Shelby GT350 Mustero? 1966 Ford Mustang Pickup

While the Ford Mustang was a huge success when it first came out, Ford wanted to make certain it also would have a performance reputation. For that, they brought in Carroll Shelby to add his magic and the GT350… more»

THROWBACK: The Barn Bug Herbie Movie Collection

UPDATE – To celebrate Barn Finds’ 10th Anniversary, we are taking a look back at some of the top posts over the years! If you happen to know the current status of any of these Bugs, please let us… more»

Time to Bid! Lucky Collector Car Auctions Spring Classic

The 2021 Spring Classic event managed by Lucky Collector Car Auctions will feature a wide range of classics of every shape and size imaginable, happening both online and in-person June 12 and 13, 2021. This year’s collection is bursting… more»

1 of 51: 1959 Taylor-Dunn Trident

The history of the Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing Company is mentioned in this eBay posting, but I’ll give a quick run-down. The Taylor-Dunn Trident is an exercise in the philosophy of “necessity is the mother of invention.” A farmer was in… more»

What’s in Jeff’s Garage? Nothing!

I wish I had better news for you all about my collection of barn finds, garage finds, and unconventional projects, but sadly, this is all I have to offer at the moment. We actually moved to a new house… more»

The 1930 REO Milk “Bottle” Truck Is Back!

Update 6/3/21 – It’s been another year and the Milk Bottle truck is still kicking around. Find it here on eBay again. Hopefully, the seller gets real with his reserve so this unique machine can go to someone who… more»

Modified 72V 1980 Vanguard Comuta-Car

Let’s hear it for the weird stuff! Anyone? Anyone except me like the weird cars? Well, Larry D does. He pointed this one out to us, and I gotta say thanks for doing so, Larry D. Sebring-Vanguard was inspired… more»

Cowboy Cadillac: 1963 Cadillac Fleetwood

This automobile started life out as a Cadillac Fleetwood sedan which was then converted into a funeral flower car. The metamorphous would continue as the years rolled by until it became the “Cowboy Cadillac” you see here today. With… more»

Homebuilt Offroader! 1948 Crosley on a 1987 Suzuki Samurai

Crosley was an American manufacturer in the first half of the twentieth century, specializing in subcompact affordable cars for the masses. The Suzuki Samurai was the North American version of the Suzuki Jimny and was basically a smaller, lighter… more»

Barn Fresh 1957 Buick Century

Some barn find cars are a pig in a poke. Is there a hidden gem under all that dirt and dust? Personally, if I was an owner selling a car like that, I’d like to share all I know… more»

1 of 12: 1986 Machiavelli Max

Usually, when a listing says “not a kit car,” I tend to assume it’s actually a kit car. Perhaps that’s unfair, but even a really, really nice kit car is still a kit car. This 1986 Machiavelli Max is… more»

Famous Foxbat: 1960 Jaguar XK150 Shooting Brake

Europe is famous for many things, but they stand apart from their peers for the car community’s love of shooting brakes. You might call it a wagon, but in the case of a one-of-two Jaguar XK150 converted to an… more»

Rear Wheel Drive 1973 Volkswagen Beetle!

As someone who has more than a few projects in pieces at the moment, I can feel the huge sigh of relief this seller is likely breathing knowing this chassis swap between a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle and a BMW… more»

Holy Bat Project! 1966 Batmobile Replica

The young and young-at-heart in the 1960s were captivated when Batman hit the television airwaves. It was a blockbuster hit in the ratings for a couple of years and I remember being glued to the TV every Wednesday and… more»

Airport Coach: 1961 Pontiac Catalina Safari

Given the attrition that occurs over 60 years, you don’t see all that many 1961 cars these days. But you almost never see one that was converted into a coach to transport passengers to and from the airport. Such… more»

Parked For 33 Years: 1951 Renault 4CV

The Renault 4CV was the French answer to the Volkswagen Beetle, and one of the cars that made motoring more accessible to the masses in post-WWII France. First available in its native country in late 1947, the 4CV went… more»