Another Bowtie Survivor: 1967 Chevy Impala SS

This Chevy is listed on craigslist  in Sunland, California, in the Los Angeles area. It was off the road from 1989 until recently. This Chevy runs and drives and might be a reasonable buy for $8,000. The seller is the second owner. The 327 has been rebuilt and the interior is being redone. There’s not likely any rust. It just needs paint and a few trim pieces.

The interior needs a good cleaning. The upholstery will be alright if the new covers are done well. It looks like it won’t take much to make this a nice car inside.

The engine has been rebuilt. It would be nice to know what was done in the rebuild.

If this Impala is rust free and the engine rebuild was done well, does this look like a good starting point for a project? Some of us may not like the period wheels and the interior will need more work, but perhaps it’s a good starting place. Unless that is a very bad repaint, I would try to polish it up a bit and perhaps do a bit of touchup, and concentrate instead on the mechanical work it needs. What do you think this Chevy might be worth as it is?

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  1. vince

    Hidden due to low comment rating Click here to see.

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    • Anthony


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    • Mitch

      Louvered valve covers on the hood?

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    • Mike

      Been sneaking into your dad’s liquor cabinet Vince?
      Merry Christmas!

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    • Jeffro

      Merry Christmas Vince. I hope Santa brings you more meds.

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    • Ck

      Poor poor misinformed vince don’t feel bad about being schooled by the BARN FIND guys .Cuz if ya hafta be schooled it might as well be by the best.As for this Impala it looks like a good deal.There is nothing wrong with a 327 they run strong and don’t think its a problem as far as moving this car down the road .The interior looks like it will clean up ,the body looks pretty straight and solid. Yep looks like someone got a sweet new ride.

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    • kman

      I guess 57 thumbs down is the limit. It wont let me check it.

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      • Alan (Michigan)

        Nope, kman…. is now 66.
        And that may indeed be a record!

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      • PRA4SNW

        94 now. A BF record, I’ll bet.
        The best, worst post ever!

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  2. Nova Scotia

    This is way over priced. Ad has been removed. Must have sold locally as the description given here is definitely not enough. A trans rebuild would also be needed, is it a 350 or a tank buster 400? That’s just a start… Either way, this is overpriced in my opinion.

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  3. Rock On

    Luckily the internet was not invented yet when I used to sneak a sip or two!!!

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    • Jeffro

      Amen to that!

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  4. Bob C.

    What the &@#% are louvered valve covers on the hood?

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  5. Pappy2d

    Vince’s dad can beat up your dad.

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  6. Neil

    Vince found Pappy’s stash of “Korn Likker” behind the trailer. Thats were they also fabbed that special hood.

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  7. Flmikey

    …back to topic… Nice find, good price, will make someone a great project…and everyone knows louvered valve covers on the hood makes cars go super duper fast…

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  8. Rustytech

    You would need a build sheet to for confirmation of the SS status, you could get buckets seats & console on a regular Impala, and you could get the 327 in the SS, I see no reason to question sellers word. If there is truly no rust this is worth every bit of the $8000 asking price. Too bad it’s clear across the country AGAIN.

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  9. David F David F Staff

    I remember the 1967 Chevy Impala SS very well and I don’t remember anything on the hood. There were those fake square vent things on Cameros, though.

    (As to 67 Chevys. I put a plain jane one into the driver wheels of a cattle truck going as fast as a 6 cylinder Chevy would go. The speedo was stuck just below 100. I’m told that was the first year of the collapsible steering column. I was happy not to be skewered but developed a real connection to the dash. The remains of the car sat on the Taxi lot for a long time and I had to walk by it every day!)

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  10. David F David F Staff

    I’ll try again to post a picture.

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  11. daniel wright

    I think Vince has been drinking too much egg nog and is reliving a childhood fantasy in which he imagined his fathers rusted and sagging geo metro was an impala SS.

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  12. Van

    Nice body style. A car this big needs a big engine. I’d say an 8.1 from a motor home with an LS5 cam. 500 hp on pump gas.

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  13. Angrymike

    I didn’t see what that guy wrote, but the SS427 had faux vents in the hood. It was an Impala, but they didn’t have a Impala emblem on them.

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  14. Joe

    I had one with a 396 4sp very fast !!!

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  15. 427 Turbojet

    Looks like a 283 2 barrel to me. No holes above front fender flags where 327 emblem would go. Still looks like a real SS, has buckets , console etc. Also has tilt column, relatively rare. Had several 67 Caprice coupes – with 275 HP 327s and with 396s. Can be great drivers.

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  16. stillrunners

    What “AngryMike” said/posted….the rare 427’s got that hood……..

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  17. 67Biscayne

    1967 Impala SS hood

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  18. RoughDiamond

    Vince, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and let others suspect your stupidity rather than to open it and remove all doubt.

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  19. Rock On

    Poor Vince, lucky that it’s Christmas Eve and the guys went easy on you.

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  20. angliagt

    One of the nicest looking years of Impalas.
    I can’t really think of a badly styled ’67 American car.

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  21. Alan (Michigan)

    Always liked the NASCAR-inspired fastback design. You bet that’s why they built ’em!

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  22. Bob C.

    Good call 427 Turbojet. The fender flags alone usually meant it was a 283. It would have read 327 on top of the flags if that were the case. Could very well be a 283.

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  23. Jeffro

    So…….what is the record for most thumbs down? Vince might be a winner.

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  24. Glen

    Gee , ya think Vince will be back? All he had to say was he didn’t think it was as listed. No need for all the insults. His Dad’s car might have been more desirable then this one, but who cares now? I don’t want to hear from him again.

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  25. Alan (Michigan)

    I came back just to see whether Vince’s “thumbs down” tally had exceeded 100.

    Yep, 107.

    That just has to be the all-time BF record!

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      And counting……

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  26. Tommy


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  27. IanM

    67Biscayne’s stock photo of the black Impala SS427 sure got my heart racing! Thank you sir!

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