$2,500 1977 AMC Pacer Wagon

AMC introduced the Pacer wagon in 1977 to what I was surprised to find was generally good press from automotive magazines. While some “enthusiasts” can’t see the appeal of the wide compact, I admit to being a Pacer fan… more»

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Fastest Find Ever! 1968 Challenger 2 Streamliner

Challenger 2 may well be the fastest car we have ever featured here at Barn Finds! Thanks to reader Patrick S. for sending in the auction listing for this record breaker where it’s being sold at Mecum’s January Kissimmee,… more»

Tiny House Truck: 1948 Ford F4

The tiny house movement has been popular over the past decade or so. It has even spawned many television shows where people downsize their dwellings in an attempt to live a more simple life. Most tiny houses that are… more»

One Fun Find: 1971 Sears and Roebuck Funderbird

When you think Barn Finds, you probably think of an original rare car that has been squirreled away for years and finally, after an interminable slumber, it sees the light of day again. Well, those might seem like the… more»

The CEO’s Car: 1990 Avanti Touring Sedan

There’s always a lesson to be learned and here’s mine for today, a 1990 Avanti, four-door sedan, located in Columbus, Ohio and available here on eBay for a current bid of $4,450. The lesson for me is that while… more»

Wheeler Dealers: Mike Brewer’s 1971 Citroen Safari

I think if the Cat in the Hat drove a car, it would look like this 1971 Citroen Safari. Why? It just has those goofy looking proportions of an eight-door airport limousine from yesteryear – something that would fit… more»

Parked Since ’71: 1961 Citroen ID19 Safari Wagon

This 1961 Citroen ID19 Safari Wagon looks promising in these dusty, as-found photos of it languishing in a Tennessee barn. Despite its completeness, there are body issues lurking that will make this either an exceptional parts car or tremendous… more»

Swiss Hockey Team Bus: 1961 Mercedes 0321H

This vintage Mercedes-Benz 0321H bus is a rare sight here in the U.S., especially as a fully-equipped motorcoach that hasn’t been languishing in a forgotten backyard and occupied by chickens. These high-zoot buses occasionally pop up for sale and… more»

Minnesota Royalty? 1932 Packard Model 900

According to the seller, this 1932 Packard was originally owned by Samuel B. Ely. If you aren’t familiar with Ely, he was a mining executive in the upper mid-west which for whom the town of Ely, Minnesota was named…. more»

Microcar Barn Find Collection!

A seller on craigslist in Minnesota has listed a large stash of interesting microcars for sale, evidently clearing out a collection of the rare and obscure. You can see everything he has for sale here on craigslist, which also… more»

What Happened?! Porsche 914 Conversion

Go ahead, search for the words “Marco” and “Porsche 914” and tell me what you find. I’ll wait. I’m tempted to believe this total oddball of a kit car is a one-off creation built by a guy named Marco,… more»

Strange Six-Wheeler: Saab 906 Turbo Concept

Six-wheeled vehicles have taken many forms over the years, from the Formula 1 cars belonging to teams Williams and Tyrell to off-roaders that tout the extra axle as key to extra traction. Whatever the reason for this on-again, off-again… more»

World’s Most Expensive Bumper? McLaren Ameritech F1 Kit

Good news: for just $149,400, you can buy a slice of McLaren F1 ownership. Now, don’t get too excited – it’s not the kind that lets you drive a McLaren once a month, or even breathe on one, really…. more»

1962 Volkswagen Beetle Pickup!

I’ve said it too often: I’m a fan of small vehicles, especially small pickups. Sometimes small is maybe a little too small even for me, but then again, sometimes it’s more about owning a unique vehicle than owning a… more»

The Other Gullwing: Bricklin SV-1 Car And Part Stash

Health issues are forcing a Bricklin enthusiast to relinquish his collection of two project cars and a deep stash of parts. The owner’s son is managing the sale, which includes a running, project-grade SV-1 and another rolling chassis, along… more»

600-HP 1989 Geo Tracker?!!

Does anyone need a 600 b.h.p. Geo Tracker? No, of course not. But this should not stop you from exploring the possibilities of making this impressive drag car part of your garage, as it appears to be built to… more»