563 Miles: 1995 Honda Elite

The Honda Elite scooter has long been one of the best ways to get over your shame in riding a scooter. It actually packs some speed (by scooter standards) and depending on the displacement, will happily do 50-60 miles… more»

1976 Gremlin Restored When Exactly?

Finally, some sanity over pricing, maybe. Pat L provides us this tip on a 1976 AMC Gremlin, available here on craigslist via an upcoming auction. The list is $5000, but that might just be the opening bid or reserve—the… more»

Rare Bicycle: 1966 Mattel Stallion

In 1964, Mattel introduced what is widely considered to be the first BMX ( bicycle motocross) bicycle: the Stallion. The brainchild of Jack Ryan – also known as Zsa Zsa Gabor’s sixth husband and the creator of the Barbie… more»

Suitcase Trailer Included: 1985 Citroen 2CV Dolly

It’s amazing how wild and varied the enthusiast car community is. While we think we have seen every kind of collector, a car comes along that reminds you how obsession can run in many different directions. The seller of… more»

One of Four Made? 1952 Karu de Carrera

I hesitated taking this find on as a write-up as there’s very little information available (seemingly – at least when Googling with the name provided by the seller.) But it’s too intriguing to resist, and I’d love to know… more»

El Camino Badged As GMC Equals “Sprint.”

I learned about the Chevrolet El Camino on a snowy night in Peterborough, Ontario. My dad was trying to drive me to my hockey game. He was sliding around so much he was going to give up. We parked… more»

RV Conversion Candidate: 1990 Prevost Bus

Do you like big projects? Projects that take up a lot of room and will require renting an entire spare lot or building to house it when not in use? Then you likely like somewhere that is free from… more»

Eclectic Collection Sell-Off: Days Gone By Museum

Museum and private collection sell-offs are enormously entertaining. In one sense, it is sad to see what is surely a lifetime of work being broken up piece by piece, but on the other, these eclectic assortments of vehicles likely… more»

“One Piece at a Time” – Johnny Cash Tribute Car!

Johnny Cash released a fun little song in 1976 called “One Piece at a Time”. It was about an assembly line auto worker who throughout his career smuggled out enough parts to assemble a whole car. Problem was that… more»

Custom Boatwagon: 1960 Hydrodyne Car

Is it a car? Is it a boat? Is it something in between? Well, you’re right on all counts, basically, if you decide that you can’t live without this unusual creation that involves taking a perfectly happy Hydrodyne boat… more»

A Little Thing: 1973 VW Thing Shorty

If somebody pointed at this unusual-looking two-seater and said, “What is THAT Thing,?” well, they’d be halfway right. It’s a 1973 Volkswagen Thing that’s had a major “midsection reduction” and is now officially a Shorty. Just when you thought… more»

Oddball Truck: 1983 Ford/Dodge

What do you get when you cross a Ford CLT front end with a Dodge 3500 back half? You get this interesting hodgepodge truck that was built to pull a horse trailer. And what would you call it? A… more»

Luxury Car Gone WIld: Lincoln Mud Truck

Ever want a luxury car? Sure you have. Me too. Have you thought what you’d do with it? Drive it to dinner? Impress the valet at the symphony? That’s what the TV commercials and print ads would suggest you… more»

Package Deal: VW Beetle and Buggy Kits

I am honestly surprised there’s not more action on the listing yet, as the opening bid is a paltry $4,500 with no reserve for two dune buggies and a parts Beetle to pillage from. While unfinished buggy kits are… more»

1 of 5 Made: 1984 Chevy S10 Conversion Van

An overlooked arena of 1980s vehicles is the wild conversion van market. From plumber’s vans converted into mobile palaces to humble Toyota pickups transformed into mini motorhomes, this was a booming market for aftermarket companies just a few decades… more»

Bel Camino! 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Pickup

Update 9/6/22 – This unique creation has been relisted here on eBay with a thousand-dollar price drop. Is that enough to find the Bel Camino a new home? We sure hope so because this could be the perfect way… more»