Plymouth Barn Finds

Sox & Martin Tribute: 1975 Plymouth Duster

UPDATE 11/12/2019 – It’s almost been a year since we first featured this Duster and while it was originally listed on eBay, it’s now popped back up but this time on craigslist and for $13,500. At least there are… more»

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Fresh 360: 1973 Plymouth Space Duster

Is it a gimmick, or is it a useful feature? That’s the question that the most distinctive feature of this 1973 Plymouth Duster posed when the car was first released. For my money, the folding rear seat that gives… more»

Super Solid! 1966 Plymouth Satellite Project

Few enthusiasts regret the extra dollars spent on a “rust-free Arizona car.” Consider Exhibit A, this 1966 Plymouth Satellite in Litchfield Park, Arizona. Buyers looking for a super-rare factory muscle car can search on; this one came with the… more»

Purple Project: 1970 Plymouth Duster

The paint on this 1970 Duster is now so faded that it is hard to believe that it was once a pale shade of blue. Below that faded paint lurks not only the car’s stunning original color, but a… more»

Super Track Pak Equipped: 1970 Plymouth GTX

Unlike the bargain brawler Road Runner, Plymouth’s GTX targeted buyers wanting some flash with their dash. This 1970 Plymouth GTX in Camanche, Iowa lacks a fender tag and build sheet, and the seller has not listed the VIN, and… more»

Patinaed Survivor: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

The 1969 Plymouth Road Runner is the poster child of muscle cars. I think of these as loud, large and fun. After all, “Poor little Road Runner never bothers anyone, Just runnin’ down the road’s his idea of having… more»

Worthwhile Project? 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda 340

The owner of this 1972 Plymouth ‘Cuda is pretty candid about the fact that it is a car with its fair share of rust problems. However, the amount of work that is going to be required to revive this… more»

33k Genuine Miles: 1966 Plymouth Fury 1

This 1966 Plymouth Fury 1 is an original survivor that has managed to accumulate a paltry 33,200 miles on its odometer over the past 53-years. It is in impressive condition, and I really have to thank Barn Finder Ikey… more»

HEMIs and More: Old Car Projects for Sale

This listing on the Los Angeles craigslist appears to show a varied collection of American muscle and luxury cars spread across a desert-like parking lot, and includes classics like this 1956 Chrysler New Yorker project powered by a 354… more»

Bargain 1966 Plymouth Barracuda?

The first-generation Plymouth Barracuda is like the nice date that your parents wanted you to take to the prom, rather than the later-generation Barracuda which was the racy one that you wanted to go out with. This nice 1966… more»

1970 Plymouth Superbird Winged Warrior Project

This barn find is a make and model that has been covered here before but this one has a little bit of star power as the seller is none other than Mark Worman of “Graveyard Carz” fame, a Mopar… more»

Concours Quality? Low-Mile 2001 Plymouth Prowler

Most of you are overly familiar with car companies re-booting old names and styling cues from years past. The Challenger, Camaro, Mustang, Charger, Dart, and others have been brought back (or retro-styled) over the past decade or so. The… more»

Beep-Beep! 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

The first time I ever saw a Plymouth Road Runner was on a cold, gray November day in 1968. It was a ’68 model parked on a side street near where I grew up and as I walked by,… more»

50k Original Miles: 1970 Plymouth Satellite Hardtop

The 1970 Plymouth Satellite is an extremely attractive car, and to find a spotless and original low-mileage example today is a rare treat. That is apparently the story with this car, which has a claimed 50,000 original miles showing… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1971 Plymouth GTX

Over the past few years, Mopars have really taken off! Well, if you’ve been on the hunt for a 440 equipped Plymouth, but don’t want to take on a rusty mess, this 1971 Plymouth GTX might just be the… more»

Grandpa’s Gift: 1948 Plymouth Special Deluxe

As time marches on, antique cars, by necessity, get passed on in some way or form.  Most end up sold and the proceeds go to the estate.  Other lucky folks end up being gifted or inheriting a car they… more»