Plymouth Barn Finds

Rare Woody Horizon: 1978 Plymouth Horizon

There are different levels of excitement than can range from mild giddiness to over-the-top jaw-dropping, with several levels in-between. Then there are levels of excitement that aren’t necessarily excitement-excitement but more of an excited-to-see-something-that-you-haven’t-seen-in-a-long-time type of excitement, if that… more»

Parked for 20 Years: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner

This 1973 Plymouth Road Runner has been sitting for more than 20-years, and while it has some major rust issues, it has one very important attribute in its favor. It is cheap. Barn Finder Roger spotted the Plymouth for… more»

Ultimate Hot Wheels? Dodge C500 + Barracuda Drag Car!

This 1965 Dodge C500 is just one part of a package deal that includes a vintage Plymouth Barracuda drag car that has been raced since nearly new. The vintage car hauler carrying a period-correct drag or track car is… more»

Spotlessly Restored: 1970 Plymouth Superbird

This 1970 Plymouth Superbird is the real deal and has led quite a life. After spending the first couple of years of its life in competition, it then spent more than 15-years sitting in various fields. It has now… more»

Patina Perfection: 1951 Plymouth Suburban

The Want-o-Meter is pegging for me on this one, even more so than usual. This 1951 Plymouth Suburban wagon can be found here on craigslist in Bend, Oregon. The seller is asking $12,500 for this fantastic looking car. Thanks… more»

Originally Hemi Orange: 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

This 1971 Plymouth Barracuda is described as a numbers-matching project with minimal rot and lots of hard to find bits still attached. Despite being what I’d consider a lower spec model, bidding is quite active and the current number… more»

34,000 Mile Estate Car: 1976 Plymouth Volare

This cheerful 1976 Plymouth Volare is a pleasing combination of colors and features, equipped with the venerable Slant 6 and a four-speed manual transmission. The seller notes it is believed to be a real-deal low mileage example with just… more»

Plum Crazy Barn Find: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

This 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda is a real-deal barn find with desirable Plum Crazy paint and a numbers-matching 383 under the hood. The car was apparently discovered in Ohio where it shared barn space with a Trans Am of a… more»

The Chicken Coop Stash Is Up For Auction!

Back in 2017, we featured Reader Chris T’s massive stash of Morris Minors, plus his other classics. Well, he’s decided to move to Mexico to retire so everything needs to go! Rather than try to find a buyer that… more»

Original Paint: 1976 Plymouth Duster

The Claret Red paint and the distinctive side stripes are part of the giveaway that this 1976 Plymouth is a Silver Duster. As Plymouth were preparing to replace the by then aging Duster model, they chose to introduce a… more»

Desert Dry Project: 1972 Plymouth Barracuda

This 1972 Plymouth Barracuda is no small project, but the seller contends its life-long residence in Arizona and New Mexico has played a significant role in the body remaining largely rust-free. While the car isn’t currently what you’d call… more»

High Class Muscle! 1967 Plymouth GTX

Never-restored and looking for a new owner, this 1967 Plymouth GTX in Englewood, Colorado seeks a new owner here on eBay. At least one bidder is in the game at $8000, but it will take a bigger gamble to… more»

Potent Classic: 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

While it might not be completely original, this 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury is a great looking car that is ready to be driven and enjoyed immediately. Under the handsome exterior lies the original drive-train, although it has received a… more»

Some Assembly Required: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda

The owner of this 1965 Plymouth Barracuda dismantled what was his daily driver with a view to restoring it. Now financial issues have gotten in the way, and he is being forced to part with the car. The Plymouth… more»

383 And A 4-Speed: 1971 Plymouth Road Runner

Up for sale is a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner that is in need of some work. While the seller says it doesn’t run, all the engine and body panels seem to be there. The asking price is $14,500, but… more»

Rare 1935 Plymouth Convertible Hot Rod

This wonderful barn find 1935 Plymouth coupe convertible with a rumble seat is fresh out of the barn. While it is not in great condition, there is sufficient enough metal to work with whether for restoration or for hot… more»