Big Toy Truck: 1968 Dodge Power Wagon

For fans of patina, this old pickup should be just about right. The sellers have taken a good work truck, added a little bling and goofy tires (for city driving at least). For some of us,… more»

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Price Reduction: 1932 Ford Roadster

We’re accustomed to seeing listings for cars with crazy prices, but the asking price for this roadster listed on eBay is especially ambitious. The price was recently reduced by $10,000 to a still unreasonable $70,000. The… more»

Real Potential: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda

The Barracuda was introduced in 1964, a few weeks ahead of the Mustang, but wasn’t a big success like the Mustang. The Barracuda looks a lot more like a Valiant than the Mustang looks like the Falcon… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1949 MG-TC

It’s rare when we learn the complete story of barn finds, but look what Pat L found on craigslist.  The original owner was B. De Hoghton in Lancashire England and there’s a picture of the owner’s house… more»

Uncooled Bird: 1967 Ford Thunderbird Landau

Ford introduced the fifth generation Thunderbird in 1967. It gave up its last sporty pretensions to become bigger and more luxurious. TheLincoln Continental Mark III is based on the 4 door version. For the first time, there… more»

Out Of Fire: 1923 American LaFrance Type 32

Based on the tanks under the seat and the lack of pumping equipment, this appears to be a chemical hose wagon. Early fire trucks like this one used the pressure from a combination of chemicals, usually sulphuric… more»

Ceiling Find: 1926 Sandford 3-Wheeler

If you had looked up at the ceiling in the old Imperial Palace in Las Vegas you might have seen this cycle-car hanging there and assumed it was a Morgan. In the early 1900’s cycle-cars were popular… more»

Saved From The Crusher: 1926 314 Cadillac Coupe

This sad looking old Caddy listed on eBay in Livingston, New Jersey has been sitting since 1943. When it was parked, it was just an old used car. Gas was being rationed and big cars like this were… more»

Twice A Barn Find: 1927 Studebaker Commander

This old Studebaker has an interesting history. The owner died and left the car to his sons who couldn’t decide who should get it. Without a solution as clever and wise as Solomon’s, neither won so they… more»

Too Many Doors, Nah: 1954 Buick Special

Scanning through ads, this Buick listed on craigslist for $8,000 caught my eye. Some would move on after noticing the extra pair of doors or the missing set of portholes. The 1954 Buick Special was an… more»

1947 Chevy Stylemaster Sedan

The Stylemaster was Chevy’s base trim level after the war. The design was carried over from the pre-war 1942 Master Deluxe. This old Chevy was driven until the 1970s and was retired with only 94,024 miles. In… more»

A Real Survivor? 1938 Ford Sedan

If the Bug-eyed Sprites looks happy, then what is the expression on the face of these old Fords? This shiny face is listed on eBay in Pelham, Alabama. It was in the same family from 1938 until recently and is… more»

A Real Survivor? 1929 Plymouth Two Door Sedan

Chrysler needed something to compete with Ford and Chevy’s less expensive cars. Chrysler had absorbed the Maxwell Motor Company, so they based their new car on the Maxwell design and named it after binding twine. This Plymouth… more»