V-Twin Turbo: 1983 Honda CX650T

The 1980s, back when everything was turbocharged right down to your nose hair trimmer. The seller lists this 1983 Honda CX650T (T = Turbo, of course) as an XC650TC, which actually would have been a 1982 designation and this… more»

Scrambler Survivor: 1970 Bridgestone 350 GTO

Most of us know the Bridgestone name as a manufacturer of tires, but at one time, they made some really nice and interesting motorcycles. Sadly, they would be forced out of the market in 1970, less than two decades… more»

BF Exclusive: 1980 Honda Express II

UPDATE – The seller, Frank, has lowered his asking price to $2,500 but is open to offers! Be sure to send your offers via the form below. The idea of spending $80 to $100 dollars to fill a gas… more»

Cafe Or Original? 1965 Honda CB77 Super Hawk

As if a Honda Hawk wouldn’t have been a good enough name, the good folks from big-H little-o-n-d-a named this series of 305-cc bikes the Super Hawk! This one has been modified as you can see and the seller… more»

607-Mile Garage Find: 1976 Honda CB200T

Even though I live where it snows four months a year, motorcycle season is never over for me. I think about them year-round, tinker with them, and ride them when the ground is dry, even in the winter. The… more»

Mechanically Refreshed 1971 Honda CT70 K0

The seller of this beautiful 1971 Honda CT70 K0 has quite a collection as you can see in the background photos. I don’t mean a modest collection as I or any number of other people have, but a big-time… more»

Six-Cylinder Barn Find : 1980 Honda CBX

The Honda CBX wasn’t the first six-cylinder motorcycle to hit the market, Benelli beat Siochiro and Company by a few years with their beautiful 750 Sei, but Honda came through with a monster in 1978. The seller has this… more»

Honest Rider: 1933 Harley-Davidson VL

On a dollar-per-pound basis, older Harley-Davidson motorcycles command some of the most amazing prices in the current classic market. Enthusiasts love the idea of buying a vehicle that offers a relaxed lifestyle and a rewarding ownership experience. That is… more»

Low-Mile Living Room Find! 1972 Honda CB500F

There are all sorts of collectors around the world. Some collect items and stack them up in the back of their garden for them to rot away over the years. Others create homes and garages around their car or… more»

Two-Stroke Survivor: 1975 MT250K1 Elsinore

It’s a toss-up for me as to what my favorite decade is, almost anything from the 1960s on is a contender. Well, other than the 2020s which is by far my least favorite decade and we’re not even three… more»

Four-Speed Trail Bike: 1971 Honda CT70 HKO

How many of you were alive in 1971? If you were and you were a kid, or a kid at heart, you may have wanted one of Honda’s new mini trail bikes. These were incredibly popular little motorcycles and… more»

Projects Or Parts? Three 1960s Hondas

Anyone who is into vintage motorcycles and restoring them usually has or needs a parts bike or two. Or, three, or more… Sometimes the county gets involved when a person has dozens of parts bikes strewn around their yard…. more»

Rolling Icon: 1940 Indian Chief

When someone says DeLorean you automatically see the image of the famous car in your head.  The same thing happens when a Porsche 911 is brought up.  When it comes to two-wheeled vehicles, a mention of the maker Indian… more»

One Owner Barn Find Racer: 1941 Indian Scout

The more and more I see of these classic Indian motorcycles, the more I want to ride around on one. They are timelessly cool, especially if they have a history like today’s bike. This is a one-owner original that… more»

Easy Project: 1955 Triumph Tiger 200

I have always wanted a simple bike to potter around the country in. Something simple and easy to work on. Back in the 1950s, they were plentiful and reasonably affordable, and one of the more popular manufacturers was the… more»

Proper Patina: 1926 Indian Prince

As time goes on, we are beginning to see more and more 100-year-old vehicles as we get to the 100th anniversary of mass manufacturing. There are plenty of these cars and bikes on the road today which is a… more»