MG badge on them. Family responsibilities necessitate a back seat though. The padded board in the back of my MGB GT just didn’t cut it when it came time… more»

Stored Since The 1970’s: 1959 Jaguar XK150 Coupe

Unlike many British car fans, I like the XK150 better than both the 140 and 120 variants (heresy, I know)! With four wheel disc brakes, more performance, and in the coupe version a more pleasing roof… more»

Farmer’s 1970 Jaguar E-Type

Wow, what a beautiful Jaguar! I love the Willow Green paint, it really makes the lines pop. The story that the seller gives is that this car was purchased by a farmer in Arizona, who drove… more»

Clothes-Rack Special: 1979 Lotus Esprit

So, my wife and just bought a house. We tried to last year, but it ended up being a real bear of a project so we passed. This place we’re moving to is in much better… more»

There’s Only One Problem: 1963 Jaguar Mk. II At No Reserve!

Honestly, it’s unfortunate that this car is up for sale at all. Apparently an older gentleman had a dream of restoring a Jaguar Mk. II, acquired this car, removed the engine to have it rebuilt and… more»

Evocative Custom! 1957 MGA Roadster

Under a lot of body modifications, that is an MGA! It looks like someone may have been enamored with Cobra’s or 50’s Italian sports car shapes. However, unlike many of these modified cars this one’s lines… more»

Where’s The Rest Of The Story? TR3A Barn Find

What a great “barn find!” I just wish the seller had told us “the rest of the story!” (apologies to Paul Harvey). With character like this, the blue TR3A is just begging to let the world… more»

Reader Find: 1971 Triumph Stag Survivor

As the resident Triumph lover on staff, I salivated when I saw this car! This early Triumph Stag is a rarity in original condition like this one. It’s located in Fridley, Minnesota and is listed for… more»

1967 Austin-Healey In Mom’s Basement

Larry’s find isn’t so much a barn find, as it is a tale of saving what he already had. This big Healey has been his car for a long tim, but when it started having issues,… more»

Little Landie! 1/2 Scale Land Rover Defender

Barn Finds reader Dik S. writes: Hi folks, I found this in the UK. Kind regards from the Netherlands, Dik S. It’s an approximately 1/2 scale Land Rover Defender, or at least it loosely resembles one. The miniature is… more»

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