Plymouth Barn Finds

Parked 30 Years: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

In 1968, Plymouth rolled out the Road Runner as a lower-priced, modestly- equipped companion to the GTX, but using the Belvedere’s platform. Chrysler Corp. paid big bucks so they could use the names and likenesses from the famous Warner… more»

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Original Paint: 1964 Plymouth Fury Big Block

While many cars look best in their stock form, others look worse after modifying and upgrading, but some cars like this 1964 Plymouth Fury get a big boost in the looks department with some minor, tasteful updates. An anonymous… more»

Original Paint: 1974 Plymouth Barracuda

The owner of this 1974 Plymouth Barracuda, claims that the vehicle wears its original paint, and that has always been garage-kept. This second fact would seem to have helped the car to remain rust-free. The next owner can choose… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4-Speed!

Talk about an incredible find! The seller of this 1967 Plymouth GTX bought it after being parked in the previous owner’s garage for the past 25-years and it is currently showing just 24k miles. Under the hood is one… more»

1933 Plymouth Coupe Barn Find

The seller’s wife’s Uncle started the restoration of this Plymouth a long time ago but ended up pushing the car into the barn before they finished it. These were great looking cars and this one needs a new owner… more»

Factory Acid-Dipped Hemi Belevedere A990 Drag Car?!!

One year before your neighbor Fred could order up a 426 cubic inch (7.0L) 425 HP Hemi, Dodge and Plymouth supplied anyone who knew how to place the order correctly (mostly professional drag racing teams) with a special factory… more»

Six Pack Project: 1970 Plymouth Cuda 440-6

This Cuda was originally powered by a 440 V8 that had three two-barrel carburetors on top! It wasn’t a Hemi but it was a more affordable option for muscle car guys who wanted to compete with the best of… more»

340 4-Speed: 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda

Many of us like to harken back to the “good old days,” especially when it comes to “coulda/shoulda” car buying opportunities. That may be the case here, as I recall in the “good old days” – 20-25 years ago… more»

Road Runner Aspirations: 1969 Plymouth 383 Satellite

Well, it’s not a Road Runner but it has Road Runner leanings. This 1969 Plymouth Satellite has a mish-mash of Road Runner and Satellite trim and underhood motivation more closely representative of the former. It’s not a clone and… more»

360/4-Speed: 1974 Plymouth Barracuda

The seller of this 1974 Plymouth Barracuda is not much for words. The description that can be seen here on eBay and is only 5 words:  Plymouth Barracuda 360 V8 4-speed. Maybe that is enough but the seller does… more»

1-Of-3: 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible

When it comes to the rarity stakes, this 1971 Plymouth Barracuda has to rate quite well. It was part of a special order by The Shiners. Originally the order was for five cars, but only three were ever built…. more»

Is It A Mod Top? 1969 Plymouth Sport Satellite

There were 15,807 Plymouth Sport Satellite two-door hardtops produced in 1969. The model was similar to the more noteworthy GTX but did not offer quite the performance — which means it may be a bargain today, especially if as… more»

Unfinished Project: 1969 Plymouth Satellite Hardtop

As the 1960s were drawing to a close, insurance companies were beginning to develop a certain level of twitchiness towards the high-performance models produced by vehicle manufacturers. This led to a couple of different scenarios. The first of these… more»

Incredible Find: 1932 Plymouth PB Convertible Coupe

When the Plymouth brand was launched by Chrysler in 1928, it is said that Henry Ford told Walter Chrysler that it would send him on the road to bankruptcy. Ford firmly believed that his company and Chevrolet had the… more»

Southwest Survivor: 1941 Plymouth PT-125

I think we’ve only seen a couple of Plymouth pickups ramble through the hallowed halls of One Barn Finds Tower over the last few years. They’re really interesting and this looks like a nice example. This rust-free 1941 Plymouth… more»

Mystery Car! 1939 Thorne Hot Rod Road Racer

Sometimes we come across a barn find that doesn’t have the history one would like it to — and thus remains a mystery. This car is certainly one of those! Titled as a 1933 Plymouth convertible but appearing to… more»