Calling All Mopar Fans: Mopar Liquidation

For all of the dedicated Mopar fans, you thought that you had an addiction for Mopars? This seller is parting ways with his massive collection of rusty Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, and Desotos. There is not a… more»

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Bargain Convertible: 1963 Plymouth Valiant

The original family is the current owner of this 1963 Plymouth Valiant convertible, although there’s no telling if they’ve been the only owners (I have bought back a TR6 that I owned in high school, although it… more»

Philly Beat: 1973 Plymouth Fury Police Car

Old police cars aren’t exactly rare, but so many of them have been restored back to original condition that it’s almost getting boring seeing them at shows. However, an unrestored police car still wearing the scars… more»

Unrestored 1970 Hemi ‘Cuda With Only 36k Miles!

It may hard to believe, but this Hemi-powered beast is claimed to have never been restored! It looks amazing and if the story checks out, this could be one of the best Hemi ‘Cudas left in the world…. more»

1 Of 906 Built: 1972 Plymouth Road Runner

While I prefer the looks of the pre-71 Road Runner, I think I could live with this ’72! It is going to need an insane amount of work, but it is one of 906 cars built… more»

Dusty Muscle: A Barn Full of Iconic Treasures!

We’ve all had the same dream. No, not that one, the one about coming across an old barn or storage building and looking in the dirty, dusty, broken window on the wooden door, after crawling through… more»

Fury-ous Convertible: 1960 Plymouth Fury

Salvaged from an estate sale, this Fury Convertible is a rare bird that needs a lot of work. Sadly this big bad Mopar was stored outside 30 years under a tarp. It is clear to see… more»

Hat-Friendly: 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe

This hat-friendly, black beauty is a 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe and it appears to be ready to hit the car shows while the next owner tinkers, details, and maintains it. It’s on Craigslist for $3,800 and it’s located… more»

Dusty Dust: 1938 Plymouth 2 Door

The origin of the Plymouth name for these cars is interesting. Chrysler had purchased Maxwell and needed a low priced car to compete with Chevy and Ford. In 1926 the Maxwell four-cylinder was improved a bit… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1968 Plymouth Satellite For $3,500 (Engine/Tranny Now Included)

UPDATE 3/17/17 – David just let us know that the engine and tranny are now included in the sale. Check out the photo of both below. This is still a big project, but it might be worth… more»

1986 Revisited – Part 1: Deals on Wheels

This is a different one, but it may be fun, and very, very painful. In going through a couple of boxes of old magazines recently I ran across an August 1986 edition of “Deals on Wheels”,… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1941 Plymouth Deluxe Business Coupe ($1k Price Drop)

UPDATE 3/15/17 – Ron has decided to lower his asking price to $9,900. FROM 3/7/17 – A lot can happen to a car over 54 years of just sitting in a garage. Seals can break down, metal… more»

Valiant Effort: 1962 Plymouth Valiant Signet 200

Speaking of Plymouths, here’s a 1962 Plymouth Valiant Signet 200. The Signet 200 was the top of the line for the Valiant in 1962 and if you like unusual body shapes (in cars, I mean), you… more»