California Truck Parked In 1987: 1966 Dodge D200

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“Beautiful way to load up and light out. With a big, smooth, double-wall pickup box that’s extremely easy to load. But what really makes Dodge the smartest buy in a pickup is the extra stamina Dodge puts into every truck component–in the cab, in the pickup box, in the engine, and in the suspension.” So says a brochure showing the 1966 Dodge pickups. This W200 Styleside can be found here on eBay in Clinton Corner, New York, there is no reserve, and the current bid price is $1,725.

The second-generation Dodge D-series rear-wheel drive pickups were made from 1965 through 1971 and I’m a big fan of the single headlight (on each side) look. They were available in single-cab as with this truck, or in what was considered the first quad-cab from the big three. *International had already made the Travelette, for you International fans. This truck is a Sweptline bed but there was also Dodge’s version of the stepside, which they called Utiline.

Dodge also made a W-series with four-wheel drive and you can see the California black plates on this one. The seller says that it was a “Southern California desert truck” and was “parked next to a barn since 1987.” It was running at that time, but so was I back then. 37 years is a long time to sit and not be used. The body looks appropriately used, dinged, dented, and a bit rusty – at least surface rust.

The D200 is a 3/4-ton truck and there was also a 1/2-ton D100. The D200 came with a 128″ wheelbase and an eight-foot bed, there was no shortbox in this version. The interior looks as it should for a 58-year-old pickup that’s been sitting outside in the desert for 37 years. The steering wheel needs a cover, stat, and this one has a four-speed manual with a floor shift. This looks like a great project truck to me, I would love to have it.

The engine is a Dodge slant-six, which would have had 140 horsepower. A 318 V8 would have been nice but I can’t argue with a slant-six, especially when it’s backed up by a manual transmission. The seller says that it has a new slave cylinder and it’s said to go into all gears nicely. Hagerty is at $6,600 for a #4 fair-condition truck, how much would you pay for this example?

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  1. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    More buyers remorse or the wife hates it….and all the way from Cali….

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  2. Big_FunMember

    Man….give me a V8 all day long. However – I must respect the Slant 6. I feel the condition could be called *earned patina*. Never to be duplicated, but some try…

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    • Rustomodrob

      Exactly…after took decades to get that way. Leaving my 63 GP that way. Rust holes and all, but cleaned up to show how the tin worm did their work. Leaving here bare metal with a treatment. 😉

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  3. Yblocker

    “Next to a barn for 37 years”, too bad it wasn’t “inside” the barn for 37 years. A plain jane 6cyl, 3/4 ton pickup isn’t exactly what dreams are made of. Maybe something to use around the farm, or making runs to the local landfill, or hauling firewood, certainly not worth restoring, I wouldn’t pay much for it. And hauling it from California to New York, for an apparent flip, was definitely a non-profit undertaking. Kars for Kids maybe?

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  4. Stephen Baker

    Eegh..U kidding us! $6K plus?!..for a dried up ol’ 6 cyl pickup sat out next to a barn?? Too many greedy speculators!! More & more “max-cash” JUNK-to -RICHes hucksters. Rare doesnt always mean neat! SOME relics just RELICS.Why dont people just get a beater for a few hundred bucks & fix to daily driver??

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    • John

      You’re reading the Haggerty estimate price. The no reserve auction price is sitting at $1725. as of this writing.

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  5. david finamore

    Radio and heater delete? Waaay cool!

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    • Eddie

      No way! This is what you call a clunker!

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  6. HoA HoAMember

    I see little, if any indications that it was a municipal vehicle, but frankly, there’s no other explanation why it’s even here at all. The rear bumper, I suppose, this is another of those vehicles, how bad could it actually be? As pickup trucks evolved, this was actually a pretty nice truck, but crude. Typical of what would have been used in a fleet. Yellow for the motor is correct, Dodge painted 225 Slantys yellow for trucks around this time. I think the often forgotten 170, or even more forgotten, the 198, the former available in ’66, but not painted yellow, I think.
    Regardless, price is right, finally, and I always say this, but can you imagine someone showing up in a new RAM,,,their expression on the very short test drive, would be priceless.

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    • Yblocker

      So what did you do, sleep in today? Lol

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  7. Connecticut mark

    Looks like heater delete. Radio delete, not an option, but cool old truck

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    • 19sixty5Member

      I looked through old dealer brochures, it appears the the heater/defroster is not standard equipment, but an option. Radio obviously is an option. Also found that the W200 standard transmission was the 4 speed. Only the base model D100 had the three speed. Still a cool old, ugly truck! I’d get it running and safe, and leave it as is appearance wise, maybe try to find original seat upholstery, but thats it.

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  8. Fred in TN

    The price is a out right, if it doesn’t go too much higher. Could be a credible work truck, or someone could restore it. It would only be a labor of love though, as it would be upside down when completed. With a little work, it could be a conversation piece. Depending on the care in the past, the slant six is a long mileage runner, and usually economical to operate. Dad had one very close to this one, when we logged in Colorado. Started and ran everyday! Hope it finds a good home.

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  9. Fritz Basset

    Fly-eye Dodges leave me cold. Give me a ’68-’71 with the modern grille.

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  10. Skystone Jim

    Where I live, a heater/ defroster is a must. Otherwise you’d scrape ice off the windshield and windows on the inside while you’re tooling down the road in winter.

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  11. Skystone Jim

    Where I live, a heater/ defroster is a must. Otherwise you’d scrape ice off the windshield and windows on the inside while you’re tooling down the road in winter. Not to mention the fact, you’ll fry without A C during the summer.

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  12. 19sixty5Member

    A face only a mother could love. I do admire it for its simplicity. Surprising it isn’t a 3 speed on the column. I *kind of* like it, and glad it is far enough away from me!

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  13. CarbobMember

    This is an ideal candidate for a Derek Bieri revival. $2075 now and about two days to go. It’s actually located in upstate New York. So I could see it for myself before making a bid. Underside could be a goner because it sat outside so long. If I was twenty years younger I believe I would be making a road trip.I’m confident I could get it road worthy and then I would leave it like it is. I hope that someone can bring this old truck back to life. GLWTS.

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  14. John M. Stecz

    I think there are some people that can’t see the beauty of a truck like this because maybe there too young to appreciate something they probably never seen because of ithere age ,maybe.

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    • 1stgoatMember

      Me, personally, am about to turn 72, I am just not a fan of it’s face, but I do sort of like it! If it was closer, I would be taking a look at at it just for the unusual factor!

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    • Yblocker

      “Too young” wouldn’t include me, I’m 67, and grew up around these trucks, along with all the others, these Dodges were weren’t bad trucks, they just never won any beauty contests

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  15. John M. Stecz

    I’m about time turn 70, I made the comment just before yours . I live in Penna. And probably not far from where the truck is located. Happy birthday

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  16. Dcarr

    Put a hemi in it!

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  17. Paolo

    Passenger side sunvisor, arm rest and interior courtesy lights were optional equipment back then. There was probably an options package offered that included all these missing items.

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  18. jim

    Them old Dodges used the same bell housing slant six and small block v-8

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  19. Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

    Auction update: this one sold for $2,650!

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