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Unfinished Project: 1974 TVR 2500M

Unfinished projects can be a bit of a mixed bag. You can either get a deal on a car that’s had a good part of the work already completed, or you can wind up with a vehicle that’s been… more»

Six-Cylinder! 1968 MGC GT

Well, I’ve heard of an MG MGC, but this is the first GT example that I have encountered. Pretty short-lived, the MGC sold in both roadster and coupe (GT) versions, like this example, and I’m thrilled to have this… more»

One-Owner 1960 MGA 1600 Roadster

The MGA was MG’s replacement for the MG TF, a high-riding, classically styled car with separated fenders and big wire wheels. The MGA was a departure from the past and featured a long, low body with enclosed fenders and… more»

Low Mile Survivor: 1973 Lotus Elan

Is the Miata too big and reliable for your taste? Would you prefer to have a toolbag with you at all times and get to know the stereotype of English engineering? Do you want to have better steering than… more»

Big Valve Twincam: 1973 Lotus Europa

The Lotus Europa was introduced in 1966 with the end goal to make a cheap, simple, and relatively reliable mid-engined sports car for the masses. At the time, this was a wild and unrealistic goal, as most cars that… more»

Famous Foxbat: 1960 Jaguar XK150 Shooting Brake

Europe is famous for many things, but they stand apart from their peers for the car community’s love of shooting brakes. You might call it a wagon, but in the case of a one-of-two Jaguar XK150 converted to an… more»

Built for the USA: 1968 Triumph TR250

The TR250 was a derivative of the Triumph TR5 and built in England exclusively for the U.S. market. It essentially was a one-year car, produced in the overlapping years of 1967-68. It was done in response to pricing pressures… more»

UK Market Car: 1969 Jensen Interceptor MK1

While most of the Jensen Interceptors we find stateside are the actual cars designated for U.S. sale, this barn find MK1 is an actual UK market vehicle, as its right hand drive steering configuration confirms. This is an early… more»

The Infamous Wedge: 1977 Aston Martin Lagonda

When it comes to peak 80s zaniness, it doesn’t get much crazier than the Aston Martin Lagonda. A rolling technology nightmare, the Aston was created with all sorts of caution thrown to the wind in the interest of building… more»

Ultra Rare Barn Find: 1973 Lotus Elan +2S 130/5

This is a 1973 Lotus Elan +2S 130/5, proudly wearing the original black and metal flake gold that marks it as a John Player Special. At 10:06 on the morning of the 5th of September, 2001, as it rested… more»

A British Mystery: 1953 Bentley R-Type Saloon

Every barn find has a story and, sadly, many of them might never be fully told. The location of this 1953 Bentley R-Type Saloon’s steering wheel reveals that it was brought from overseas, likely England. The registration on its… more»

Rare Options: 1976 Triumph TR6

It’s funny how some cars have no real impact on us, while others grab our attention from the moment that we first lay eyes on them. For me, the Triumph TR6 fits into the latter category. I can remember… more»

Corvette Power! V8-Swapped 1958 Triumph TR3

Dropping an American V8 engine into a nimble British sports car is a tried-and-true recipe for go-fast performance and handling. Examples that immediately come to mind are the AC Cobra, Sunbeam Tiger, and TVR Tuscan, all of which were… more»

Recently Uncovered: 1969 Lotus Europa

Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious. Here’s hoping that this isn’t the case for the new owner of this 1969 Europa, available here on Facebook Marketplace in Monroeville, New Jersey. Many thanks to Dawson Hittle for the tip!

Art in Motion: 1967 Jaguar XKE 2+2

“The most beautiful car ever made” is high praise from a man like Enzo Ferrari, and this definitely deserved any and all accolades it got. It’s a stunning work of automotive art, recognized by the Museum of Modern Art… more»

Low Mileage Driver: 1957 Austin Healey 100-6

The “Big Healeys,” the Austin Healey 100, 100-6, and 3000, have become a collective gold standard for small British sports cars. Designed by Donald Healey and produced with help from the Austin Motor Company, they all share a long… more»