Unbelievable! 1969 Yenko Chevelle With Only 1,200 Miles!


Undoubtedly, the 1,200 original documented miles on this 1969 Yenko Chevelle were mostly acquired 1/4 mile at a time! This is a genuine two-owner Yenko with documentation from day one when it was delivered to a dealer in Hinsdale, Illinois. It will be sold at auction in January in Kissimmee, Florida–you can learn about it here


The stance, wide tires in the back and skinny ones in the front make the purpose of this one of ninety-nine (!) car very clear. Nick Morocco was the original owner and campaigned the car throughout the Midwest after purchasing it–and making one very important change. The original L72 iron head 427 was replaced with an aluminum head 427 race engine right away, but unlike what you would expect, the original engine has stayed with the car.


In 2003, the Butternut Yellow car was sympathetically restored cosmetically by “the renowned Supercar Workshop in Latrobe, Pennsylvania” and was also freshened mechanically. Obviously, the car has been kept very carefully since then.


As you might expect given the mileage and the care, the interior looks mint. Of course, gauges were added to keep track of things for racing purposes. I find it interesting that a bench seat was specified rather than a bucket; of course, perhaps the assumption was that a racing seat would be installed instead.


Here’s the heart of any Yenko modified car; the engine. Since this one is the “almost original” racing engine (remember, the real original engine is included as well) it even offers more horsepower than the L72’s claimed 425 horsepower (generally believed to be higher, but downrated for insurance reasons). The claim in the auction listing is 450 horsepower; honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if there were even more than that! How many chances do you get to drive history? I know I’d love the chance! What do you think this Butternut beauty will sell for?

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  1. Alan (Michigan )

    How much will it sell for? Probably as much as my house would!

    Off the top of my head, I’ll just throw out a number: $210K

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    • RayT Member

      With both the original L72 engine and a factory-issue aluminum-head 427 included, I’d think Alan’s estimate is conservative.

      In any case, it’ll be beyond my resources….

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      • George


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    • Art Nicolodi

      Ive been to the Kissimmee auction, its not barret Jackson , but that car will probably set a record for that place,i say 250K

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    • Fin Doctor

      keep going….it should bring over $300k

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  2. Howard A Member

    Man, this is just the epitome of the American muscle car. The ’69 Chevelle. ( in all it’s forms) If I may correct Jamie, a half mile at a time, 1/4 mile down, and return. This really wasn’t much different from what you could buy down the street. I knew guys in high school that had some fast Chevelle’s. Tell you what, show up with one of these babies, you meant business. I really have no reason to doubt the mileage on this, as whoever bought this car new, and subsequent owners, knew what they had, and not something to drive around. Very cool find. History right here. We’ll never see cars like this again.

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  3. Flmikey

    …an original yenko with both engines intact and a third pedal? The starting bid will be over 200 large….

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    only thing holding it back is the color, not the most desireable. Saw one of these at MCACN last weekend. It was a big turnout for the MOPAR crowd. I’ve never seen so many Cudas in one place before, so many I got sick of seeing them. Don’t think that will ever happen again. So many 71’s

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  5. Rock On

    Yeah, I would rock this for sure!!!

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  6. MH

    I’m guessing it will be close to 300K. Where else you going to find one?

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  7. Ed

    Bench seat weighs less than buckets with console.

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  8. JoeR

    Bench seat is lighter than two buckets.

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  9. Rustytech

    This was a great car in 1969 and it’s still a great car today, unfortunately this one is going to end up in some rich guys garage, never to be seen again until he gets tired of looking at it and it comes to auction again. Not what it was built for! Give me a run of the mill SS396 that I can drive and enjoy any day.

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  10. David meichelbock77

    Well I think you guys are probably right but I’ve seen a 70 LS 6 chevell sale for 150 k at batret Jackson so with both motors I would say about 225/250 at better jockson

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  11. S Ryan

    This car is well known. Great info on Yenko site with vintage photos.

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  12. Reggie Lynch

    I’d say it’ll sell for about tree fiddy thousand dollars

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  13. erikj

    WOW, I wonder what other muscle is out there I,m sure there are a few more like this gem I will take a guess that this one goes for $350,000 at least. And yes ,we will not see it for a while-tied up in a collectors collection.

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  14. Larry K

    Speechless. I am without speech.

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  15. WaltB31

    Hammer down at $325K. Well Bought.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      What are you talking about? The car goes on the block in January.

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      • Jason

        WaltB31, did you attend the January 2017 auction in your Delorean?

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  16. Fast Eddie

    A friend of mine had a Yenko, that he blew engine, and later traded it for a saddle.

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  17. Gene

    Is that rust holes in the lower front drivers side door jamb? Right below the front end of the silver threshold plate.

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  18. Richie C

    Perfect stance!

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  19. Car Guy

    Butternut Yellow 401k…….

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  20. Rolf Poncho 455

    I like!! I will love to have it!!

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  21. Kevin Member

    I went to a Federal Auction a few Years ago and they had 3 Yenko’s that were seized from a Doctor. They had Yenko’s Daughter there signing autographs. The 3 were 69 Camaro went for $375, a 69 Nova $450 and you guessed it? A 69 Chevelle that went for well over $400. There was also an X Code Cuda that went for over $750 and that car was in boxes. These cars bring way to much money for my pay grade but man would I love to have one. My guess would be between $300 and $500,000. Can you repost this after the auction? I would love to see what it goes for. Great find! Thanks for sharing it.

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  22. Nicolas Giguère

    Men, this is a real Monster, Yenko knew what he could do with those GM cars. Just simply beautiful.

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  23. Rocco

    Very COOL find!!!

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  24. G.P.

    I thought a G.M. corporate let the 427 slide through if they where striped down models only, like the bench seat.( I read a article awhile back). This looks like a factory A/C car in the dash photo. ??

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    • Rocco

      I think this is a striped down model. Check out the front side markers where the eng. size was usually noted. Instead of the larger rectangular marker with the eng. size mentioned, it has what looks like maybe a 6 cyl. marker with the Yenko 427 emblem. The vents in the dash, could be part of the “Astro” vent system(?), since there isn’t any evaporator housing protruding out at the fire wall, just enough for a heater. Just an observatory guess on my part.

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