Derelict Devin Mystery Racer: 1958 Devin SS

1958 Devin Ss Garage Find

This may look like a busted up old kit car body stashed away in a garage, but there is much more to this 1958 Devin SS than that. It was originally raced by David Deck back in the 1960s. Many years later the same David found the car in this garage in New Hampshire. Now the car is now located in Flagstaff, Arizona and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is at $5,900 with three days left.

1958 Devin Ss Body

Devin started out by producing lightweight fiberglass bodies for the do it yourself sports car enthusiast. They sold quite a few bodies, but had never produced a complete car. That is until they teamed up with Malcom MacGregor. Malcom had engineered a chassis, but he needed a body. A deal was made and about fifteen chassis were shipped to the Devin headquarters in California where they were assembled. Powerful Chevy V8s were installed up front and gave the lightweight racer enough power to complete with much more expensive machinery. Bill Devin wasn’t nicknamed the “Enzo of Okie Flats” for nothing!

1958 Devin Ss Frame

Presumably this is one of those original SS cars built by the factory. The seller claims that the car was originally powered by a 327 V8 which is no longer with the car. If it really is a true SS, this car could be worth a substantial amount of money restored. We are not Devin experts, but that tube frame chassis does look impressive and we doubt too many home brew frames in the 60s looks that good. Can anyone here confirm or disprove if this is a real SS?

1958 Devin Ss Rear

This is not going to be an easy project. The body is rough and many of the missing parts will need to be fabricated. It will also be expense, but not nearly expensive as those Ferraris which will only be seeing this view of you out on the track. If this really is a SS, then we almost have the whole family lineup for sale on eBay right now. There is a Devin-D, Devin-C, and an estate sale mystery car here.


  1. Craig Bolton

    Here’s a pretty good shot of a real Macgregor chassis:

  2. Kreg Jones

    This is a Devin special, not an SS. If you follow the link and scroll down to Devin SS, you can see some pictures of the SS frame. This is still a very cool car. With some time and money it could be great again.I have heard, that there are no SS cars unaccounted for.

  3. Tam McPartland

    Here are some shots of a real Devin SS in action:

  4. Kevin Callahan

    Does not look like the original frame producted in Ireland, However if does have race history that pretty cool, does anyone know who Dave Derk was?

  5. Grant Malherbe

    The few DEVONs in South Africa were all TRIUMPH TR 3/ 3A based. Most had the chassis of the Triumph as well, but some had a simelar layout to the advertized car.

  6. Dan

    This car is a vintage race car that was raced in the early 60s. I have located the original owner along with the original race history and documentation. The car was raced with a Buick nailhead engine with six strombergs. I am in process of restoring the car and plan on racing it again in the vintage races.

  7. Barn Finds

    @Dan – Please keep us updated on your progress. We would love to do a few features on the car.

  8. Dan Vargus

    The 1958 Devin has come along ways but still a little more to go. We have located the original owner along with the car’s original racing history With the old pictures.
    I can send some pictures of the progress if you tell me where to send them.

    • Jesse Jesse

      Please email us a few shots and we will do an update on the post:

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