British Classic Cars

California Survivor: 1974 MG MGB-GT

For those among us – myself included – who are indecisive about which style of car you want to add to your garage, perhaps this 1974 MGB GT can satisfy a variety of appetites: Sports car? Yes. Hatchback? Yep…. more»

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Garage Find Kit Car: 1964 Fiberfab Jamaican

The Fiberfan Jamaican is one of the more notable creations from the legendary kit car company, mostly because of the incredibly sexy body that was typically mounted over MG, Austin Healey, or Triumph underpinnings. While the company was certainly… more»

Beach Cruiser: 1971 Austin Mini Moke

A recent fascination of mine as it relates to the types of automobiles I aspire to own is the cars and trucks that would look perfect parked in an island community, places like the Outer Banks and Nantucket, to… more»

DAX Kit Car Project: 1966 Cobra 427 Replica

DAX is noted for being the first British company to take on the challenge of building an authentic Cobra replica, and is a breed of kit car we don’t often see come up for sale. The company has the… more»

Unrestored Roadster: 1969 Lotus Elan S4

If you’re looking for the perfect form to buy a car in, this 1969 Lotus Elan S4 might be the textbook example you’ve been looking for. A highly original car that supposedly comes with decades’ worth of service records,… more»

High Wing Survivor: 1992 Lotus Esprit SE

You’d be forgiven if this Lotus Esprit didn’t strike you as being markedly different from any other model offered in the model’s long-standing production run, but there’s a key distinction worth noting: it’s considered a “High Wing” model, which… more»

Storage Clean Out: 1961 Sunbeam Alpine

British sports cars from the 1950s and 1960s generally followed a simple recipe. The majority of those classics didn’t possess high horsepower engines, but they made up for this shortfall by being light and nimble. The Sunbeam Alpine is… more»

Cute Convertible: 1957 Nash Metropolitan

There was a time, that I can recall when a Nash Metropolitan was a pretty common sight. They still are but usually in a restored state and not beating around as everyday drivers. I haven’t come across a non-restored… more»

LT1 Swap: 1988 Jaguar XJS Convertible

When it comes to owning a Jaguar XJS of almost any era, the potential for an engine swap is never out of the picture entirely. From the heaps that litter used car lots, dragged there after years of deferred… more»

Ready To Race? 1959 MGA Roadster

OK, round two for it’s not exactly what it appears to be. Last week we covered this McLaren racer wanna-be, looks the part but it’s stock beneath the sheets. Today it’s this very cool ’59 MGA roadster, looks like… more»

Hedge Find: 1967 Austin Mini Cooper

Apart from giant-killing performance, two characteristics that the original Mini was renowned for was low weight and surprising strength. This 1967 Mini Cooper would seem to have plenty of the former attribute, but very little of the latter. It… more»

Race Roadster? 1961 Austin-Healey Sprite

For those of us who are more concerned with “go” than “show,” this 1961 Austin-Healey Sprite may – after a little tinkering – meet that preference. This one was sent in by a Barn Finds reader who found it… more»

V8-Powered 1968 MGB Brooklands Renaissance

OK, so when is a run of the mill MGB no longer an MGB? When it has been given the full business by Brooklands Car Components of Ontario, Canada. It’s basically an MGB but it has a lot more… more»

Chapman’s Creation: 1970 Lotus Europa

To some, a Lotus is a flower that represents purity, beauty, and strength in Buddhist culture. To others, it’s a sports car that was the brainchild of Colin Chapman, a famous race driver and brilliant engineer. In this case,… more»

Six-Figure Potential: 1965 Jaguar E-Type Series I

Project cars with the potential to command solid six-figure values once restored don’t come along every day. That is what this 1965 Jaguar E-Type represents. A bonus is the fact that the buyer will be able to commence the… more»

Sports Car Survivor: 1979 Triumph TR7

You’d be forgiven if the Triumph TR7 doesn’t exactly jump off the page at you anymore, as they’ve been an entry level classic car for years. Sometimes, like any vintage vehicle that has been popular for ages, like an… more»