Fin’tastic! 1960 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban

The Deluxe Suburban was the lowest-level trim for the Suburban line for Plymouth in 1960, below the Custom Suburban and the top of the line Sport Suburban, which would have been equivalent to their Fury line. This… more»

Rusted And Dusted: 1974 Plymouth Duster

The owner of this “Plymoth” listed on craigslist had great plans for his Duster, bought some parts and then lost interest. Perhaps when he removed the vinyl top he realized how much rust damage there is and… more»

Field Of Dreams: 1937 Plymouth Deluxe

Having spent many years out on ranch lands in New Mexico, this 1937 Plymouth Deluxe has seen better days. Ironically this Plymouth has been “branded” multiple times, but there is no further information on this classic…. more»

$2,450: 1971 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban

Unique bumper lovers, here’s a 1971 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban with the classic and unique wraparound front bumper. This Custom Suburban wagon is on Craigslist with an asking price of $2,450 and it looks like a nice project…. more»

Fifty Year Nap: 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe

This Plymouth listed on eBay was driven until 1967 and then stored on blocks until recently. Is there a dance left in the old dame yet? Does it help that it only has 2 doors? The… more»

New Mexico Find: 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury

This 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury was quite the loaded car when it left the dealership! All the options are still in place as well, just waiting for someone to come along with a hankering for Furys…. more»

$1,000 OBO: 1982 Plymouth Champ

Vintage Japanese car fans, and captive-import fans, here’s a 1982 Plymouth Champ and it’s on craigslist with the price dropping faster than the temperature in Minnesota. The ad lists several prices from $1,700 or best offer,… more»

120-Mile Concept: 1982 Plymouth Turismo S-660

Here’s where you sing the Sesame Street song, “One of These Things is Not Like the Others”. This 1982 Plymouth Turismo S-660 Concept is sort of, but not exactly, like a regular Turismo and it’s listed on… more»

Cheap Driver: 1941 Plymouth 4 Door Sedan

If you’re looking for an inexpensive old driver, this Plymouth listed on craigslist for $6,800 could be the one. It appears to be completely original except for perhaps the color. There’s no information provided on its mechanical state except that… more»

A Good Kind Of Wedge-y: 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury

Being the top trim level of the 1965 Plymouth Fury, this 1965 Sport Fury is a rare powerful car sporting a Max Wedge 426 V8. Found in a barn in upstate New York, this Fury is… more»

Original Condition Fish: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

The 1970 to 1974 Barracudas are great looking cars, and the earlier 1970 and 1971 cars are definitely dream cars. The earlier cars usually wear a flamboyant color, some stripes, or billboards advertising the displacement, but… more»

Slant Six Equipped: 1975 Plymouth Gold Duster

Do any of you have cars in your life that weren’t owned by you personally but you still remember fondly? The Plymouth Gold Duster is that car for me, as my mom owned one as her… more»

$2,500 Or Offer: 1979 Plymouth Sapporo

This 1979 Plymouth Sapporo was tracked down by Pat L., thanks, Pat! This captive import is listed on the Kijiji website for a very reasonable $2,500 or best offer. Get your passport ready if you’re south of… more»


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