Road Runner

Stalled Superbird Clone: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Knowing a particular car will never again be a numbers-matching example leaves the playing field wide open, and that’s sort of where we begin here with this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner here on eBay.  I would love to have… more»

4-Speed Droptop: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Convertible

When Plymouth first introduced its Road Runner as a ’68 model, budget-minded muscle enthusiasts quickly took note and buyers seemed to love it, with the B-Body even earning Motor Trend’s coveted Car Of The Year award the following year… more»

Rebuilt 383: No Reserve 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

It would be hard for me to pick a favorite year model from the first-generation Plymouth Road Runner offerings, as all 3 are good choices and still in high demand.  But I might have to give my nod to… more»

57k Mile Survivor? 1970 Plymouth Superbird 440 6-Barrel

I’ve mentioned before that the word “survivor” is a term I try to be careful not to overuse, simply because most cars with decades of age on them just don’t fall into the true meaning of that category.  But… more»

Drop-Top Muscle Car: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

One of the rarest of the first-generation Plymouth Road Runners is the convertible which only saw 1,890 copies in 1969 and just 658 more in 1970. When Chrysler’s B-body intermediates were redesigned in 1971, the body style was gone…. more»

1 of 375? 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Racer

The first-generation Plymouth Road Runner was a hot commodity in 1968-70. Total production exceeded 172,000 copies, but most of them came with a 383 cubic inch V8. In 1969, in the 2-door hardtop body style, just 375 units came… more»

Needs Finishing: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner

Tackling somebody’s unfinished project build can be daunting, but some find the challenge irresistible. That is the situation with this 1973 Plymouth Road Runner, with the photos suggesting it will take a new owner more time than money to… more»

440 6-Pack! 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Plymouth introduced the Road Runner, their budget-minded muscle car, in 1968 and had an instant hit on their hands. The crazy car with the “beep beep” horn would have its best year in 1969, the first of three outings… more»

Rare 440: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner

The sands of time were running down for the American muscle car by 1973, with a combination of factors forcing sales volumes lower with each passing year. Plymouth continued rolling its iconic Road Runner off the line, and ticking… more»

1-of-6 Convertibles: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

For 1970, the lowest production numbers for the Plymouth Road Runner were not the high-flying Superbird, but the convertible (which was in its last year as part of the mix). Of those, only six were built for consumption in… more»

One Of Zero! 1971 Plymouth Superbird

NASCAR threw Chrysler a curve ball when it outlawed those wing cars from racing for the 1971 season, a decision stemming from the Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth Superbird causing such chaos on the tracks during the previous two… more»

Matching Numbers Project: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

The Road Runner was introduced in 1968 as Plymouth’s budget-minded, mid-size muscle car. It would be an immediate hit, thanks to aggressive marketing which included a tie-in to the cartoon character of the same name. 1970 models would be… more»

Original 383: 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

Automotive history is littered with examples of unscrupulous owners passing off clones as the genuine article, That is not the case with this 1971 Plymouth Road Runner that the seller emphasizes is the real deal. It underwent recent restoration… more»

Two-Owner 1972 Plymouth Road Runner 512

After a complete redesign the previous year, the ’72 Plymouth Road Runner saw few changes on the outside, but under the hood was a different story.  Although the 383 engine grew a few cubic inches to 400, horsepower was… more»

Tall Order: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

The seller of this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner begins by telling us what the car has going for it, and that’s the fact that it comes with its original numbers-matching engine and transmission.  Unfortunately, as hard as I’m trying… more»

440/Six-Pack Project: 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

Plymouth introduced its Second Generation Road Runner in 1971, and like its cousins within the Chrysler empire, the company abandoned Coke-bottle styling in favor of a more aggressive Fuselage look. Buyers could choose from a range of engines, but… more»