UPDATE: The Frankentina Holman-Moody Cortina

UPDATE – Reader Chip tipped us off that this Cortina has been relisted again. It’s been on the market off and on for the past 9 years or so, but the seller has a big development this go around… more»

Help Solve A Mystery: Find This Race Car!

Barn Finds reader Michael has written in and suggested that we help with the search for this one-off sports car. The “wanted” listing is here on craigslist and is suitably from Bridgehampton, New York. We don’t know a lot about… more»

Mystery Car: Could It Be A Devin?

From Blaine S. – So I bought this… The guy I got it from said it was a Devin, but on the back side of the trunk there’s a laminated paper that reads “Moderncraft Fiberglass LTD”. What do you… more»

Can You Identify This Pile Of Parts?

One of our readers just sent in this photo of a car, well, what used to be a car, that they spotted at an auction. They know what it is, but I wanted to see how savvy you guys… more»

Mystery Car: Information Needed!

Typically the submissions we receive lead us to a car that someone is looking to sell, but this recent submission from Richard B is the first ad I’ve seen that the seller is seeking something other than money. In… more»

Identify This Mystery Scooter

Update 9/26/14 – Bruce would really like to get this scooter into the hands of someone who could use it. He would like to get $500 and can assist with shipping. You can email him here if interested. From… more»

Name That Car: Mystery SUV

The other day one of our good friends, Bradford, emailed us this photo. He had spent some time trying to identify it, but decided it might be easier to just ask for our help. He knew that our reader’s automobile… more»

Kijiji Mystery Find

It’s been a little while since we had a good mystery to uncover. Get out your detective kits and your thinking caps, because reader Michael F came across this intriguing fiberglass body here on Kijiji and it needs identifying. The… more»

Name that Car: Tree Find

We have seen some rather amazing finds over the years, but Henry L.’s find might be one of the most astounding sights we have ever seen. It’s not uncommon to find a tree growing out of an old car… more»

Deep Woods Mystery Car

Rob B. and a friend found this car out in the woods on a piece of land that his friend just purchased. It has obviously been out in the forest for many years, as it has sunk into the… more»

Name that Car: Aluminum Mystery Racer

After the success with the Adler, we thought we had better give this one a shot. Reader John G. contacted us quite a while ago about this aluminum race car he found. He doesn’t know much about its origins,… more»

Dad’s Adler Roadster Found

Back in March we ran a feature to help one of our readers identify a car that his father had once owned. All Bryan had was a couple of photos, but our readers were not only able to identify… more»

Name That Car: Dad’s Roadster

If you have ever had to endure the chore of perusing family photos with a great Aunt, then you know that a few unique cars in the family tree can make it a whole lot more enjoyable. Well, reader… more»

Name That Car: Mystery Sports Car

This little sports car was discovered parked in front of a repair shop in Ojai, California. It was listed on eBay a few years ago, but then disappeared and was forgotten about. It has just resurfaced and I thought it… more»

Name That Car: Garbage Route Mystery Car

While going about his business on a garbage route, reader John P. stumbled across this unique little car. It looks like a kit car, but after doing a little research, we found out that it was actually a production… more»

Mystery Pre-War BMW

We have found many interesting and mysterious projects stashed in people’s barns, but this one could be the most mysterious we’ve ever found. The seller claims this car is a 1934 BMW 315 Roadster, which is a rare machine,… more»