Worth Saving? 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

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With the popularity of Chrysler B-Bodies seemingly having no end in sight, it stands to reason that one would have to be pretty far gone to even think about it not being worth saving.  I guess just about any auto can theoretically be revived, if an owner is willing to invest enough funds to bring it back to life, but a decayed Road Runner with a stuck base engine isn’t exactly the most desirable Mopar prospect to sink a fortune into.  However, this one might be worth considering for a strong-skilled do-it-yourselfer, or possibly to salvage a few parts from.  This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner here on eBay is sitting in Bradenton, Florida, with bidding currently up to $2,025.  That’s short of the reserve, but if you’re seeing some promise, it can be purchased immediately for the buy-it-now price of $5,200.

The ill bird is sandwiched between two other cars, and it appears years or maybe decades have passed since this one was last on the road.  Although there’s plenty of surface rust visible on the top areas of the panels, we don’t get any exterior shots showing the lowest sections, but that hood corrosion is probably a good indicator of how things deteriorate once you begin investigating southward.

Even though the speedometer is still intact, the radio is gone, along with both the dash pad and steering wheel exhibiting cracks.  The door panels are missing, at least on the driver’s side, but the front seat was initially the most perplexing interior item for me.  I stared at this photo trying to figure out why the trajectory of the seat was so off, but once you continue scrolling through the photos, it begins to make perfect sense.

Unless my eyes are deceiving me, the bench is resting on the pavement, as the front section of the floor is completely gone.  We don’t get any shots from underneath the Road Runner or any mention of the platform’s condition, but I think it’s safe to assume the rusty theme probably continues down under.

There’s not much good news to report from under the hood either, as the 383 appears to be stuck, plus several parts have already been pilfered from the bay.  However, the Voice Of The Road Runner horn remains, so maybe with some work it will go beep-beep again in the future.  Is this one a viable project, or better left to stay put and roast in the Florida sun?

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  1. Pat P.

    So sad 😔

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  2. Oldschoolmuscle

    Nope not worth it!! You would be over your head with this one.

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  3. benica

    This is a one person with lots of time in their hands restoration. Not necessarily a lot of money but….labor intensive. And then sourcing parts. Sand blast, dip the body, welding, sanding…
    I’ve seen with my own eyes….bring back to life similar car projects that were…worse condition….one guy…took about 6 months for him…he is a retiree and two other guys ..also retires… similar restorations..under a year.

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  4. Clark Mandigo

    Worth saving? No.

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    • Timothy Vose

      Thank you, no.

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  5. George Mattar

    Too late to save. My high school parking lot had four of these on it daily, including my 70 FE5 RR with factory N96. Ah memories. These were once $1,200 good used cars. In 1973, that’s all they were. I never looked at my cars fender tag. Didn’t know what it was. Didn’t care. Nobody faked cars then.

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  6. Jonathan

    It all depends on the time, your scope of knowledge and money you have to put into it. I would buy it and do it slowly if I had all the above. 🥰

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  7. Steve

    With a little Meguiars Polish that paint should rub out.

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  8. Steve

    The “Beep Beep” horn alone is worth $5,200.

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    • Herbert

      Thats great, but only if it was a hundred bucks or so to buy. As that is not the case, part it out and call the scrap man.

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      • RoadDog

        He got the kit to do it all from ACME!🤣

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    • Herbert

      That sounds crazy, they must repoduce those.

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    • DON

      Wow, if only it was true, I have two of them sitting in my garage since the early 1980s !

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    • Bill

      As long as it’s got a road runner hooked to it lol

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  9. Howard G Page

    Nothing that an Earl Scheib paint job can’t fix! Only $99.95!

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  10. Mike in Georgia

    I don’t think this one is worth saving but how about the white Chrysler next to it? It appears to be a 64′ New Yorker. What’s the story on the Chrysler?

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  11. Ward William

    So much depends on whether it is numbers matching. Mark Worman and his motley crew had brought back far worse examples than this .

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  12. Ward William

    So much depends on whether it is numbers matching. Mark Worman and his motley crew had brought back far worse examples than this . You would need to know the full original VIN data to maker a valid decision.

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    • 19sixty5Member

      Sure, anything can be saved, but a 383 automatic Road Runner restored by GYC will easily run you well, well north of $100k. I doubt a matching numbers 383 Torque flight bench seat Road Runner worth is $100k, but I could be wrong…

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      • Ward William

        Agreed. So many variables. But after watching GYC for years. if it has some weirdo build sheet or color combo/factory add ons or some such and it is a 1of 23 or something, it gains brownie points and more $. MOPAR is a weird but interesting world. Not always about what it is worth when finished if it was dear ol grandads. I’ve seen lots of people on GYC press the GO MARK button based only on emotion to restore that “specific” car knowing it will cost more than the market value. In fact, how much do you think Mark Worman would have paid for his original teenage years car, the one he searched for for decades, had it not been crushed? He would have given you Alyssa for week just to seal the deal. Go figure. Cheers

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  13. Nevada1/2rack Nevada1/2rackMember

    IDK but it looks like an aftermath of Wiley E.’s handiwork..!

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    • RoadDog

      He got the kit to do it all from ACME!🤣

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  14. James B Rogers

    I just can’t understand why these care are left like this . The Road Runner was a classic the day it was born. The fact that all the photos are of the engine bay and interior and none of the body tells me the sheet metal is rough with out better photos of the whole car it is hard to say fix or don’t.

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  15. TRUTH

    Hard pass. It’s a gonner. Period. Send it to the crusher.

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  16. RoadDog

    A parts car… maybe. That one is too far gone.

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