1939 Cadillac Limo: Grand Again?

UPDATE 8/29/18 – After almost three years and a $6k price drop, this Cadillac is still on the market. Find it here on craigslist with a $5,900… more»

Classic Drop Top: 1965 AMC Rambler Classic 770 Convertible

Reader Michael has really been busy and found some interesting cars today including this nice Rambler droptop. This was American Motor’s attempt to move on from sensible… more»

Pretty In Pink? 70 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 4-Speed

The folks at Dodge decided they wanted to go Trans-Am road racing with a muscle car. The idea of taking a muscle car and adding heavy duty… more»

132 MPH Birdie? 1963 Studebaker Super Lark R2

The Studebaker Lark was a compact car from a company struggling to compete with the big three. Upon first glance at the listing on eBay, you might… more»

What’s Next: 1936 Buick 2-Door Sedan

Here’s a sad sight. It’s yet another old car on a flipper’s trailer. It’s amazing that cars like these survive, sitting in a barn somewhere, forgotten. There… more»

Feeling Cordial: 1937 Cord Beverly Sedan 812

Let me get this out of the way first. This is no longer a supercharged car. The engine was replaced with a normally aspirated version of the… more»

Whiskey Pig: 1948 Ford Pickup

It’s all about whiskey and a pig I guess. The seller bills this as a rat rod, but he hasn’t chopped it or done any other metal work. What it… more»

25-Years Parked: 1964 Chevrolet Bel Air

If you could go back to the 1960s and bring back a Chevy, this likely wouldn’t be your first choice, but it couldn’t be much nicer than… more»

Droopy Nose: 1968 Dodge Charger

We’ve seen lots of Chargers on this site in various states of dilapidation. The seller says this one was parked 30 years ago by the original owner… more»

Big Blue: 1970 Buick Electra 225

What’s with the peek under the cover? Are they trying to be suggestive and hoping we’ll fall under the spell of this lovely lady? Just look at that shiny… more»

Revisited: 1979 AMC AMX Spirit

Here is the story, so far, of this spirited little Gremlin. The days of the muscle car AMX were long gone by 1979 and this was based… more»

Sleeping Beauty’s Coffin: 1976 AMC Pacer D/L

There were a few Pacer’s exported to Europe and they occasionally appear at car shows. The Germans have an affectionate name for them, it’s “Sard der Schlafenden … more»

Pretty In Pink: 1955 Dodge La Femme

Carmakers did some wonky things in the 1950s to market cars and this Dodge is a great, if unsuccessful, example. Chrysler wanted to attract female buyers so they… more»

Triple Stick Shifter: 1983 Hurst/Olds Cutlass

By 1983 the day of the muscle car was long gone, but there are some really interesting things about these Hurst/Olds, including the Lightning Rod shifter and… more»

In Good Company: 1941 Cadillac Convertible

Somewhere in Riverside, California, there’s a barn loaded with interesting cars. The yellow Cadillac on the left is listed on eBay, but there are lots of other interesting… more»

Cheerful Little Rig: 1974 International Scout II

The Scout started out as simple and durable little barebones truck with a slant 4 engine. It was light and reliable and worked well offroad. Amenities like… more»

Post Graduate Nap: 1930 Ford Model A Rumble Seat Coupe

I was talking to an old friend last night, reminiscing about the 1970s in Santa Barbara, California. We used to see a black Model A coupe around… more»

Red And Rusty: 1957 Chevy Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

This Chevy listed on eBay looks nice from here, at least at a glance, doesn’t it? It’s located in Dade City, Florida. Bidding is over $16,000 at this time… more»

Big Red Coupe: 1954 Chrysler Newport Windsor DeLuxe

1954 was the end of the line for Chrysler’s prewar styling. The sides had been smoothed out over the front wheels and they had one piece windshields… more»

Jetfire? 1963 Oldsmobile Cutlass F85 Convertible

The Craigslist ad for a tired old F85 convertible that Micheal found for us doesn’t look like much until you see at picture number 17. It has a… more»

Big Drop Top Driver: 1964 Buick LeSabre Convertible

It’s a big roomy 2 door droptop and for convertible lovers, it’s a beauty. The fins, swoopy lines and most of the chrome of the first generation LeSabres… more»

Barn Clean-out: Lincolns, Fraziers And A Rabbit Oh MY!

Reader Crazy George has found us an interesting listing for an unusual collection of cars in a really big barn. Could you imagine having a barn big… more»

105 Years Young: 1913 Hupmobile 32 Touring Car

There were hundreds of car makers in the early 1900s and Hupmobile was one of the few that survived for very long. Could one of these cars… more»

Mystery Mill: 1964 Chrysler 300K Ram Induction

The Chrysler 300 series was the granddaddy of muscle cars. This may look like just another lumbering old luxury car from the 1960s, but in its day… more»