What A Find! Car Craft Project 1969 Dodge Dart

Wow! Not only is this 1969 Dodge Dart a barn find, but it’s an original Car Craft magazine project car! You can find it for sale here on craigslist in Chicago, Illinois. Naturally, with a car like this… more»

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Only Surface Rust: 1966 Dodge Polara 500

Barn Finds has definitively proven that rare does not always equal valuable, but that doesn’t stop sellers from trying! The owner of this 1966 Dodge Polara believes that the order code signifying white on white on… more»

Big Toy Truck: 1968 Dodge Power Wagon

For fans of patina, this old pickup should be just about right. The sellers have taken a good work truck, added a little bling and goofy tires (for city driving at least). For some of us,… more»

Winter Warlock? 1978 Dodge Power Wagon

Are you looking for a reasonably rare 4×4 pickup for winter duty? Or, a pickup just to have because it’s unusual and in decent condition and none of your friends will have the same thing? If… more»

Deep Purple: 1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible

With a world full of base model muscle cars, there are still a few “true” muscle cars that pop up out of the wood work like this 1970 Dodge Challenger convertible. Packing a 383 V8 and… more»

Beach Wagon: 1975 Dodge Sportsman Royal SE

When I was a kid, a family that lived down the street had a 1970s Dodge B-series van parked in front of their house, and the only time they ever used it was when they were… more»

Beautiful, Cheap Survivor: 1987 Dodge Van

Having owned and driven Dodge vans for all of the 1980s and into the early-90s, this one really caught my eye. Thanks to Matt W. for sending in the tip for this great-looking 1987 Dodge Ram… more»

Wearing White Walls: 24k Mile 1985 Dodge Diplomat

Today, in 2017, we are on the brink of electric cars for the masses, turbo-charged engines producing insane power from small displacements, incredible fuel economy, and automatic transmissions with as many gears as many people have… more»

1963 Dodge Dart Muscle Wagon

Classic V8 wagons aren’t exactly difficult to find but, a stick shift V8 wagon is a not so common treat like this ’63 Dart wagon. Packing a 360 V8 and a four on the floor, this… more»

Former Stereo Showpiece: 1979 Dodge Van + Trailer

The era of custom van building is one that will hopefully make a return to our culture in the near term. Wild, overdone creations is still a thing in countries like Japan, where vans are overbuilt… more»

No Stains: 1974 Dodge Tradesman Custom

This is it. The pinnacle of the 1970s. If anyone ever asks what the 1970s were like, simply show them a picture of this van, play some Steve Miller Band, and let them figure out the… more»

Ready To Resto: 1973 Challenger

The seller of this 1973 Dodge Challenger has posted a handful of pictures that will surely get your blood pumping if you’re a fan of Mopar Muscle fan. It’s a barn find stored since ’99 –… more»

The Yellow Rose: 1949 Dodge B1-B-108

This 1949 Dodge B1-B-108 is a barn find recently brought back to life from a horse farm in California. This 68 year old truck is mostly original with 67,000 miles on the L-head flat head six-cylinder… more»