Pontiac Barn Finds

455 Equipped: 1976 Pontiac Trans Am

The Pontiac Trans Am has its loyal band of followers, and I’m sure that there are plenty of them who would look at this 1976 model, and couldn’t help but be impressed. It is a strikingly clean and tidy… more»

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LS Swap: 1972 Pontiac Ventura II

If you like the Chevrolet Nova, but are into cars a little less mainstream, you’re in luck, because GM offered the X-Body from some of their other manufacturers, including Pontiac. This 1972 Pontiac Ventura II was sent in by… more»

1970 Pontiac GTO “The Judge” Barn Find!

While it only appeared for a mere three model years and didn’t sell in significant numbers, the Pontiac GTO “Judge” has become one of the most legendary American muscle cars. Hiding under this heavy layer of dust is a… more»

32k Mile Survivor: 1991 Pontiac Firebird Formula

Some great options help to define this clean, low mileage 1991 Pontiac Firebird Formula, which has the classic hallmarks of an original owner wanting to check the boxes of the most desirable performance-related options offered that year. It’s also… more»

Tri-Power Treat: 1964 Pontiac GTO

The 1964 model year marked the first for the Pontiac GTO. By today’s standards, it would be considered to be a very impressive performer, but in 1964, it was something very special. This particular GTO is a survivor that… more»

19K Mile Garage Find: 1999 Pontiac Bonneville SSE

While there are certain vehicles we’re accustomed to seeing socked away for safe-keeping, a modern era Pontiac Bonneville is not one of them. That being said, there’s something inherently pleasing about seeing a specimen like this turn up for… more»

Stored Since ’65! 1964 Pontiac GTO 389 Tri-Power

Sometimes called The First Muscle Car, Pontiac’s 1964 GTO set the definition for its era:  a mid-sized body with a powerful engine from a full-sized car. Amazingly, this one is presented as covering fewer than 1300 miles during its… more»

Stored 56 Years: 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Two-Door

It’s somewhat fitting that a car made for 1941 would have the name Torpedo, seeing that the US would be dragged into World War II at the end of that year. This 1941 Pontiac Torpedo, which is a two-door… more»

Package of Projects: Nova Wagon, Shelby Charger and More!

This seller up near Bangor, Maine is offering a package deal that may be tantalizing enough to warrant the long drive from almost anywhere to go check them out. It’s clear he has a variety of projects, but to… more»

56-Years Owned: 1962 Pontiac Catalina

Not only has this 1962 Pontiac Catalina had just one owner for the past 56-years, but for the past 50-years that one owner hasn’t driven it. This tip was sent to us by an anonymous Barn Finds reader who… more»

Low Mileage Survivor: 1986 Pontiac Trans Am

This 1986 Pontiac Trans Am looks the part of a low mileage survivor, with some minor details that need sorting. The listing notes a tick over 25,000 original miles, but based on the seller’s description, it seems like the… more»

Air-Conditioned Survivor: 1953 Pontiac Chieftan

When it comes to survivors, does it get any better than this 1953 Pontiac Chieftan Catalina? In remarkable survivor condition, this classic is even equipped with a period aftermarket air conditioning system! Claimed to be original inside and out,… more»

27K Mile 1983 Pontiac Sunbird Convertible

Made for almost two decades, the Pontiac Sunbird filled a need for those folks who wanted a small car that was somewhat sporty and fun to drive American car in a couple of variations. This 1983 Pontiac Sunbird LE… more»

$400 1966 Pontiac Tempest Container Find

This Pontiac Tempest has been stored in a container for many years. It’s beat-up and rusty but the price is right and there’s even a little surprise lurking under the hood. It’s located in Rowley, Massachusetts, and is listed… more»

Four-Speed Judge! 1969 Pontiac GTO

Well, I could have opened up with “Here come ‘da judge” but this may be more like a, “Here’s the bailiff!” Yes, this Pontiac has all the appearances of a 1969 GTO Judge but it could use some cosmetic… more»

370 Horsepower 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ 428!

All-new for 1969, Pontiac’s Grand Prix boasted a unique body for the first time. Based on a stretched A-Body (LeMans, GTO), the second-generation Grand Prix filled a niche:  a personal luxury coupe larger than the Mustang-based Cougar yet nimbler… more»