Road Runner

Stored 44 Years: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Roller

The Road Runner was one of the hottest muscle cars of the late 1960s. It was distinguished by its cartoon name and graphics and the use of a 383 cubic inch V8 as standard fare. More than 172,000 of… more»

Drive Or Restore? 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

The Plymouth Road Runner got some major revisions outside for the 1971 model, featuring a new shape that came to be known as the fuselage-style body.  As before, the car retained some great engine options, although this would be… more»

383 Six-Barrel! 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

The first is the best? It is in my mind when it comes to Plymouth’s fabulous first-gen Road Runner. The first time that I spied a 1968 model, such as today’s Littleton, Colorado resident, I was smitten (but I… more»

Upgraded 440/4-Speed: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Sitting in this garage is a classic muscle car with a story to tell. It is an iconic 1970 Plymouth Road Runner that has led a life of isolation, hibernating for over twenty years during the 1980s and 1990s…. more»

340 V8 Survivor: 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

Plymouth’s “budget” muscle car, the Road Runner, was treated to its first redesign in 1971. And – as a nod to changing demand in the performance sector – Chrysler’s 340 cubic inch small-block V8 became available in the auto… more»

1 Of 135: 1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird

When considering what makes an automobile iconic, it stands to reason numerous scenarios play a big part in any vehicle deemed necessary in its history.  Going back to the early twentieth century, the Ford Model T might be considered… more»

Road Runner Clone: 1971 Plymouth Satellite

This 1971 Plymouth Satellite may have begun life as an ordinary family car. The VIN decodes it as having had a 318 cubic inch V8 from the factory. But today, it wears older Road Runner identification and a 400… more»

Winged Warrior: 1970 Plymouth Superbird

For lovers of winged machines like myself, there’s no such thing as a bad example, just good ones and it only gets better from there.  This 1970 Plymouth Superbird here on eBay is a beauty, and it shows that… more»

Rusty GTX or Road Runner? 1970 Plymouth

Between 1968 and 1971, Plymouth offered two versions of mid-size muscle cars: the Road Runner (which was somewhat austere) and the GTX (which was on the luxurious side). The seller seems uncertain which one this project or parts car… more»

Unfinished Business: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner is a project that may have already crossed the halfway point. It has a rebuilt 440 cubic inch V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission along with new paint. But the engine has been swapped… more»

Omaha Orange Roller: 1969 Plymouth Runner

There were quite a few sales success stories in the muscle car movement. None were more colorful than that of the Plymouth Road Runner with its cartoon graphics and “beep beep” horn. Introduced in 1968, it would turn in… more»

Rebuilt 383: No Reserve 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Hiding in this garage is an iconic muscle car that could be a satisfying and straightforward restoration project for the right person. This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner features a rebuilt V8, with most of its rust issues already addressed,… more»

1 of 453: 1972 Plymouth Road Runner GTX

Plymouth introduced the GTX in 1967 as an upscale muscle car (a year before the budget-minded Road Runner). Demand was never really strong, so by 1972 Plymouth dropped the GTX as a separate product line and made it an… more»

Superbird Tribute? 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Plymouth found instant success in 1968 when they launched the gimmicky Road Runner muscle car. The automobile would break sales expectations, especially in 1969 when more than 81,000 copies were delivered. This ’69 Road Runner has had the same… more»

1 of 164: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Project

The Plymouth Road Runner took the muscle car market by storm in 1968, quickly becoming one of its biggest sellers. The car was sold as a budget-conscious performance machine with some interesting gimmicks (Warner Brothers cartoon graphics and a… more»

Fresh 400ci V8: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner isn’t an original or restored classic. It is best to view it as a high-end driver that appears to need nothing. Its presentation is hard to fault, and the engine bay houses a fresh… more»