The Market Can Be Tough: 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

Here at Barn Finds, we try to always find interesting, unique, and fascinating vehicles of all kinds to share with you our readers. But being a Barn Finds reader means you are plugged into the market, you see similar cars and can estimate their value, and their value to yourself. Sometimes you see just the right car or truck, which strikes your fancy, where you can’t live without it. Other times, there are vehicles you see for sale that make you laugh. Whether they are in poor condition, overpriced, or that the for sale ad is written in a comical manner. That is what is going on with this 1952 Vincent Black Lightning Motorcycle. Described as a “Barn Find”, and needing a “full restoration”, this Vincent has seen much better days.  With 10 actual bids, the price has risen to 8.00 British Pounds Sterling with 4 days remaining. Find it here on eBay out of Lancashire, England. Thanks are in order to Lee H and Doug T for this interesting and comical submission. Thanks guys!

Neatly laid out on plastic, this Vincent has “some rust”. With a great deal of patience, sorcery, and alcohol, this Vincent will be on its way to “looking like” the picture above! We find relief in ads such as this one, as we have all so many times seen vehicles that were gravely overpriced, and/or in deplorable condition. How many times have you seen that one car you wish you could have? You have even negotiated in your mind a very fair price, which may even go above what you actually want to pay for it, or its actual market value. But unfortunately, that seller has their price, and if it were a reasonable one, you would agree to meet it. So many times we have all been thwarted in trying to get that one car or truck that for one reason or another, you just can’t acquire. This particular Vincent is a two owner bike, and is likely to go up in “value”, as the classic Motorcycle market has grown tremendously. Likely to sell for pocket change with cheap shipping, will you be placing a bid on this 1952 Vincent Black Lightning creampuff?

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  1. Stang1968

    It was removed from eBay.

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  2. Adam T45

    This looks identical to the Lancia that Jeremy Clarkson had on Top Gear!

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    • Adam T45

      This was the shot of Jeremy Clarkson that I was thinking of!

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  3. Trickie Dickie

    However, all of that pictured seems to be in much better condition than many of the early Porsche Speedsters, Porsche Roadsters and Porsche coupes that have been listed here on BF in the past year. There HAS to be an ID plate in there somewhere! Oh, the humanity

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    • Dwight

      Well said. I was at an auction a couple of years ago…when a Porsche (1951 or 1952, I believe)…didn’t look much better than the pile of rust in the dustpan. It brought almost $100,000 (over, with the buyer’s premium).

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  4. Art Fink

    No problem, that’ll buff right out !!

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  5. Jay M

    Rust Free!!
    Ok, maybe some light surface rust. But the rust is FREE if you buy the bike.

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  6. chad

    now that IS 1 I can’t say “I started w/1 in worse shape than…”

    Guy frm NE, USA

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  7. Alex B

    ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

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  8. Chris in WNC

    ran when parked……

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  9. Rob

    Pulled from eBay, they must have gotten a pretty high offer 🙂

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    • D. King

      No, Rob–that’s what eBay does when THEY cancel the listing. Reasons could be fraud, VERO complaint, theft of listing, loss of selling account, or something else. I’m guessing fraud. If it had been sold, you still would have been able to see the original listing. EBay has been my day job since ’99.

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  10. angliagt

    “That’ll buff out” – MAN am I tired of that phrase!

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    • Yellowjax Member

      Not as much as ” drive it like you stold it”

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      • Gerald

        Whaddabout “Ran when parked” and has a tree growing thru it

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  11. Zaphod

    I sold a greasy block of wood on Ebay that I used to prop up the kickstand on my Vincent as a “Black Shadow kickstand extender” and sold it for $8.00 as a gag. I think this is funny.

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  12. Adam Wright

    I had a Speedster like this once, it sold.

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  13. Steve H

    Sorry but I don’t get it. What’s with that dustpan? The original listing is gone so there isn’t much to go on here.

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    • HeadMaster1

      I didn’t see it either, but I think what can be found in the dustpan is all that is left of the mighty Vincent

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      • Steve H

        Hmm. So they were selling a dustpan full of crumbled rust… lol.

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  14. Steven Visek

    Now that’s patina!

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  15. John B

    My Dad has an awesome set of tools! Jeff Spicoli 1983

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  16. BMW Racer

    I heard it was put on consignment at Beverly Hills Car Club!!

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  17. S. Brodie

    You’ll probably see it pop up at a Barrett Jackson auction at twice the price it went for on ebay.

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    • Trickie Dickie

      IF Barrett-Jackson accepts it, a whole new set of tires, premium grade, will be required by BJ.

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    • D. King

      It didn’t sell on Ebay, and the seller didn’t accept an offer–the site killed the listing.

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  18. blasphemy

    Some really great comments–thanks BF!

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  19. Joe Haska

    I think its great that we can all make fun of each other and our crazy obsession with all things mechanical.

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  20. John Deebank

    It took me a while to catch on; but it was well worth the chuckle when I did. Thnx Guys.

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