Pontiac Barn Finds

455/4-Speed: 1973 Pontiac Firebird Formula

Even though I’m a confessed Ford man, I can’t help but feel a certain amount of admiration for some of the classic offerings produced by Pontiac. This was a company that was firmly focused on its performance heritage, and… more»

Worth Saving? 1974 Pontiac GTO

The GTO was a hot property in the 1960s, but by 1974 it was an option package on the compact Ventura. That would be its last year until a brief resurrection in 2004 on an Australian-based GM model. This… more»

Worth Fixing? 1973 Pontiac Trans Am 455

This 1973 Pontiac Trans Am is a matching numbers example that has unfortunately been sitting for several years, parked in 1978 under the trees and left to rot. It’s a shame, too, as the car retains many original parts,… more»

Four-Speed GTO! 1964 Pontiac Hardtop

This red-primered 1964 Pontiac GTO in Washingtonville, New York requires no introduction. Enthusiasts will spot the “GTO” badges on all sides from a mile away, and most know that’s Italian for Gran Turismo Omologato.  If you see potential, check… more»

48k Original Miles: 1969 Pontiac Firebird

While it isn’t uncommon for parents and children to share similar tastes and passions, the opposite can also be true. That is the case with this attractive 1969 Pontiac Firebird. The owner purchased this classic pony car for his… more»

GTO Alternative: 1966 Pontiac LeMans 389 Tri-Power 4-Speed

Pontiac was the catalyst behind the muscle car movement and launched the GTO in 1964. It essentially was a LeMans that was built to go fast. Really fast. This third year LeMans from 1966 appears to have been inspired… more»

Stored 30 Years: 1970 Pontiac GTO 4-Speed

The first thing the seller says about this car is that it’s an “easy restoration.” I usually doubt claims like that because by nature of the term restoration does not imply easy. But in the case of this 1970… more»

Owned For 44 Years: 1967 Pontiac Firebird

The owner of this 1967 Pontiac Firebird just couldn’t let it go – at least until now. The car has been in the seller’s possession for 44 years, but it hasn’t run in 36. It’s time for it to… more»

Original Muscle Car: 1964 Pontiac GTO

The muscle car starts here. Many credit Pontiac’s 1964 GTO with igniting the classic muscle car craze, a formula defined as a sport-minded model built primarily by jamming the motor from a full-sized car into a mid-sized body. This… more»

Canadian Barn Find: 1969 Pontiac GTO

The Pontiac GTO is largely credited with the start of the muscle car race in 1964 (although others suggest it was the Chrysler 300 Letter-Series in the mid-1950s). The second generation from 1968-72 would be the most popular for… more»

Original 455: 1975 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe

It is hard not to like a spotless classic car, especially when it is finished in black. That gives this 1975 Pontiac Bonneville a head-start when it comes to desirability. When you combine this with excellent overall condition, low… more»

Daily Driver: 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix 400

The 2nd Generation of the Pontiac Grand Prix was introduced in 1969 and remained in production until the end of the 1972 model year. This Grand Prix is from that final year of production and appears to be a… more»

Driving Project: 1979 Pontiac Trans Am

There are plenty of options available when considering how you might choose to fill your time during the winter months. One possible alternative would be to buy a classic like this 1979 Trans Am and perform the cosmetic restoration… more»

Factory Porsche Mirrors? 1987 Pontiac Trans Am GTA

This 1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA is a rare bird simply for its GTA designation, but it also sports an obscure factory option known by code DD9 – which is known by Firebird fans as the “Porsche mirrors.”… more»

Nomad Alternative: 1956 Pontiac Safari

Most car people remember the 1955-57 Chevy Nomad, a sporty 2-door station wagon that is in demand today due in part to low production. But not as many recall that Pontiac had its version of the same wagon called… more»

54K Mile Rust-Free 1977 Pontiac Bonneville

Unlike me, the seller of this beautiful 1977 Pontiac Bonneville says that it has no knocks, ticks, or squeaks. The sixth-generation Bonneville, as with other cars from that era, has been a favorite subject of scorn lately but this… more»