British Barn Finds

Two Worn Triumphs And A Rusty Benz!

Have you ever read an ad and just felt like whomever wrote it is a pretty interesting guy?  When I read this ad, I immediately felt that Kenny, the owner of these three lost souls, was… more»

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Save My Life–Buy This Car! $0.99 No Reserve!

I’m writing this post in an effort to save my life. If you have read any of the posts I’ve written about sad and unloved British cars, you know that I have a weird affection (some… more»

Not Exactly Cover Model Material: 1967 Jaguar E-Type 2+2

One of my loonier personal projects involves indexing the collection of Road & Track magazines I inherited from my grandfather, which spans pretty much every issue from 1950 to today. As it happens, I recently finished 1966,… more»

BF AUCTION: 1953 MG TD Project

The MG TD is an icon of British Motoring, seeing use as daily drivers, weekend racers and even as dedicated race cars. The Auto Archeologist discovered the example you see here stashed away in this barn,… more»

Dusty But Solid: 1961 MG MGA 1600 Roadster

For some of us the sight of finding a forgotten and dusty old car is something that our dreams are made of. I can only imagine the excitement felt by the seller upon finding this ’61… more»

Racing And Family History: 1955 Austin-Healey 100/4

I will be the first to tell you that I know next to nothing about racing, in pretty much any form. I’m just more of a history guy, I guess. So what struck me about this… more»

Smiling Back At You: 1961 Austin Healey Sprite

Every once in a while, a car comes along that ends up being more than the sum of its parts. Take this 1961 Austin Healey Sprite being sold here on craigslist in Dayton, Tennessee for $16,500…. more»

British Root Beer: 1987 TVR Tasmin 280i

As some of our long-time readers may recall, Jesse and Josh restored a rare TVR Tasmin and documented the progress here on Barn Finds (ironically enough, one of their other projects is now being sold via… more»

1974 Lotus Elite: This One’s A Surprise!

The mid 1970s Lotus Elite has generally been an unloved classic, probably due both to Lotus legendary poor build quality (at the time) and its polarizing styling. Actually, it might not even be polarizing as I’ve… more»

Auction Alert: Jaguar E-Type With 1,700 Miles

This brilliant one-owner E-Type Jaguar rested unused in an English garage, eager to deftly nip the hedge-lined apexes of country lanes, or perhaps to enjoy a pleasant night on the town, its 4.2L inline six burbling… more»

Hello Kitty! 1977 Reliant Kitten Van

If you’re like me, and let’s hope that you’re not for your family’s sake, you love anything unusual like this. Yes, even if it’s in a country other than the US. Barn Finds is read around… more»

Success Story: 1975 Triumph Spitfire

A few weeks back, we featured Tom’s sweet little Spitfire as an Exclusive. Well, we just heard from him and its new owner picked it up last night! Here is what we heard from him. From… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1974 Triumph TR6

Sold new to R. Gilman from Puhler Pontiac/Triumph in Rochester NY in Sept. 1974. Mr. Gilman had it rustproofed at delivery and only kept it for about six months before it was purchased by Mr. Hammond,… more»