$3,000 Road Runner!

1968 Plymouth Road Runner

Here’s what three grand will get you these days. Not much! This rust bucket is claimed to have once been a big-block/4-speed equipped Road Runner though and that’s a very good thing. It’s fun to dream that this may have once been fitted with a 440 or even a Hemi, but the VIN tells us that it left the factory with a 383. Not like that’s a bad thing though. All Road Runners were potent street racers and restored ones bring a nice penny today. This one is obviously going to need a complete restoration and lots of straightening, but I can spot an engine in there and the seller mentions a clear title. It’s located in Corbin, Kentucky and is listed for sale here on craigslist. Do you think it can still be saved?

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  1. dbigb1

    Yes it can be saved. Is it worth it?? Up to the next owner.


  2. joeinthousandoaks

    Graveyard Cars, Southern addition….


  3. Ed P

    Sure, this can be saved. How much money you got?


  4. grant



  5. DENIS

    not sure I’d take it if he’d give it to me and deliver it…and I like 68/69 Runners


  6. JimmyinTEXAS

    I agree with dbigb1 and Ed P. Sure it could be saved. I really believe with enough money you could start with a bare block and wind up with a numbers matching example…


  7. Rspcharger

    Some things are destined for greatness & others not. This here is the later of the two. Maybe webuyjunkcars.com would be interested in it…. and this coming from a 69 Charger owner of 20 years.


  8. John

    I’ve junked better cars than that!


  9. YooperMike

    I bought a new one in the summer of ’68. Total cost on the road was $3175.00. Was a hell of a car. Still surprised that I’m still alive.


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