Did The Coyote Catch It? 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

“Road Runner…the Coyote’s after you! Road Runner…if he catches you you’re through!” I know many of the rest of you woke up on Saturday mornings waiting for that theme song as well; some of you may… more»

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Hemi And A 4-Speed! 1968 Plymouth GTX Convertible

I’m not sure if this GTX Convertible is legit or not, but I sure hope it is. You see it’s a Hemi equipped 4 speed convertible, making it the rarest and most desirable versions of the Plymouth… more»

Barn Cricket: 1971 Plymouth Cricket

This one may be a bit of a head-scratcher for a few of you, I know that it is for me. This is a 1971 Plymouth Cricket and it’s on Craigslist with an asking price of… more»

Only Calling Once! Warehouse Find in NJ

Why is it the ads with seemingly the most potential for an exciting find are written by people who seem almost reluctant to sell? Barn Finds reader Geoff flagged this very interesting craigslist find showing what appears to… more»

1952 Plymouth Cranbrook–Would You Wear Your Hat?

Here’s a nice example of a classic you can drive without worrying about the occasional parking lot scratch. Inexpensive enough to be used as transportation and roomy enough to take the family with you! The Cranbrook… more»

$1,950 Arrow: 1980 Plymouth Arrow Truck

Captive import fans unite, here’s a 1980 Plymouth Arrow Truck. This solid driver is on Craigslist with an asking price of $1,950 or possible trade. This one is “cash only” so you’d better be willing to… more»

Nicest on the Planet: 1978 Plymouth Volaré

This mind-blowingly-perfect 1978 Plymouth Volaré has traveled just 13,661 miles in the last 39 years and it is in absolutely amazing condition. It’s literally like new inside and out, top and bottom, above and underneath. This mind-warping time… more»

Mid-Level: 1963 Plymouth Valiant V200 Wagon

Something that would cause heads to roll at any car company today, the re-skinned 1963 Valiant was actually a half-inch shorter than the 1962 model was! Now, every redesign gives us bigger, fatter, longer, wider, heavier… more»

Fin’tastic! 1960 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban

The Deluxe Suburban was the lowest-level trim for the Suburban line for Plymouth in 1960, below the Custom Suburban and the top of the line Sport Suburban, which would have been equivalent to their Fury line. This… more»

Rusted And Dusted: 1974 Plymouth Duster

The owner of this “Plymoth” listed on craigslist had great plans for his Duster, bought some parts and then lost interest. Perhaps when he removed the vinyl top he realized how much rust damage there is and… more»

Field Of Dreams: 1937 Plymouth Deluxe

Having spent many years out on ranch lands in New Mexico, this 1937 Plymouth Deluxe has seen better days. Ironically this Plymouth has been “branded” multiple times, but there is no further information on this classic…. more»

$2,450: 1971 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban

Unique bumper lovers, here’s a 1971 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban with the classic and unique wraparound front bumper. This Custom Suburban wagon is on Craigslist with an asking price of $2,450 and it looks like a nice project…. more»

Fifty Year Nap: 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe Coupe

This Plymouth listed on eBay was driven until 1967 and then stored on blocks until recently. Is there a dance left in the old dame yet? Does it help that it only has 2 doors? The… more»


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