Donation Lot Find: 1999 Plymouth Prowler

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In the world of donation vehicles, nothing is off limits in terms of what the next of kin are willing to kick to the curb when the old man kicks the bucket. We’ve seen all manners of exotica and rare beasts turn up at these donation yards, and it’s a real shame that some heirs and owners don’t see any other options of their collector vehicle. But in the case of the Plymouth Prowler, are these ever going to be desirable enough to take the donation option off the table? That’s certainly up for debate. This 1999 Plymouth Prowler offered here on eBay is listed with no reserve and bids to just over $11,000.

The Prowler shown here doesn’t appear to be in bad shape for a donation vehicle, with clean cosmetics overall and chrome wheels that don’t appear to be gouged up by curb damage. The bodywork is clean and even the top looks to be in good shape. The listing notes it’s not without its faults, however, which is pretty standard for any donation car or truck. The listing notes that while the Prowler will start and run, it has a tendency to stall out which the seller traces back to an electrical issue. Of course, who really knows what the problem could be; I had a 1999 Dodge Dakota R/T that had similar issues and it turned out to be an ECM that needed replacing.

Now, we all know the biggest gripe against the Prowler when it was introduced was the lack of power. And, truly, the introductory model was pretty pathetic, putting out a very average 214 horsepower and turning in fairly lackluster 0-60 times as a result. In 1999, however, things changed dramatically and the Prowler was suddenly the car it should have been all along. The interior was likely fairly eye-catching at the time, but now, it looks pretty ordinary. The aftermarket gauges look tacky here, so I’d delete those right away if I brought this Prowler home. All Prowlers came standard with Chrysler Corp.’s “Autostick” transmission – another black eye for the modern-day hot rod.

Now, the good news about this car is that being a 1999, it got a serious power boost over the introductory model. Horsepower jumped to a very respectable 253 b.h.p., which knocked the 0-60 times down considerably. While it may not have been enough to sway people who couldn’t get past the styling or the automatic transmission, it certainly made any remaining Prowler loyalists happy they stuck around. This car looks pretty clean, especially for having been driven as it was over 116,000 miles. I suspect the electrical issues will be pretty easy to sort out, and if bidding stays at or below $15K, you’re sitting on a possible steal.

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  1. JDC

    Never a fan of these cars that are produced with the intention of being “instant collectibles” and always thought these were beyond impractical. This one would take some work. The front bumpers are missing (yet what is sticking out from under the nose?). It could just be the photos, but that color doesn’t look like factory red, and it needs a good buffing. The gauges, flames and pinstriping make me think this was probably owned by someone wanting a “hot rod”, not by a collector. If you could get it for current bid, it would probably be a buy. But not for much more

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  2. bobhess bobhessMember

    All that BS aside, I like these cars. They are different and fun to drive. Those small nerf bars on the front are better than nothing but I too would have taken off the ugly front bumper and tried not to hit anything with it. Bought right this could be a good buy.

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    • Claudio

      I agree , the stock bumper was fugly but the little nerfs do nothing to protect from daily use , again i have never seen a high milleage prowler before !

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      • Fahrvergnugen FahrvergnugenMember

        I think those little nerfs are mounting points for the front plate.

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      • bobhess bobhessMember

        Think you’re right on the license plate mount. Good eye.

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  3. Big C

    An electrical problem on a 25 year old Mopar? Easy peasy! Probably just a bad wire.

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  4. gregMember

    Looks respectable, wish there were more interior photos,

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  5. CelticGregMember

    Vehicle looks respectable, however would like to see more of the interior considering the mileage. Curious about tire condition, when or if they have been changed?

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  6. trgolf55555 trgolf55555

    I doubt a electrical problem, its mostly always the fuel pump in these that go bad.

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  7. Troy

    I like it, except for trying to fit my hands into that engine bay and try to work on anything this would be a fun little car.

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  8. NCIsAlwaysTheAnswer

    Did the author (& everyone else) miss that this Prowler is SUPERCHARGED?!? 😲
    This explains the Autometer gauges (& likely the engine issue(s). Wonder if it was ever dyno’d?? 🤔

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  9. Joe Haska

    I am not a big fan of the Prowler, but I think it seemed like Chrysler was the cutting edge during this time. They had the PT Cruiser, Viper and Prowler. I just thought it was very cool that one of the big three was doing this kind of marketing. I was fortunate and lucky enough to get involved in these three cars up close and personal (that’s another story).
    I loved the concept of the Prowler, but not the car. I have this fantasy that if I could buy one cheap (like this one). I could take it and make it the car it could have been. It would not be easy, but WHAT IF?

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  10. Robert M Rollins

    It sold for $13,600.00 yesterday afternoon.

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