Cheap Dusty Two Door: 1964 Chrysler Imperial

Locked away in an automotive vault for who knows how long, this 1964 Chrysler Imperial two door looks like a solid start to a big Mopar project. In storage with nearly 20 other cars, it is… more»

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Elvis’ Shooting Brake: Intermeccanica Murena GT

One of only eleven built, this Intermeccanica Murena GT is a rare and unusual classic, even more so for the fact that it was owned by Elvis Presley. Packing a factory Ford 429 V8, as well… more»

Last Year For The B: 1953 Dodge B-Series Pickup

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and just about each and every one of us can find something that we appreciate about an automobile. There are many aspects to consider and appreciate, but one… more»

Affordably Sleek: 1950 Pontiac Silver Streak

A sleek and running two door can often be a slippery slope as they are nearly impossible to deny. Appearing unrestored, and a great start to a classic two door project, this Pontiac Silver Streak needs… more»

Forest Find: Dodge Power Wagon

Often renowned for their rugged ability and history, this Power Wagon is more ragged than rugged at this point. Left for dead in the woods of Maine, this Dodge still offers some parts of value and… more»

War Time Shorty: 1941 GMC Radio Truck

If you desire a rare and unique “Cab Over Engine” truck, then look no farther as this war time ’41 GMC Radio Truck is about as rare as you can get in the COE world. Having… more»

Affordable Style: 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster

Having lived with its current owner since 1965, this Stylemaster is a runner, but is in need of restoration according to the seller. Being sold by the owner’s son-in-law, it would seem the owner is trying… more»

Desert Fish: 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

After a life time spent in the dry California sun, this Barracuda is a ready to drive. Featuring low miles and little to no rust, this fish is in need of some beautification and some good… more»

Cheap De Ville: 1957 Cadillac Series 62

A few great affordable projects appear every now and again, like this Coupe De Ville. Stunning, and appearing like a great start, this Caddy has a new engine, and a seemingly solid body. This Caddy could… more»

Nicely Optioned Hemi Coupe: 1955 Desoto Fireflite

Some cars just have certain buzz words that can attract any car enthusiast. For instance, Hemi, Coupe, and factory air conditioning certainly have gathered my attention and perhaps yours as well. There isn’t much info on… more»

Cheap Equestrian: 1973 Ford Pinto Wagon

Although the word “Pinto” can bring up a love hate relationship for many, the Ford Pinto is a small and affordable classic that can be easy to live with. While some share certain feelings for Pinto’s,… more»

Stylish 9 Seater: 1958 Dodge Sierra Wagon

A classy and stylish station wagon is often a dream come true for many of us, especially when equipped with a factory V8. Appearing like a derelict field find, this ’58 Dodge Sierra is a runner… more»

Minty Survivor: 1974 Chevy Vega GT Wagon

Clean Vega’s can often be difficult to find especially in the wagon variety making this ’74 GT Kammback a real jewel. Very clean and original with a stunning appearance, this ready to drive small classic wagon… more»