Plymouth Barn Finds

1 of 0: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi

This 1970 Barracuda convertible started life with a Slant-Six engine and 3-speed manual and has been restored to look like a ‘Cuda with AAR stripes and a 472 cubic inch Hemi. You couldn’t get Chrysler to build this car… more»

Texas Barn Find: 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury 440

The owner of this 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury Hardtop found the vehicle hidden away in a Texas barn. He has gone through returning it to a roadworthy state, and after having his fun with it, he has decided that… more»

426 Wedge/4-Speed! 1964 Plymouth Belvedere

The opening image of this 1964 Plymouth Belvedere had me before I bothered to read the description. And the description, brief as it is, just pulls it all together. There is, what appears to be, some authenticity here so… more»

Original 383: 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda

When you look at classic cars from the muscle car era, I’ve always felt that Plymouth hit the nail on the head with the 3rd Generation Barracuda. Its low, wide stance looks rugged and muscular, while the aggressive grille… more»

Police Car Suspension: 1977 Plymouth Road Runner

After eight years as a mid-size muscle car, the Road Runner shifted to the new Plymouth Volare platform for 1976. It would be largely an appearance option through the duration of the compact’s run until 1980. It would no… more»

Outdoor Project: 1975 Plymouth Road Runner

The 1975 model year would be the last for the Plymouth Road Runner as a B-body Mopar. Through 1980 it would be a trim package on the new compact Volare, a move many considered a demotion. That change was… more»

1-Of-430: 1974 Plymouth Cuda Project

The Plymouth Barracuda launched in 1964, just 17 days before the Ford Mustang. Just as the Mustang was born from the compact Falcon, the Barracuda was a bi-product of the Valiant. It didn’t sell as well by comparison, but… more»

Sharp Older Restoration: 1970 Plymouth Duster 340

Plymouth wanted to inject some excitement into their Valiant compact and pulled the trigger on the Duster fastback for 1970. It was an immediate hit, including the performance edition with a 340 V8 under the hood. This one was… more»

Satellite In Disguise: 1972 Plymouth Road Runner

Mysterious is the word that comes to mind when it comes to this 1972 Plymouth Satellite, whoops I mean Road Runner.  The seller doesn’t have a lot to say about this car, other than it currently presents as a… more»

Backyard Find: 1973 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340

1973 would be the swan song for the 340 engine in any Chrysler product. Over six years, the motor would see nearly 217,000 installations and 37,000 of those would be in Plymouth Barracudas (17%). We assume the seller’s ’73… more»

499 V8/4-Speed! 1972 Plymouth Road Runner

“Car just needs to be put together!” The enthusiastic phrase graces the eBay listing for this 1972 Plymouth Road Runner in Miller Place, New York, and it may well be true. Despite a layer of dust, the blue paint… more»

Hemi Convertible! 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe

This 1970 Plymouth Barracuda Gran Coupe Convertible is a car in which you would be proud to be seen. The previous owner set about creating the car of his dreams, and if you share that vision, you could park… more»

No Reserve 1972 Plymouth Duster Twister

UPDATE 5/26/21 – This Twister has reappeared here on eBay with no reserve. We aren’t sure if it’s the same seller or a flip. Thanks go to Paul J for the tip! FROM 2/6/21 – If you liked the… more»

Drop-Top Project: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

The Plymouth Road Runner was a phenom when it was introduced in the late 1960s, a budget muscle car with plenty of brawn. Chrysler redesigned their B-bodied intermediates in 1968, which allowed Plymouth to roll out “Big Bird”, but… more»

Original 340: 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda Convertible

It appears that this 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340 Convertible has led a very sheltered life. It presents superbly and has spent an extended period on display in a showroom. With Plymouth only producing 374 examples of the ‘Cuda Convertible… more»

1972 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban

Plymouth’s top-shelf wagon for 1972 promised luxury, room for the whole family, and style. Twist the key on this 1972 Plymouth Fury Sport Suburban in San Antonio, Texas, and you could drive “to New York City” according to the… more»