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British Barn Find: 1949 Bentley Mark VI

When it comes to early post-war luxury cars, it’s sometimes hard to understand where the values fall for a model that otherwise looks like it should be worth six figures. If you’re the type of person who wants the… more»

Under Wraps 28 Years: 1977 Triumph TR7

When introduced in 1975, the TR7 was advertised as “the shape of things to come.” That boast was a nod to the car’s wedge-shaped appearance, a departure from the TR6 which many consider the last of the volume-produced traditional… more»

Recent Barn Find: 1967 Jaguar Mark II 340

1967 was the end of the line for the Jaguar Mark II, which began production in Coventry, England for the 1959 model year.  The mid-size offering Jaguar was rebadged as the 340 for its final year, for the cars… more»

Project 1970 Jaguar XKE Convertible with Hardtop

Hearts beat faster when a Jaguar XKE is nearby. One of the most glamorous cars ever conceived, the XKE was based on the D -type race car and designed using a wind tunnel. Despite its good looks, it was… more»

Field of Dreams: $300 1970 Lotus Elan

Sometimes, what’s in the background is more interesting (or at least, just as interesting) as the car itself. In the case of this very sad 1970 Lotus Elan, it seems to be one of several sports cars languishing in… more»

Heart Transplant: 1955 Austin Healey 100 BN2 With a TR4 Engine

Here we have an ambitious endeavor: the transformation of an early Austin Healey from BN2 configuration to 100S wannabe. The 100S was a low-production race car produced in 1955 as a factory race car. Constructed in aluminum, these cars… more»

Race or Restore? 1951 Ford Anglia

According to, the Ford Anglia was introduced in Europe in 1939 shortly before the outbreak of World War II. They “…used a very simple mechanical layout that included mechanical brakes and a sidevalve engine.” They were in production… more»

One Year Only: 1968 Triumph TR250 Project

Triumph churned out over 70,000 four-cylinder TR4 and TR4A cars from 1961 through 1967, but the market was demanding an uprated power plant. The TR4 made only about 104 bhp, and its competitors were already using six-cylinder motors. While… more»

Florida Barn Find: 1969 Rover 3500S V8

This 1969 Rover 3500S V8 is a restoration-worthy candidate that resides in Miami, Florida, and looks quite honest for being a barn-find project. The big Rover sedan marked an impressive shot across the bow from the British company to… more»

Not a Kit Car: 1986 Panther Kallista Roadster

Enthusiasts of a certain stripe have long loved a certain styling that is most often associated with something between a Caterham and a Morgan. The concept of a lightweight roadster with very little to separate you from the road… more»

Not Quite James Bond: 1978 Lotus Elite Project

Lotus Engineering Company was founded by Colin Chapman in 1952. He had a fondness for trials racing, so his first car was a formula type called the Mark VII, now referred to as the Seven. The Seven was barely… more»

Storage Container Find: 1959 Austin Healey Project

According to the seller, this 1959 Austin Healey was found in a storage container where it had been kept for 40 years! The body is said to be pretty rough, but the chassis appears to be in “very good… more»

No Reserve Project: 1949 MG YT Tourer

In 1939, MG was merrily producing what it called Midgets – small sports cars with lightweight bodies and enough power to whip around a race track or scamper up a muddy hill without embarrassing the driver. To augment its… more»

Big Power, Small Package: 1965 Sunbeam Tiger

It’s a simple idea: take a light sports car and swap its original engine for a big American V8. And while it might not be the textbook example, this 1965 Sunbeam Tiger illustrates the point beautifully. This diamond in… more»

Rebuild Project: 1985 Lotus Esprit Turbo

The classic Lotus Esprit is just one of those cars that stops me in my tracks whenever I see one. It’s so much lower and wedge-ier than you expect, even knowing full well that you have to be a… more»

Jolly Good! 1961 Jaguar Mark IX

In America, a saloon may be a place to get a cold lager, but in England, it’s the term for a four-door sedan automobile like this fine example of a 1961 Jaguar Mark IX. Reminiscent of the Mark II… more»