BF Auction: 1986 Dodge Ram W250 4×4

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  • Seller: Luther P owell
  • Location: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
  • Mileage: 35,905 Shown
  • Chassis #: 1B7KW24W6GS050451
  • Title Status: Clean

UPDATE – The seller has asked us to relist this sweet truck but with a lower reserve this time! Be sure to take another look.

Finding a clean, classic 4×4 pickup can be a real challenge. This Dodge W250 4×4 is a low-mileage survivor and is in excellent condition inside and out! After being garage-stored for most of its life, all the needed work to make it ready to hit the road or the trail has already been done. So, if you’d love to have it, be sure to cast your high bid.

The Ram D-series and its 4-wheel drive variant, the W-series, debuted in 1981. Gasoline engine options ranged from a slant-6 to a stump-pulling 360 V8. This example is well-optioned, with the 360 V8, 4-speed manual, power steering, power brakes, and the rear sliding window.

It’s currently wearing Sno-Fiter graphics, which were added at some point in its past. They don’t necessarily add value, but it sure looks fantastic with these graphics installed!

The inside of the truck presents nicely, without any notable signs of wear. It looks very much as one would expect a low-mileage interior, too. The seller states that the floors and underside are rust-free. This interior is ready for its next owner to jump in and hit the road.

This 360 V8, equipped with a 4-barrel, was rated at 175 horsepower. It’s recently been treated to a full service, including new plugs, wires, fuel pump, and fuel pressure regulator. It also had a new Edelbrock 1406 carburetor installed to ensure it runs its best!

The truck bed is free of rust or signs of hauling heavy loads. A previous owner installed diamond plate guards around the perimeter of the bed. There are a few minor dents and dings here and there, but overall, the body is in excellent condition.

The truck also has new shocks and a 4-inch lift kit, so it is ready to handle even the worst terrain. Its original paint looks great, the interior is lovely, and it’s ready to drive. You really can’t get much better than that!

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Ending: Apr 18, 2024 10:00am MDT
High Bidder: Papa V
Buyer Premium: 5% ($500 min.)
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    Papa V
    bid $2,500.00  2024-04-15 12:31:31
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    Paul bid $2,250.00  2024-04-14 15:51:26
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    Senap bid $2,000.00  2024-04-11 17:50:30


  1. Avatar photo AndyinMA

    Wow it looks perfect as is. I hope the new owner can refrain from turning it into a brodozer

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  2. Avatar photo Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    This is an amazing find, what a beautiful, perfect truck! A rust-free pickup is unheard of where I live, I wouldn’t change anything. I would love to own this one, someone will be getting a gem here!

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    • Avatar photo Boatman Member

      Could be you, Scotty!

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  3. Avatar photo Marques Dean

    5.9 liter, regular cab and a manual transmission? Doesn’t get any better than that!Someone will be taking that home!

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  4. Avatar photo mrgreenjeans

    Perfect example minus the nasty cab corner dent on left and an alignment issue of box and cab at the same area.
    If it is a true SNO FITER, it is a rare piece to have survived to appear as new and this genuine. I remember seeing a few locally in the early 90’s after several winters of abuse and they were already rusty goners. Torn and rusted outer panels, snow plow hanging off the nose giving it a droop snout, and just about every interior piece looking as if it had seen 50 years of abuse.
    I own an ’83 Power Wagon RAM from Montana with this same level of lack of rust or abuse; just a solid old gurl from the wrong side of the tracks where the Fords and Chevys hunker down. It is a two tone Prospector package with auto and 318. Dodges all have that same type of a ‘tinny’ sound when closing the doors or hood, but man do they run out tough and hardy. If one is equipped with a diff-loc they are unstoppable in tough terrain or heavy snow.
    They do NOT give up….
    I am pretty sure this well preserved beauty is going to trip a couple of folks triggers and bidding may be insane in the end. BEST wishes to the seller and the buyer; if it was me owning this truck it would NEVER be for sale

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    • Avatar photo Stan

      Anti-spin axle. The factory sno-plow options from all manufacturers are always welcome. Great valu.

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  5. Avatar photo Van Mo

    What a cool time capsule ;-) These things are beasts, amazing condition for this vintage. Never see them this shape anymore! Puts a smile on my face memories of my hand me down Power Ram from my grandfather who needless to say actually used his in some hard work so mine was pretty rough, but would run up the mountain with no issues. Im sure this thing is going to see some real bidding war ;-) kudos to whoever lands this one.

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  6. Avatar photo scrapyard john

    Very nice. I’d love to have it. Me being in Mississippi, everyone would be asking “What the heck’s a Sno Fritter?”.

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  7. Avatar photo mrgreenjeans

    Nit picking I know, but the whole underside is not from the factory but more recently ‘sprayed’ to undoubtedly clean things up a bit. Besides the left side corner cab dent, there is a small kink in right rear flank by the sno-fiter decal. The wheels appear to be off a later Dodge Ram and fit with new rubber, making me wonder if the original wheels and caps would come with it or were/are now lost.
    ALL small stuff including the mis-matched glove box door….. and light fading to the color fastness of plastic door panels. NONE of which would bother me one bit. It has earned this patina and it would stay that way under my care should I be privy to own it.
    A very interesting survivor indeed .
    (and an image of my Prospector pkg as it appeared in the seller’s listing before I bought it) Love these “ol’ dowggies”

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  8. Avatar photo Mark

    Sno-fiter was a 1970’s option. In the 80’s it was sno commander. This would have had sno commander graphics if real and also a control box on the dash below the headlights. The wheels are also not factory and the chassis looks like it has been cleaned up.

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  9. Avatar photo Van Mo

    Nice job cleaning up the chassis you bet ;-) looks fantastic. My grandpas truck looked like someone goobered it up with undercoating over 30 years, this one looks really nice. The wheels are definitely dodge and also a super nice touch. Love this thing ;-)

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  10. Avatar photo Luther P

    Just FYI for those who have asked, this truck was never hooked up to a plow or used as a plow truck. Yes we did update it with rally style dodge rims and beautiful tires.

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    • Avatar photo Kanak Attak

      How much is the buy it now price that you want?

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  11. Avatar photo Bobby P Member

    Mark, you are correct! The 80’s version was a sno commander, not sno fiter. This is a nice looking truck, but I would like to know what caused the dent on the left cab corner, and the bed pushed up to the cab. The right side has the correct space. I would like to see the inside of the left door, to see the cab corner, and the bed mounts underneath the truck. I really like this truck, and this it’s in great shape, but would like to know the mileage.
    there’s nothing on this that cannot be fixed.

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  12. Avatar photo Roland

    Interesting truck. I had an ’82 W350 and a friend had an ’86 D250 in 1989. Mine had the pair of Dana 60 axles, the rear with full floating rear drums. My friend’s had a Dana 60 with single bearing rear wheels. What I remember was that the W250 had a Dana 44 in the front and not floating rear drums. Mine was also a Sno Commander, and had a headlight toggle and joy stick below the stock headlight switch. It was factory, including illumination that dimmed with the instrument cluster. Swapping axles was a common mod on these, maybe someone just wanted different gears. This truck is really nice, and I hope someone gets to enjoy it for a long time.

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  13. Avatar photo Yblocker

    Basically the same truck, 72-93, and not very well built bodywise

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    • Avatar photo bone

      really ? while the 73 and up Chevy square bodies were quickly rotting away after 6 or 7 years here in CT. , these trucks still looked good and solid

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      • Avatar photo Yblocker

        Can’t argue that lol

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      • Avatar photo Ffred

        Yblocker seems to spend some time on here bashing Chrysler Corporation. I agree with you, they’ve held up pretty damn good for trucks. Take a look on marketplace.. hundreds if not thousands listed.

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      • Avatar photo Yblocker

        Correction, I’m not a Chrysler basher, I just know what they made good, and what they made that wasn’t so good. Grab a hold of the outside door handle on one of these generations of Dodge pickups, just don’t be in a bad mood when you do, you might have a handle in your hand, that is no longer fastened to the truck lol. Just an example

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  14. Avatar photo Mark P

    Had an ’84 D250 with the 360/auto, factory steel 16.5″ 8 lug rims and full floating rear end. The thing was unstoppable and could haul. The one time I had to be flat bedded home. The guy unloaded it in my drive way and said, what’s that thing loaded with? It’s heavy. I said nothing just a small tool box. Of all the trucks I’ve had there’s two I want back. This is #1.

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  15. Avatar photo Midway

    I bet reserve is 12K, dana 60 rear and steering axle may be a dana 44couldnt see knuckles to counte the front seal bolts good getter in the woods, these 3/4 ton trucks are getting 16K to 25K right now

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    • Avatar photo mrgreenjeans

      Now THAT would shock me should it have only 12K on it as a reserve ! This truck (even if it is a shade of “Own it with a frown BROWN” and has wrong graphics from another era, shown with newer generation wheels, etc., etc.) is worth far more than what for many is a month or two of wages in this crazy world ~ but, what do I know ? Maybe the seller is feeling generous and wishes to share with the world, or in this case one lucky buyer, the greatness of simple MOPAR pleasures of the brutish kind. Wish it was me

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  16. Avatar photo Boatman Member

    To be clear, the Sno-Fiter package was offered from ’73 to ’76.

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  17. Avatar photo Nelson C

    Great looking old Ram with the right greasy bits. Chrysler was ahead of their time calling this a Sno(w) Fi(gh)ter. lol

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  18. Avatar photo JohnfromSC

    Kudos to thecseller for never spraying the box full of that awful bed liner. GLWTA

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    • Avatar photo Yblocker

      Ever climb into the back of a pickup with a plastic bedliner? With a little snow on it? Enough said, I’ll take the spray on

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      • Avatar photo mrgreenjeans

        One could always have your cake and eat it too and ‘spray-on’ that awful permanent liner treatment directly on the plastic bed liner if so inclined. I have several of those plastic liners in my trucks (love ’em) and have never had an issue with standing up, but get this: if I need to fit something into a snow covered bed, all I have to do is open the tailgate in my Tundra, engage 4 wheel drive after sticking a snow shovel under the snow a few strokes, hit reverse and back up quickly at about 20 mph, hit the brakes and BOOM. The bed is clear. I live on top of an old ridge created by the once ancient lake shore of Lake Agassiz and at the end of my farm driveway is a decent incline off to the right and down a pretty good slope. Yeah, it’s got some piles of neatly unloaded, couple hundred pound mounds of semi-melted snow and ice. Minimal effort and quick and completed bed of snow removal. And I never once had to get up on that bed liner to stand on it to do so…… try that in a spray-on pickup bed

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  19. Avatar photo Van Mo.

    This truck is in beautiful shape, and regarding this Sno-Fiter or Sno-Commander stripe package, it could say Sno-Cone when a truck this vintage looks so cool. I agree with JohnfromSC thankfully its not gobbed up with spray bedliner or thick undercoating like many people do to hide whats really going on. Wish I could spring for this thing- super sharp!

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  20. Avatar photo Roland

    The front hubs look like they below to a Dana 60. Those knobs were great in the cold weather. You could grab them with gloves on when the wheel was in a snow bank to lock in the hubs.

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  21. Avatar photo Bobby P Member

    Luther P, do you have a clean title to this truck in your name? Please let me know, Thanks….Bobby P

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    • Avatar photo Joshua Mortensen Staff

      The truck has a clean title!

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  22. Avatar photo Joshua Mortensen Staff

    We are almost there, guys! Don’t miss out over a couple hundred bucks.

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  23. Avatar photo Bobby P Member

    Who is the truck titled to, if Luther is selling it , whos the owner?

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  24. Avatar photo Joseph F Monahan

    WOW! What a great truck! Compare to newer ones, THIS would be a much better buy with in reason. As a owner of a 91 Z71 and 95 Silverado I can appreciate how well these were built.
    Sure it will be bid out of my budget, but I do respect how well made this truck is and the good job done getting it road worthy.

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  25. Avatar photo Herbert

    Stump pulling is about right. Good for work on back farm roads or fields. Not anything like a modern truck. Not a pleasant truck to drive.

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  26. Avatar photo bone

    Can you please just go away, Herbert, King Creole ,or the myriad of names you’ve used on this site just to bash V8 Mopars – All you do is spout foolish comments ,about them .

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    • Avatar photo Herbert

      Not sure of whom you speak, but you got the wrong guy. Even if there is some person on here you do not like, why make that person your nemesis? Enjoy your life, it is pretty short. Anger is wasteful when you have a limited number of breaths left to take.

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