Station Wagons

Worth Restoring? 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Wagon

1967. The year of the first Super Bowl. The year of the Apollo 1 fire. The year the first Boeing 737 took flight. The year the controversial Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour debuted on CBS. And the year that Oldsmobile… more»

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Huge Stash of British Cars (and Others)

Every now and then you run up on a cache of cars and wonder how they came to be. Such is the case with this gathering of upwards of 50 cars (that I can count) which are largely British… more»

Still In The Barn: 1951 Plymouth Savoy Suburban

The Plymouth brand started out as Chrysler’s low priced entry-level division, but they tried their hand at offering higher-priced cars throughout their 92-year run as well. They loved to give their well-appointed cars fancy names, typically after upscale hotels…. more»

Rare Two-Door Wagon: 1962 Ford Falcon

Talk about a tempting find! You can find Ford Falcon coupes and sedans all day, but when was the last time you spotted a 2-door wagon? And I’m not talking about the Sedan Delivery model, which lacks rear side… more»

Big Beautiful Wagon: 1973 Ford Country Squire

OK, back to cars! Specifically, station wagons. Last week it was Chevrolet, yesterday Dodge and today, a Ford. And not just any Ford, but a big, brown bruiser of a faux wood-grained, 1973 Country Squire with a claimed 57K… more»

Cheap 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon

When Buick set out to make the largest of large cars, they often called them Roadmasters. The nameplate was a Buick staple from 1936 to 1958 and again in 1991-96 when large rear-wheel-drive cars were on their way out…. more»

Rare Estate: 1988 Citroen CX Break

We’ve literally seen and written about thousands of different classic cars over the years here at Barn Finds, but a search through our database shows that this is only the second Citroën CX 25 Break (Estate) that we have… more»

383 Powered: 20k Mile 1968 Dodge Coronet Wagon

OK, no full-size Chevrolet station wagons, at least for a while. Instead, let’s turn our sights towards Dodge, specifically a 1968 Coronet model 440. This example is listed as a 20K mile barn find and that claim alone makes… more»

Wagons Ho! 1965 Chevrolet Impala

In 1965, the Chevy Impala, which had been redesigned, set an industry sales record that hasn’t been beaten since more than one million units sold in the U.S. Apparently more and more people were “seeing the USA in a… more»

Original Wood: 1950 Ford Woody Station Wagon

Spotless station wagons are a “must-have” in the classic scene today. Therefore, finding one like this 1950 Ford Woody is quite a treat. What makes this vehicle truly impressive is the fact that all of its timber is original…. more»

Euro-Spec 1982 Mercedes 300TD Turbo Wagon

Classic Station Wagons (or Estates as our friends in other lands call them) have recently gained a lot of popularity in the market, and this very nice ’82 300TD is up for sale here on eBay from Chester Springs,… more»

Original 1955 Ford Courier National Ambulette

Old emergency vehicles are a bit of a niche market as far as classic vehicles go, but everyone can appreciate an old ambulance like this ’55 Ford Courier sedan-delivery that was coachbuilt by National back in the day. It… more»

Survivor Wagon: 1959 Edsel Villager

The seller of this 1959 Edsel Villager says this car speaks for itself and is all original. Assuming that extends to the photos of it, I’d say this Edsel looks like it’s lived a pretty easy life. This wagon… more»

Family Cruiser: 1986 Buick Electra Estate

When I was a boy, most people purchased a station wagon more out of a matter of necessity than as a matter of choice. They weren’t a cool car, and were primarily seen as a workhorse for the larger… more»

Perfect Patina? 1967 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon

OK, just to set the story straight, I’m not hogging up all of the Chevrolet station wagons on Barn Finds. I have a strong memory for this vintage and a lot of experience with them, such as this ’68… more»

Prime Project: 1966 Ford Bronco

According to the ad, this 1966 Ford Bronco has been in the same family since at least 1972. It was parked a decade later and was last running in the late 1990s. It can be found here on eBay with… more»