Chevrolet Barn Finds

Heavy Sleeper! Supercharged 1996 Caprice Classic

By 1996, the market for a full sized, body-on-frame sedan with V8 power and rear-wheel-drive encompassed mainly professionals accustomed to being addressed as “Officer,” “Agent,” or “Special… more»

Windshield Included: 1929 Chevrolet Truck

Watsonville, California, is farm country and famous for its artichokes. There’s lots of old farm equipment in and around barns including trucks like this old Chevy. It… more»

Cheap Projects: Beetle, Lincoln Capri and Chevy C/10

An interesting collection of cars has popped up on craigslist, including a VW Beetle that has been sitting since 1972. Fortunately, it appears to be in very… more»

Still Ready To Work: 1946 Chevrolet AK Series

This old Chevy truck might look like it was parked in a field and forgotten, but that isn’t actually the case. It might have been outside, but… more»

Complete & Unmolested: 1964 Corvair Monza Convertible

This 1964 Corvair Monza convertible is slightly older than I am but appears to have weathered the years better! It’s said to be the 275th unit off… more»

Dusty 40th Anniversary: 1993 Chevy Corvette

This is a tale of two Corvettes, apparently, with the 40th Anniversary edition in question seen in one photo shoved into a corner of a garage covered… more»

Texas Hatchback: 1974 Chevrolet Nova

The Texas sun can turn soft and/or shiny things into hard and/or dull things and that’s what’s happened to this 1974 Chevrolet Nova hatchback. The seller has… more»

Patina Supreme: 1965 Chevy C-10 Longbed Pickup

Alright patina lovers, it’s time to swoon or drool as you prefer! The rest of us are just glad to see the rust hasn’t penetrated much. This… more»

Canadian/California Dream! 1969 Camaro Z/28 RS

By 1969 “Z/28” became synonymous with excellent handling, and cars like this 1969 Chevrolet Camaro could be ordered as with the Z/28 performance package and the RS… more»

Is This The Way? 1977 Chevrolet El Camino

El Caminos are great when you need the utility of a pickup without the added height or harshness of one.  But what to do when you want… more»

Stingray Survivor: 1969 Chevrolet Corvette

At some point in time I think any and every car enthusiast has shared an appreciation and desire to own a Corvette Stingray. Boasting alluring body lines… more»

Can It Be Real? 1962 Chevrolet Impala SS

This isn’t something you see every day, the Easter Bunny with an Impala SS! This is said to be the original owner and his car last year…. more»

1993 Official Indy 500 Chevrolet Truck

While most of you are familiar with the idea of an Indy 500 (or other famous race) Pace Car and the corresponding replicas, you may not be… more»