Muscle Up: 1979 Dodge Aspen R/T

The owner refers to this 1979 Dodge Aspen R/T as a “muscle car”, would you agree? I guess, for the times, I would have to agree with that statement. Of course, you can’t compare a 1979… more»

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Life Time Californian: 1959 Dodge D100

After a lifetime in California, this 1959 Dodge D100 has nothing but aged looks and good vibrations. In driving condition, with a groovy patina, this truck would be a great project. After having just two owners,… more»

Shelby Fresh Outta The Barn!

If I told you I had found a dusty, forgotten Shelby in a barn, your heart might start beating a bit faster. A genuine Cobra? A Mustang wearing the iconic stripes down the hood? What, pray tell, could… more»

Sweptline Survivor: 1969 Dodge D100 Pickup

Dodge Sweptlines are trucks that are almost always met with interest and appreciation. This particular truck is easy to appreciate as it wears its original paint, and still putts around with its original drivetrain. Clean, and straight,… more»

White Elephant: 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 Hemi

The 1960’s were a happening time with show room ready racers prepared to hold their own at the strip. This Coronet 500 wears its original paint, but its original drivetrain is long gone. Originally equipped with… more»

1 of 531 Made: 1978 Dodge Aspen Super Coupe

While not every limited production car made in the 60s and 70s was destined to be a collector’s item, some limited editions do deserve a special place in enthusiasts’ hearts for their mixture of special features… more»

Is The Price Right? 1957 Dodge Town Wagon & 1958 Town Panel

Before you start your comment, I know the 1957 on the right has rear side windows, which means it’s not really a panel truck, it’s a Town Wagon. However, that’s what the owner has called both of… more»

Factory 440 4-Speed Wagon: 1971 Dodge Coronet Crestwood

UPDATE: The previous owner who restored this car has chimed in and let us all know that this car actually left the factory with a 383. Still impressive, but it’s not quite as the seller presented… more»

Desert Dart: 1963 Dodge Dart GT

For their newly-designed smaller car in 1963, Dodge dropped the Lancer name and went with Dart. This is a 1963 Dodge Dart GT and it’s listed on eBay with quite a few bids, bringing the bid total up… more»

Riot Victim: 1967 Dodge Charger

This 1967 Dodge Charger was a victim of rioting in 1974 (I couldn’t find a mention of it, so it must have been pretty small) and received a repaint from white to red as a result…. more»

NASCAR Lineage: 1978 Dodge Magnum

Headlight covers really need to make a comeback. I don’t mean the glass or plastic lenses that every set of lamps comes with, but rather, the wind-cheating aero design used on cars like this Dodge Magnum…. more»

4×4 Ragtop: 1989 Dodge Dakota Convertible

It’s top-down weather here in the Midwest, oddly enough, since it’s still February. This may be one of the most eye-catching convertibles that a person could own, or at least one of the most unusual. This… more»

Another 1-of-1! Survivor 1970 Dodge Charger

A few days ago, we debated the merits of a Ford Maverick sedan with a decoded VIN revealing it was one-of-one in its combination of options and colors. Well, fasten your seatbelts for another ride on… more»