Station Wagons

28k Genuine Mile: 1978 Pontiac Catalina Safari Wagon

Many cars and wagons from the 1970s were considered by the motoring public to be disposable items. They were used for their designed purpose and were properly maintained, but eventually, they found their way to an automotive graveyard when… more»

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Sun Catcher: 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

Don’t be fooled by its dusty appearance, because once this 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser emerges into the light of day, what you find is a clean and tidy classic station wagon that is ready to be driven and enjoyed… more»

One Owner Manual: 1990 Volvo 240 DL

The Volvo 240 wagon is perhaps one of the most recognized long roofs ever made. It found favor with numerous consumer groups, from college students to the professors that taught them. To this day, it remains a benchmark of… more»

Orange Brick: 1976 Volvo 240 Wagon

This 1976 Volvo 240 wagon wears great colors and clean bodywork, despite the seller’s claims that it was neglected for years before taking it under their wing and bringing it back to life. Based on the description, it sounds… more»

Useful Classic: 1969 Chevrolet Kingswood Wagon

Say you want a classic car, but you need it to fulfill a practical purpose as well. Not only that, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, at least for the initial purchase. Think you need… more»

Special-Order: 1967 Ford Country Squire 428 4-Speed

If you’ve ever wanted to say, “I have the only one,” here’s your chance to be able to speak those words truthfully. This one-of-one 428 cubic-inch 4-speed equipped 1967 Ford Country Squire was sent to us by an anonymous… more»

Parked For 30 Years: 1969 Chevrolet Kingswood Wagon

When I reflect back upon my childhood, I now find it quite surprising that the Clan Clarke never numbered a station wagon amongst the list of family cars. I mean, there weren’t a million of us, but if I… more»

It’s A Woody! 1949 Packard Wagon

Back in the day, any car made by Packard was a thing of beauty. They were handsomely crafted automobiles that appealed to buyers looking for upscale transportation. But Packard had offerings that were unlike what others had on their… more»

Camper Conversion: 1984 VW Vanagon

This 1984 Volkswagen Vanagon is a standard van model that was previously converted into a camper with all the Westfalia package trimmings, sans pop-top roof. The interior features some smart upgrades to make living the van life possible without… more»

Mint Condition: 1969 Buick Sport Wagon With 400 V8!

When most people think of cool (?) 1960s station wagons, the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser often comes to mind. However, Buick had its own version of that wagon with the nifty raised roofline. And they may have targeted a little… more»

Hollywood Prop Car: 1968 Saab 95 V4

It’s hard to believe that this 1968 Saab 95 can carry seven passengers. A Chevy Suburban can also carry seven passengers but it’s 4.5-feet longer and I’m guessing that those passengers would be much more comfortable in the Suburban…. more»

Turbo Brick: 1980 Volvo 240

While Volvo wagons have long been considered essential transportation for families looking for the safest means of conveyance possible, some enthusiasts see them as the ultimate utility vehicle for their space and dirt-simple mechanical bits. This 1980 240 wagon… more»

Clean Patina: 1960 AMC Rambler Cross Country Wagon

Whether literally or figuratively, we’ve long been warned not to judge a book by its cover. There’s no exception here. This 1960 Rambler Cross Country wagon was sent to us by an anonymous Barn Finds reader who found it… more»

Fantastic 4×4: 1955 Willys Utility Wagon

Is there still a Powerball? I haven’t heard anything about it in months now and I could sure use a big win, my vehicle wish list is getting longer every day. One that would certainly be in my 1,200-vehicle… more»

Big Block Wagon: 1968 Ford Country Sedan

UPDATE – This station wagon got bid up to $5,150 after we previously featured it, but it has been relisted here on eBay. This time with a Buy-It-Now of $7,995 with the option to make an offer. Special thanks… more»

350 V8 And A Manual! 1965 Chevrolet Impala Wagon

Chevrolet sold more than one million copies of the Impala for 1965. That would have included station wagons like the one here for sale. It’s a sharp-looking wagon – from 20 feet. It has some rust issues to be… more»