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Solid Project: 1968 Dodge Dart GTS 340

The Dodge Dart doesn’t generally seem to get the same amount of attention as some of the other Mopars when it comes to high performance, which is understandable, as in basic form it was typically considered one of the more economical and low-cost offerings in the brand’s lineup.  However, for buyers seeking something more fun, Dodge did offer a few hot choices throughout the years, such as this 1968 Dart GTS here on Craigslist.  This one could use some work, but it doesn’t seem all the far away from driver status, so head over to Lincoln County, Colorado, and bring along $17,250 if you want to discuss business with the owner.

Rocco B., thanks a lot for your great tip here!  Stepping up to the GTS trim level in ’68 got you a 340 as standard equipment under the hood, which was plenty of power to move a vehicle not weighing much over 3,000 pounds around nicely.  The seller believes his Dart has a warranty replacement 1969 dated 340 in the engine compartment, which has undergone a complete rebuild at some point.  We don’t get many details, other than the owner saying the small block sounds healthy, but I’m spotting some headers and there’s also a new factory exhaust system down below, so I’m guessing this one’s ready to rumble.

The next owner will have a few exterior blemishes to deal with, but overall, the sheet metal seems healthy and likely all salvageable.  Due to a mishap back in the eighties, the passenger side quarter has been replaced, which looks like it might need a bit more smoothing.  The vinyl top has also been removed, which has exposed a solid roof area, always good to know going in as this is one of those places where rust loves to hide.  However, be sure to allocate some time to make a few repairs around the rear window and on the Dutchman panel.

Most of the interior is stated as original, with the carpet mentioned as the only new item installed inside.  It’s concerning when a window is missing and a car is sitting outside, but the back seat doesn’t appear to be showing a lot of exposure to the elements, so hopefully, the car has either been covered or perhaps stored inside.  While this one could stand some attention, it doesn’t seem like a major undertaking to get this one back on the road, and I believe the $17k range might be in the ballpark here.  What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo Pat

    Why is there a picture of an automatic console in the ad?

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    • Avatar photo Mike W

      The console for the automatic and standard transmissions used the same console, the center part around the shifter comes out, the standard transmissions has to have the console style shifter to work with the console, like the one this car has.

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  2. Avatar photo MoparDoug

    I’m confused. This write-up says the car is located in Lincoln County, CO. The map in the Craigslist ad shows Omaha, NE. And the license plates on the car are from Iowa.

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    • Avatar photo Jerry Bramlett

      I think the Barn Finds write-up is wrong about the Lincoln County, Colorado location, but I admit the CraigsList ad is confusing.

      The map in the ad shows the car is located north of Lincoln, Nebraska, which is near Omaha. Also, the phone number in the ad has a 402 area code which includes the Omaha region. Of course, that doesn’t explain the Iowa plates and the ad appearing in the Denver CraigsList.

      I doubt the ad is a scam, though. The price is too high for that.

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    • Avatar photo Wademo


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  3. Avatar photo Davey Boy

    This car reminds me of my 69 GT. Although if mine had this setup I would have been much more inclined to have kept it. Mine was a 273 Commando V8 2 barrel with an automatic. Buckets and a center console. Was a nice car but needed the motor rebuilt and I was quite a bit younger and also poor at the time. Traded it for a 69 Honda 450. Gentleman restored it nicely but it started life yellow with cream interior and now it’s very red with black interior. To each their own I guess but I really liked the original colors.

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    • Avatar photo Tom Verderamo

      That honda 450 is now more valuable than your old 273 dart, and a lot more fun to boot!

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  4. Avatar photo Frank Sumatra

    Buy it, drive it , don’t touch it. Very cool looking car in my 71-year old eyes.

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  5. Avatar photo Marques Dean

    340 and a four on the floor?
    Shut up and take my money!!

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  6. Avatar photo David Eaton

    The one that got away. I had a 68 Dart GTS convertible. It was noted to be the fastest small block in 68. That thing was a sleeper on the Blvd. Very rare, production numbers were 700 built.

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  7. Avatar photo Robert Altonen

    Yes this is a nice 68 GTS Dart but, to my knowledge a 340 engine is standard fare in a GT Dart. A 383 engine is the standard base motor in a GTS Dart . Check the vin’s. real GTS’s got 383’s not 340’s . Ask the man what happened to the original 383 engine?

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    • Avatar photo Terry Arieux

      I had a 68 GTS it came with 340 , duel point distributor , cast iron high rise intake, Holly 780 carb ,posi traction, 4 speed . Was fast !

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      It’s real. Google “1968 dart VIN decode”, it will break down the VIN one letter/digit at a time. You can decode most make and model of muscle cars the same way. It’s information that comes in handy.

      Steve R

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  8. Avatar photo David

    no replacement for displacement!!!
    80 years old and still straight racin!!!

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  9. Avatar photo The Other Chris

    I have almost this exact same car, just different colors, mine is auto, and mine is matching #s.

    For anyone unaware, body work costs a LOT if done by someone competent and not your neighbor who will take years to do a poor job. If this car is as solid as stated and as it looks, that will save a lot of money. Hopefully the replacement quarter was done well. Replacing the quarters/drops and a few other places, and a little around the rear window, and I probably have $7-$8k into bodywork alone (including parts), and I still have a few more spots to do (that I can do myself), plus all the straightening, smoothing, aligning, priming, blocking, etc, that I will have to do all myself (I’ve done it before).

    That said, I think the price on this may be slightly high, considering it still needs a lot, some body work, and isn’t matching numbers, but it’s not completely out of bounds when you consider the money saved by not starting with a rougher car.

    It looks like most of the GTS-specific parts (like the interior emblems that are not reproduced), hood inserts, etc are present. One thing you’d want to check for are the stock 340 exhaust manifolds ($$$) if wanting to put it back to stock.

    Looks like a nice car and a fantastic starting point compared to a lot of the project cars featured here. I’d be interested if I didn’t already have one.

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  10. Avatar photo ChasMan

    Looks like a nice GTS to work with, but why does the ad show the mileage as 64566, when the mileage in the picture of the dash clearly shows 70136? That’s no typo.

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    • Avatar photo Wademo

      A few contradictions in this add. Makes me wonder🤔

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  11. Avatar photo KarlS

    Love that wacky pretzel shifter that I thought was only available in ‘69.

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    • Avatar photo Terry Bowman

      All GTS’s, manuals had the odd looking shifter in their consoles. I believe all the 383 and 340’s in 68′ were GTS’s. 69′ came out with the 340 Swingers that had the Strate Hurst on the floor, with a boot and chrome ring attached to the carpet and floor body. GTS’s were also available in 69′ and were also offered with the 440 motor. The GTS’ were no longer offered in 70 and above, but the options could still be had under a different name. Swinger 340 was still offered in 70′.

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      • Avatar photo KarlS

        I have a ‘67 Barracuda that came with a factory 4 speed manual that rattled and was a bit imprecise on the shifting part. In ‘68 the company switched to Hurst shifters, with a regular straight shaft. I don’t recall the Plymouth A bodies having the shifter like this car considering all A bodies were supposedly the same. The only reason for this shifter is to bring the shifter ball comfortably into hand but what did the rest of the A body drivers have to deal with? I just thought it was a neat and odd thing to be twisted like the one in this car. Kind of wish my car had one.

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  12. Avatar photo Tony Primo

    Hey, where did all of the King’s comments go?

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      I think he went from using the name of an Elvis Presley movie to a character from Green Acres.

      Steve R

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  13. Avatar photo mr haney

    As to 71 year old Frank ,might need his glasses renewed , drive it,don t touch it , with no rear glass ! Also playing up wrong year 340 would only be value if original parts are there , wrong intake , carb , valve covers, air cleaner just from picture , what else in not 340? Why no id # to see if it was a 340 car ? also no info on wrong tranny , rear, hd handling parts ,$1000 exhaust manifolds missing ? I say it is all bologna, where is the beef ?

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      The VIN is clearly shown in picture #10, it is a factory 340 GTS.

      Steve R

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  14. Avatar photo mr haney

    I never looked at c/l until now, shows P code, but give some 340 info on what is real or not # s on the parts I don t see how it is worth half asking price , with non 340 parts all over it, give more info!

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