Pontiac Barn Finds

No Reserve SE: 1978 Pontiac Trans Am Y82

Trans Am, what’s your pleasure? Fill it up, my man! These were the famous lines from the 1977 movie Smokey and the Bandit. Located in Pompano Beach, Florida, this 1978 Y82 Pontiac Trans Am is for sale here on… more»

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Simply Stunning: 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix Coupe

Tackling a restoration project can be a pretty trying experience, but the finished product instills an unparalleled sense of pride in the owner. Sometimes a classic car will appear on the market that can create that same feeling, but… more»

4-Speed Equipped! 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix Convertible

Sometimes you end up with a car that you mostly like but you keep thinking, “What if it had just that one additional item that it doesn’t, then it would be perfect!” Most people suck it up and move… more»

Baked But Solid: 1972 Pontiac LeMans

Life in the Arizona sun can take its toll on the paint and plastic of a classic car, but it tends to be good news when it comes to the question of rust. That would seem to be the… more»

Cheap 1975 Pontiac Firebird With a Running 455!

Inexpensive project cars tend to get snapped up quickly by eager buyers. I suspect that this will be the fate of this 1975 Pontiac Firebird because it does have a lot going for it. When you look past the… more»

2000 Pontiac Grand Am With Only 3,700 Miles!

We generally don’t tend to feature vehicles this new here at Barn Finds, but this 2000 Pontiac Grand Am SE is something a bit out of the ordinary. This 20-year-old vehicle has a genuine 3,700 miles showing on its… more»

389-Powered Wagon: 1963 Pontiac Catalina Safari

With the ongoing growth in popularity of classic station wagons, buyers tend to be clamoring for affordable project vehicles. This 1963 Pontiac Catalina Safari would seem to be a great candidate for restoration. It is largely complete and is… more»

24k Mile 1978 Pontiac Firebird Esprit Sky Bird!

The Firebird “color bird” series was an attempt by Pontiac to capture buyers that would not typically have considered parking a Firebird in their driveway. Pontiac made no secret of the fact that the “Sky Bird” was firmly aimed… more»

One-Owner 1973 Pontiac Catalina Safari Wagon

When Pontiac dealers were showing off their new models in the Fall of ’72, little did they know that the demand for their full-size cars would drop by half in just another year. Then along came the OPEC oil… more»

Cheap Firehawk: 1994 Pontiac Formula

This 1994 Pontiac Firebird Firehawk seems like an absolute performance bargain for anyone who can live with rough cosmetics or has access to a paintbooth. Built in limited numbers and featuring a variety of desirable performance upgrades, the Firehawk… more»

400 Ram Air III: 1967 Pontiac Firebird

This 1967 Pontiac Firebird is going to require some work if it is to be returned to its former glory. The seller is only this classic’s second owner, and he has treated the car to some desirable performance upgrades…. more»

What’s It Worth? 1967 Pontiac Firebird

Pontiac got into the pony car business in 1967, the same year as the similar Chevrolet Camaro. The performance side of the car wouldn’t be really be defined until the Trans Am came along a couple of years later…. more»

Donated Survivor: 43k Mile 1979 Pontiac Bonneville

I continue to remain completely shocked by what ends up at the donation center for historic and vintage vehicles. This is an absolutely pristine 1979 Pontiac Bonneville, clearly loved by its elderly owners until their dying days, only to… more»

Tri-Power 4-Speed: 1965 Pontiac 2+2 Convertible

Occasionally a classic car will appear, and it is difficult to decide what its best feature is. That is the case with this 1965 Pontiac Catalina Convertible. Not only does it present beautifully, but the engine bay houses a… more»

455 HO Equipped: 1971 Pontiac Trans Am

Imagine it is 1971 and you drive downtown and there is a Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Plymouth dealership side by side. As you visit each showroom, you get to examine a Ford Mustang Mach 1, Chevrolet Z28, Pontiac Trans… more»

Original Paint: 1977 Pontiac Firebird Formula

If you want a car that screams 1970’s, this might be one you want to look into a little further. This 1977 Pontiac Firebird Formula is being auctioned here on eBay and the reserve has been met. The current… more»