Rare 1970 Plymouth Superbird Project

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The Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth Superbird were winged muscle cars designed for use in NASCAR. But a certain number of street versions also had to be produced. The Daytona came and went in 1969 and the Superbird the following year. The seller’s rough ’70 Superbird is one of 626 built with a 440 cubic inch V8 and an automatic transmission. And (most of it) is finished in the popular color, Lemon Twist. Located in Chester, New York, this aerodynamic project is available here on Facebook Marketplace for $119,000. Thanks to Barn Finder “Austin” for the cool tip!

It’s said that the Superbird was developed to lure racing legend Richard Petty back to Plymouth as he had departed for Ford in 1969. King Richard won several races in the Superbird, so that effort may have been considered a success, but NASCAR clamped down on the specs for “aero” cars like this for 1971, so they became uncompetitive. The Superbird ended up being a one-year-wonder at 1,935 total street copies assembled.

Perhaps as many as half of the Superbirds built still survive. And the most popular color of the survivors is Lemon Twist at nearly 25%, including this one. It has some body panels in other colors from other cars as rust and other damage have befallen parts of the vehicle. It still retains the front nosecone and rear wing that set the Superbirds apart from regular Road Runners. This car is said to be number matching and the engine, while incomplete, will turn by hand.

The floorboards and rear quarter panels at a minimum will need replacements or patching. And, the rear frame rails are also badly rusted. Some replacement parts will come with the Mopar, such as wheel well and fender panels, a fuel tank, and Superbird decals. But some pieces are missing, too, such as some of the wing’s all-important uprights. The car will come with a transferrable New York registration as it was built before titles were used in that state. Restored Superbirds can fetch some big bucks – it’s a shame this one wasn’t better preserved.

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    Rare and in rough shape for only 119K. Such a deal!

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  2. Melton Mooney

    A project Superbird. Rare as rocking horse poo.

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  3. Bruce

    I remember when they came out, most guys dinged up the fronts in no time. They couldn’t hardly give them away at the time. One of the ugliest cars ever built. In our town there were 3 birds and a Daytona running the streets. No one thought they were that fast or special.

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    • Frank

      Now everyone that knows anything wants one

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  4. Tenspeed

    A friend in college at Mississippi State with me in fall 1976 bought a lemon twist 440-6 for $1200. It was neat to look at and paint was in great shape. Took it home in the delta where their farm was. I was wishing I could buy it, but being a poor college student I couldn’t even think about it.

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    • bobhess bobhessMember

      I beat you out of State by 10 years or so. The big Chevy and Ford duel was going on then and on weekends it was over to the Columbus drag strip to find out who was the King for the week. Did check on the girls while there.

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  5. Fordor

    Hey–I’ll have whatever this guy is smokin’!!

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  6. Herbert

    What a rusty heap of nothingness. 120K would be me a lot of fun, but this a’int gonna do it.

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  7. mike

    All that rust and missing important parts for only $119000.What a bargin.

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  8. Frank Drackman

    1971 I was 10, Dad was stationed at Offutt AFB in Nebraska, one of the young Officers down the street had a Superbird. All of the kids thought it was cool, my Dad said it was ridiculous, next year we moved, always wondered what happened to it. We’d sneak up and look inside it.

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  9. Louie

    The seller is Tony D’agastino Mark Worman’s buddy and fellow Mopar Guru. Graveyard Carz.

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  10. JCAMember

    Never understood the prices these cars are selling for. Hard pass

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    You had better reread the ad, the seller only has the one side of the rear wing. The other side and the center section are missing. I wonder what those pieces will cost to replace.

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  12. erik johnston

    Tony d. is the seller apparently. That being said, it’s the real deal. It looks like he’s looking to make the money and not restore it. That car should go to someone who can and wants it for life. Forget the cost of a restore.
    No disrespect to Tony, I would do the same unless I wanted to keep it. Lots of money floating around here.

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  13. Rumpledoorskin

    It looks like Joe Dirt’s car. Just get it running and drive it.

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    • Jay E.Member

      I think Joes was a Daytona. And Brandy was HOT…

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      • Louie

        Yes it was a Daytona and Brandy was definitely HOT!

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    • Louie

      That was my first thought too

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  14. PG

    One word….. Delusional.

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  15. George Mattar

    This heap is less than an hour from me. Wait, I’m not wasting the gas money to go look. Call Mark Worman. You’re looking at $100,000 plus to restore this thing unless you are a very good body man.

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  16. Steve

    Supply and demand. Four barrel automatic, probably on the column. Boring boring boring.

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    • Louie

      It’s a floor shift with buckets and a console

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  17. Charles M Jenkins

    I don’t care how rare they are, this thing is rough, missing parts, and a money pit in general. No thanks!

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  18. 87Ragtop

    As Uncle Joe said Don’t
    The only time he has ever been Right

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  19. Troy

    I think I will take my $120k and pay off my house instead

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  20. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    Funny it has a six pack K-frame and a Dana…….

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  21. David Meichelbock

    This guy’s bumped his head 119000 no way Jose lol

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  22. Rod L Lustila

    Tony I guess you lost your mind.mebee you need some pills? Look at it,really just go outside,stand there for however long it takes.even without your pills you can see it .right? This is junk.take care of yourself.

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