Police Car Tribute: 1970 Plymouth Satellite

Maybe I watch too many old TV programs, but this 1970 Plymouth Satellite looks a lot like the patrol car Malloy and Reed drove in Adam-12. Theirs would have been a Belvedere, however, a step down from the Satellite… more»

Sexy Survivor: 1971 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe

A “highly-trimmed pillared coupe” isn’t exactly marketing gold when referring to your sleek, beautiful new Plymouth model based on the Fury. Gran Coupe is much better. This 1971 Plymouth Fury Gran Coupe is a hardtop as expected, and the… more»

Original 383/4-Speed: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Muscle cars fell out of favor in the 1970s as manufacturers focused on complying with emerging safety and emission regulations. The badges lived on, but the vehicles wearing them were shadows of their predecessors. Thankfully, enthusiasts preserved cars like… more»

Garage Find Business Coupe: 1947 Plymouth

In the 1930s and 1940s, a “business coupe” was a two-door sedan without a back seat. Its target market was traveling sales types (or vendors) who needed to carry their products in tow. I would have thought that a… more»

Possible 77K Mile Daily Driver: 1950 Plymouth Sedan

Your question is this: If you had to pick one car built before 1970 to be a reliable, no-fail daily driver, which car would you pick and why?  One of the most logical answers would be a Checker.  The… more»

440/4-Speed: 1968 Plymouth GTX

The muscle car war was in full swing by the late 1960s, and every manufacturer seemed to want a slice of the action. Plymouth took a two-pronged attack into battle with its Road Runner and GTX models. It designed… more»

Slant-Six Survivor! 1974 Plymouth Satellite

The Satellite began as an upscale version of the mid-size Belvedere and would replace that nameplate after 1970. The cars were designed in 1971, and the two-door models had unique sheet metal compared to the four-door sedans and wagons…. more»

Road-Going Racer: 1941 Plymouth Coupe Gasser

The trend of returning old racing machinery to the road isn’t new, and we’ve seen a few examples of that practice at Barn Finds. However, none have been quite like this 1941 Plymouth Coupe. The seller hasn’t attempted to… more»

THE Hemi ‘Cuda: 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda

There was a time not too many years ago when racing machinery typically faced a bleak future. Owners would often dismantle them for any parts that could be used or sold, and the remains would find their way to… more»

Fins and Style! 1960 Plymouth Belvedere

Like it or not, you can’t call this 1960 Plymouth Belvedere’s styling boring. Three years after Chrysler put fins in every neighborhood with designer Virgil “X” Exner’s Forward Look designs, Plymouth’s “Stabilizers,” as they were called, rise with authority… more»

Hemi Project: 1967 Plymouth GTX Barn Find

The Plymouth GTX was considered a “gentleman’s” muscle car as it was much better equipped than the Road Runner of the day. It only had a five-year run as a standalone model before being rolled up under the “Bird.”… more»

New Steel Included: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Project

One of the challenges when selecting a project candidate is knowing what a buyer will receive for their money. More than one enthusiast has parked a classic in their workshop, only to discover they have opened a particularly nasty… more»

BF Auction: 1965 Plymouth Barracuda

When the word got out that Ford was working on a sporty compact car, Chrysler got to work beating Ford to the punch. The Barracuda was their answer to the Mustang, and while not initially as successful, the Barracuda… more»

California Survivor: 1980 Plymouth Horizon

In 1980, things were pretty grim for the country in general and automobiles in particular.  The prime interest rate in this country reached an all-time high of 21.5% and inflation sat stubbornly at 13.5%.  Doomsday predictors were all forecasting… more»

1-of-1? No Reserve 1968 Plymouth Road Runner

Claiming that your car is a genuine 1-of-1 vehicle is a bold move. With a steady stream of classics emerging from barns and sheds, there is a risk that an identical car might pop out of the woodwork. However,… more»

AHB-Code Police Package: 1984 Plymouth Gran Fury

While the Plymouth Gran Fury made a fine family sedan during the mid-eighties, it was also a popular choice for law-enforcement agencies, with this 1984 model spending its formative years as part of the Idaho Highway Patrol fleet. However,… more»

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