Plymouth Barn Finds

Low Mileage Muscle: 1967 Plymouth GTX 440

There are a multitude of reasons why a classic car will find its way onto the market, and this 1967 Plymouth GTX is an example of one of the sadder sets of circumstances. The owner was a classic car… more»

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340 V8: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda

The Plymouth Barracuda lost its six-year association with the Valiant in 1970 when it got a new platform to share with Dodge’s budding Challenger. It paid off in spades for Chrysler as Barracuda sales increased by more than 50%… more»

426 Street Wedge! 1965 Plymouth Belvedere

Before Plymouth’s 426 cid Street Hemi hit the showrooms in model year 1966, another very different 426 cid (7.0L) monster struck fear into those who accidentally or intentionally tangled with it… the 426 Street Wedge. Plymouth lacked Pontiac’s flair… more»

Original 1970 Plymouth Duster 340

In the 1960s, the Plymouth Valiant was a steady compact car that sold well enough. But exciting it wasn’t. Enter the Duster, a Valiant-based fastback that could compete with the Ford’s new Maverick and others like the Chevy Nova…. more»

Bumper Car: 1951 Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere

I’ve always wondered what designers were thinking when I see a car from the mid-1970s after the 5-mph bumper requirements came into effect. Most of the bumpers were huge, totally out of scale for the car with seemingly no… more»

Not a Woodie: 1949 Plymouth Suburban

Plymouth was the last major automobile manufacturer to roll out new designs after World War II. Redesigned for 1949, the new Plymouth continued to be conservatively styled, which would later be referred to as the “the three-box school of… more»

Suicide Door Survivor: 1937 Plymouth P4 Deluxe

There’s something unbelievably appealing about an all-original car that’s still wearing its original paint. Especially when it’s as old as this 1937 Plymouth P4 Deluxe is. This great looking car can be found here on eBay in York, Nebraska,… more»

No Reserve! 1970 Plymouth Cuda 383 4-Speed

It seems like Plum Crazy Purple is a love it or hate it color. Dodge had some of the brightest and most creative paint names of the muscle car wars and they are just as popular today. This 1970… more»

Low Mile 1969 Plymouth GTX 426 Hemi 4-Speed!

Considering the 1969 GTX came with a 375 HP 440 cid (7.2L) engine for around $4,000, you had to really want the Hemi to pay an additional $700, and that’s exactly what the original owner of this beauty did…. more»

Gold Strike? 1973 Plymouth Duster

The Valiant was a steady performer for Plymouth, but it was rather boring in sedan trim. Enter the Duster in 1970, a fastback version that suspiciously looked a lot like Ford’s new Maverick. The Duster proved to be a… more»

18k Miles! 1973 Plymouth Scamp

While the Plymouth Valiant and the Dodge Dart were largely the same car, they didn’t always offer the same models. For example, in 1970 Plymouth had the Duster which was a 2-door fastback, while the Dart was available as… more»

Nicest One Left? 1987 Plymouth Reliant

Here’s one of those cars that most of us saw on almost every streetcorner a couple of decades ago and then they all disappeared. They were everywhere and most of us either had one or knew someone who had… more»

Nebraska Auction: Collection of Cars, Trucks & Tractors

There’s this fellow named Richard Schulz. He must have loved cars, trucks, and farm equipment a lot because he managed to assemble a collection of more than 200 of them over the years. All brands and styles, although he… more»

Parked For 50 Years! 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury

Lurking beneath that heavy coating of dust is an original 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury that is in impressive condition. It has spent 50-years parked in a climate-controlled garage. However, with a bit of cleaning and some care and attention,… more»

66k Mile 1970 Plymouth Superbird!?

Under its various brands, Chrysler built some very eyecatching and over the top cars, but the Superbird and it’s Daytona sibling could be the wildest ones of the bunch! When they were new, these Winged Warriors struggled to find… more»

Still In The Barn: 1951 Plymouth Savoy Suburban

The Plymouth brand started out as Chrysler’s low priced entry-level division, but they tried their hand at offering higher-priced cars throughout their 92-year run as well. They loved to give their well-appointed cars fancy names, typically after upscale hotels…. more»