Grand National Powered: 1970 Fiberfab Avenger GT40

Kit cars are a fascinating segment of the vintage car marketplace, as they run the gamut of being near-production grade examples to absolute battle traps assembled in a privateer’s garage, with no limit on how many beers were consumed… more»

Factory Built: 1988 Tiffany Classic Coupe

When it comes to looking like you live a life of luxury, the vehicle of choice in the 1980s was undoubtedly the range of retro-inspired conveyances of pure excess, known by their equally grandiose names like Excalibur and Tiffany…. more»

BF EXCLUSIVE: Back to the Georgia Collection!

As some of you may recall, I’ve been helping a friend with a massive stash of vintage cars and trucks in the north Georgia mountains unload some of his inventory. Because of the restrictions around air travel and having… more»

Dock Find: 1941 Elco Marine 57

This 1941 Elco Marine model 57 is a major undertaking, but when it comes to anything produced in limited quantities, it certainly deserves consideration as a restoration project. This particular vessel is a rare one, believed to be one… more»

Siren Song: 1956 Chevrolet National Ambulance

Emergency vehicles are an interesting subculture of collecting. In some states, even historic vehicles (unless used by Emergency Services) cannot have red or blue flashing lights, may not have official markings, or may only be driven in parades. Other… more»

Supercar Go Kart: 1987 Oldsmobile Aerotech Quad 4

I thought my go kart days were behind me. After a short dalliance with one as a project  I chose not to pursue, I felt a sense of relief when it found a new owner; you can read about… more»

Fantasy F-14 Tomcat For Sale: 1987 Pulse AutoCycle

This Owosso Pulse AutoCycle, otherwise known as the BD-200, comes from the drawing board of Jim Bede, an airplane designer, and from the manifestation of an entrepreneurial vision of David Vaughn, who brought the fledgling company from Scranton, Iowa… more»

We Bought A Garage Find Go Kart!

A while back, we showed you our Honda CT70s that we purchased and I made mention in that article that they sent us down a rabbit hole. Well, this is strangely where they sent us, to a go-kart! We… more»

Success Story: 1956 Eshelman Adult Sport Car

We always enjoy hearing from readers about finds that they’ve purchased as a result of seeing it on the site, it’s especially fun when it’s something odd like this Eshelman Sport Car. Reader Wes H purchased it after reading… more»

Running Project: 1980 Avanti II

This listing has some nostalgia value for me because an Avanti was the first car I tested as an automotive writer. I didn’t yet know that the manufacturers would lend cars, so I borrowed it from a local dealer…. more»

Cheap Thing: 1974 Volkswagen Thing Project

The VW Thing was known as the Type 181 on its home turf, starting out as a utility vehicle developed for the West German Army. It became available in the civilian market starting in 1968 and enjoyed a run… more»

Rare Field Find: 1977 Pontiac Can Am

Sitting in a field in Madison, North Carolina is this 1977 Pontiac Can Am. This car was found by Ty in Roanoke, Virginia and sent to us to review. Pontiac introduced the new Can-Am in 1977 based on the… more»

One Owner! 5k Mile 1980 Datsun 510

Many enthusiasts tend to have warm memories of the original Datsun 510, the cheap sports car that could run circles around more powerful motors provided the track turned twisty. It was sometimes seen as an alternative to the pricier… more»

Santa’s Barn Find: Vintage 2-Person Sleigh

It isn’t unusual for us to see classics appear here at Barn Finds without a motor, but this one is a little bit different. I suspect that this beautiful sleigh has seen more than a Christmas or two, but… more»

Shoebox Jeep? 1957 Chevrolet Nomad 4×4

We’ve featured several short-wheel-base conversions here on Barn Finds over the years, but I don’t remember any that have been swapped onto a 4×4 chassis. This one is a 1957 Chevrolet Nomad that has been chopped and dropped onto… more»

Race Support Transporter: 1960 Austin FFK140

Old race transporters are quite possibly the best reason to buy a humongous, non-running vehicle and park it on your lawn. I can’t abide by most things that fall into this category, but transporters for racing teams are just… more»