Road Runner

Numbers Matching 383: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner is a solid car that is largely complete and is just waiting for someone to put their own mark on it. If you’ve always had the desire to take on a Road Runner project,… more»

Parked in 2002: 1974 Plymouth Road Runner

The owner of this 1974 Plymouth Road Runner refers to it as a one owner garage find that was purchased via a bankruptcy sale. It is a solid, driver-quality car, and the new owner could choose to use the… more»

Sell or Swap: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner looks like it is a nice, clean car that could be driven and enjoyed as it is. It might not be perfect, but it is certainly in very nice condition. It is located in… more»

Partially Restored 1977 Plymouth Road Runner

Road Runner fans of yore – as no Road Runner fan ever said – often lament the days when the Plymouth Volare took over that famous name. But, as much as we keep trying, we can’t change history. This… more»

Parked Since 1993: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

The owner of this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner purchased the vehicle in 1983 and then drove it before parking it in 1993. It has sat parked indoors ever since, but he has now decided that the time has come… more»

Good Place To Start? 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

I’ve wanted a Road Runner since I was a kid. Back then probably it had more to do with the cartoon logo and horn than anything else, but today the idea of a barebones muscle car gets me excited…. more»

Worth $2,500? 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

After featuring a supposed rust-free Mopar this morning, we must have needed something a little more corroded. Barn Finds reader Mike S sent in this Road Runner thinking it was nuts that someone would ask $2,500 it. Well, we… more»

Parked Since 1990: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

It is always quite sad to see a highly desirable classic that has been left to go to rack and ruin. That has been the fate that has befallen this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, but thankfully, it has been… more»

Parts to Start: 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

If you would love to get your hands on a numbers-matching Plymouth Road Runner project car, then this might be a golden opportunity. While there is some restoration work to be done, the owner is including a few parts… more»

Real Muscle Car? 1974 Plymouth Road Runner 440

Some people claim that muscle cars were all but dead and gone by the time this Road Runner was built. Sure, it would take a couple of decades before we saw the crazy high horsepower numbers again, but cars… more»

First Year: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Convertible

With only 2,128 examples built in 1969, the Plymouth Road Runner Convertible has a bit of an air of exclusivity about it. This one has spent the vast majority of its life in Arizona, and this has paid dividends… more»

2-For-1 Deal: 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

Hands up everyone out there who likes a 2-for-1 deal. That’s a lot of you, so this is a deal that you might find interesting. The owner has a pair of 1968 Plymouth Road Runners for sale here on… more»

Can You Say Hemi? 1969 4-Speed Road Runner

As the little boy learns in this launch video for a new Dodge, there are few words that are more magic to automotive enthusiasts than “Hemi”. This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner listed for sale here on eBay still has… more»

Big Block And A 4-Speed: 1972 Plymouth Road Runner

When we visualize a Plymouth Road Runner, most of us think of the 1968 to 1969 models, and a few of us may think of the 1970 model. Yet when a new intermediate B-body came out in 1971, the… more»

Drive and Restore: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner 400

After spending at least the past year sitting in a warehouse, this 1973 Road Runner is out on the streets once again. It appears to be a running and driving vehicle that you could take on as a restoration… more»

Stored Since 1989: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

It’s hard to believe that someone could own a car as desirable as this 1969 Road Runner and that they could keep it stored away for the best part of 30-years. However, these things happen for a number of… more»