Amazing Survivor: 1941 Harley-Davidson FL Knucklehead

Few classic vehicles have developed the kind of cult following that we see with Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Pre-war examples create strong interest when they appear on the market, especially if they are original and unmolested. This 1941 Harley FL demonstrates… more»

457 Mile 1977 Honda CB550K3

I’m not purposely staying away from Hondas, I like them, a lot. I just have never had the opportunity to own a Honda car or a Honda motorcycle over 49 CCs. This 1977 Honda CB550K3 is quite a bit… more»

Original Paint: 1972 Honda CB350

You can be excused if you think you’ve gone backwards in time — that is a 1972 Honda CB350 wearing pretty darned nice original paint and decals 48 years after it was on the dealer’s lot! It is listed for… more»

Hard Tail Suvivor: 1968 Honda K50A-K0 MiniTrail

From Harleys to mini bikes to Honda 50s, many early motorcycles didn’t have any rear suspension – they were known as hard tails. Spine crushers would probably be more like it with the only rear “suspension” being the air… more»

Triangle Of Death: 1971 Sperry Rand Tricub

Long time Barn Finds commenter and one of the resident truck experts, Howard A., recently commented that the 1970s were all about Powersports, and he was right. Almost anything and everything that any random company could think up hit… more»

Rare 4-Speed Minibike: 1970 Honda CT70H

The thought of your child venturing out onto the open road on a motorcycle for the first time as a young adult can be a daunting one. All that we can do as parents is to prepare them for… more»

Monkey Bike: Honda 1973 Z50A K4

A great friend of mine, one of those brother-from-another-mother kinds of friends, just bought the new version of Honda’s Monkey Bike for his wife and kids to learn how to ride on. He has several full-sized bikes ranging from… more»

Vintage Motorcycle Dyno! 1975 Honda Test Track

I bet most of you reading this have never seen a Honda Test Track before. Apparently, this was a primitive dyno machine for motorcycles from the 1970s. It can be found here on eBay with an asking price of… more»

Original Tires: 1971 Honda ATC90 3-Wheeler

When looking at this Honda 3-wheeler, the first thing that caught my attention was those huge tires! My first thought was that they must be an addition made by a creative owner but it turns out that they are… more»

1947 Indian Chief Barn Find

This 1947 Indian Chief is a numbers-matching motorcycle, but restoring it could potentially be a significant undertaking. However, if you have limited space in your workshop, it could be the perfect project to tackle. It is a classic that… more»

Completely Original: 1942 Harley-Davidson FL Knucklehead

If you’ve ever harbored any doubts about the popularity and desirability of classic motorcycles, then you need to take a look at this 1942 Harley-Davidson FL. This is an original survivor that has just received a mechanical refresh. This… more»

AWD Motorcycle: 1980 Rokon Ranger

A lot of us who live in the upper-Midwest, northeast part of the US, Canada, and other northern climates have to put away our motorcycles in the winter months. If you happen to live where there’s snow on the… more»

Ex-Police Bike: 1954 Harley-Davidson FL

The 1954 model year was an unusual one in the history of Harley-Davidson. Even though the company now recognizes any anniversary models in line with its founding in 1903, they chose to mark their 50th Anniversary in 1954. This… more»

Still In The Crate: 1977 Norton Commando 850

We see a few classic motorcycles come across our desks here at Barn Finds, but very few of them are in the league of this one. The 1977 Norton Commando Interstate 850 Mk III was quite a bike, and… more»

732 Mile Mini Trail: 1974 Honda CT70

A lot of us knew someone when we were growing up, that one spoiled kid who seemed to have everything. They had all of the newest and best snowmobiles, bikes, minibikes, and yes, they went on to get a… more»

Crate Find: Never Opened 1986 Honda FourTrax!

The hair is standing up on the back of my neck looking at this 1986 Honda FourTrax ATV. It wouldn’t normally be but this one is still in the crate! And, in case you think that I’m way overreacting,… more»