Seats Twelve: 1967 Stageway Airporter


It’s Wednesday again and here is today’s wagon. Some people get all excited when a vehicle has a third row, well this one has four! It is a 1967 Stageway Airporter and as the name suggests, it was used to haul large quantities of people back and forth at places such as airports. We are not sure what we would do with it, but it is intriguing nonetheless. It has been listed on eBay before, but this time the seller has a BIN of $25k obo. Seems steep to us, but this might be the most stylish way to get around if you have a very large family.


Stageway may have started with a plain-Jain Pontiac Catalina, but what they ended up with is impressive. Supposedly this car was discovered in an old airplane hangar. We are not sure if this is the same seller who found it, but they do mention that they have added a $5k stereo and rear air-conditioning. Power is provided by a 325hp V8 so there should be no problem getting up to speed. Sounds like it is ready to transport a lot of people. So, after finding a very long garage, what would you do with it?

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  1. stigshift

    My first car was a’67 Ventura. I desperately need this car. I realize that it about as practical as an 8-wheel inline bicycle, but dammit, I want it. Without the Ford wheelcovers.

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    • stigshift

      I want to put the 8-lug wheels on it and a 4-speed, and retrofit 8 bucket seats with a REALLY long center console, I would then have custom badges made identifying it as a Pontiac 2+2+2+2.

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  2. Somer

    In the south these were popular for bands to use. Bo Diddley had a 1957 Chevrolet version that he used.
    Not surprising that it turned up in an airport since most of them were used at airports.

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  3. V for Vendetta

    Large “qualities” of people? 😉 I know what you meant, though.

    If my airport shuttle looked like this, may be I’d be more inclined to take it.

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    • Barn Finds

      Thanks for catching that. All fixed.

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      • Shawn D.

        While you’re at it, fix “hanger.” Airplanes are parked in hangars. 🙂

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      • Barn Finds

        I must have been tired today…

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  4. Stan Dupp

    This is the definition of cool.

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  5. paul

    Yikes I have a circular driveway, maybe I can heat it up with a torch & bend it to go into my driveway.

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    • paul

      Of course if I did buy it my wife would say it’s my new home!

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  6. Jeri Graham-Mulder

    I love this! We have a camp locally that has an old bus, a very old taxi cab and other oddball vehicles for getting kids & camp staff around in the summer… this would be an awesome addition to their collection 🙂

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  7. Robert J

    I neeeeed this! Perfect longboard surf wagon.

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  8. Bryan Martin

    The Hershey School in Hershey Pa had 2 similar cars like these!

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  9. scot c

    ~ the rest of the story;

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  10. Mark Spencer

    A couple of us were shuffled in one of these way back when from our motel to the Steelcase plant in Grand Rapids Mich. for a training seminar. It was a pontiac as well.

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  11. Chris

    9 of our division rode to a conference in a stretch Lincln about this size. The refrigerator got a lot of use. But I prefer this Pontiac as I don’t miss the red velour interior of the Lincoln. Stigshift, that really was funny.

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  12. TVC15

    What would I do with it ? how about taking 12 people to the Airport ?

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  13. twwokc1

    One of these sat abandoned for years in a field I drive by. Always meant to stop and look it over. One day it was gone. It was an aqua 68 Pontiac.

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  14. Craig Ogren

    Since I work at the airport…that is where it belongs

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  15. Adam Haste

    Clark Griswold would be proud!

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  16. joe howell

    Love the 2+2+2+2 idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  17. Michael C

    My only question is would you carry car or boat insurance on this thing? This car gives the ultimate meaning to the words “land yacht”, however it’s pretty cool looking that’s for sure

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  18. Phil

    Me being a carpet dealer/installer I would have to use it to install some small to mid sized jobs. Looks like it would be no problem fitting a couple 12 or even 15 ft rolls in there.
    And maybe some pad as well. Also it would be a handsome attention getter with Illinois Floor Co. emblazoned all over it.


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  19. Bobinott

    Wow, I would love to see the driveshaft (driveshafts?) on this thing.

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  20. Webby

    HMS Hood would have a smaller turning circle. Still, I’d like to see it go to a good home.
    And the 8 lugs are a cool idea.

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  21. Barn Finds

    It looked like fun, but no one was willing to pay $25k, so the car remains unsold.

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  22. boxdin

    My high school had one of these, it was wonderful, I rode all over New Mexico in that long car.

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  23. C Bryant

    Told my ex-wife one time i was going to buy one of these and let her be a back seat driver…..last seat.She was so tough that her high school let her play on their football team.She was a back.They let her play “wayback”.

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