1957 Devin D 295 Prototype?

This 1957 Devin 295 roadster is claimed to be an early production version of one of Bill Devin’s first sports cars. While the “D” model is the one we tend to see come up for sale most often, the… more»

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Genuine Racing Relic: Devin Drag Car

The fifties and sixties were a fantastic time to be a racer.  Advances were being made in almost every avenue of racing.  In the thick of it was Bill Devin.  Devin was an entrepreneur who began building fiberglass bodies… more»

Solid Interest: 1950 Crosley Devin

With a body by Devin Enterprises draped over a 1950 Crosley chassis and running gear, this 1950 Crosley Devin is an interesting looking car. It is a lightweight little vehicle that seems to promise the next owner plenty of… more»

French Connection: 1957 Devin Renault Special

Devins are sought after kit cars for a variety of their reasons, including heritage and rarity, but also because they were well-built kits back in the day. They utilized a variety of floor pans and engines, with some even… more»

Devin Blank Slate: 1959 SS Roadster

Over the years, I’ve grown to love the history and lore of Devin Enterprise – the plucky company started by Bill Devin in 1954, and considered to be a pioneer of the California sports car movement. Perhaps his greatest… more»

A Scaglietti Inspired Beauty!

With just 2 days to go, this rare fiberglass Devin from 1956 is up for grabs here on eBay now. With a newly race-built Triumph TR3 motor and needing only finishing touches, you’d better bid soon. The high bid… more»

Could Be A Prototype: 1958 Devin D

The seller of this Devin thinks it could be an early prototype or at the very least, a very early example of the D model. Given the lack of a VIN number, I’m not so sure about the claim…. more»

Corvette Powered: 1958 Devin Special

We’ve seen quite a few of these Devin kit cars over the years and while every single one of them is special, this one didn’t really catch my attention until I took a closer look at the ad and… more»

Little Red Devin!

The Devin C has always been a favorite for us! The styling is reminiscent of an Italian sports car with just a hint of Corvette. There really aren’t many floating around, so it’s always a nice surprise when we… more»

Some Assembly Required: Devin SS Body

All that’s needed is a chassis, right? And an engine, transmission, suspension, electrical components, interior, steering gear, exhaust, and everything else you can think of! Thanks to TireFriar for sending us this great find! Bill Devin’s bodies were designed… more»

1960 Devin D: Porsche 550 Alternative?

We have featured quite a few Devins here, but finding a factory built one is a rare occasion. Most were sold as kits, but a few did leave the factory as complete cars. The seller makes a lot of claims… more»

Wrecking Yard With A 1959 Devin SS!

Earlier today I received an urgent message from a Rhoda K that they needed our help. As it turns out, a friend owns a wrecking yard in Ontario, California and due to health issues, needs to liquidate their inventory… more»

Beauty On A Budget: 1961 Devin Special

It usually isn’t too difficult for a seller to list the make and model of the car they are selling, but once in a while I can make an exception for a seller not knowing the exact model of… more»

Mystery Model: 1957 Devin

We have had the pleasure of featuring a number of the amazing cars built by Bill Devin. Most are clearly identifiable, but occasionally we come across one that isn’t as easy to determine the exact model. There were several… more»

Porsche Power: 1960 Devin D

This 1960 Devin D has been parked for a number of years, under both the previous and current owner’s care. It is in need of a complete restoration, but includes a number of spare parts. When it was first… more»

1962 Devin V8 Project

This derelict Devin has seen better days. The current owner has been in possession of the car since 1976 and they claim is was pretty fast back then. With a 283 V8 mounted in a tubular chassis and fiberglass… more»