Pacific Avatar Conversion: 1982 Mazda RX7 Convertible

This 1982 Mazda RX7 is a rare Pacific Avatar convertible conversion that’s also sporting a wicked wide body and some other period modifications that make it a… more»

Barn Fresh Step-Through: 1946 Cushman Series 50

This gorgeous Cushman Step-Through scooter is a claimed California barn find that the seller will not have time to restore. Frankly, it looks too nice to do… more»

Russian Ride: 1987 SMZ S-3D

We have featured a couple of these unusual Soviet-era “invalid cars” here before at Barn Finds. Needless to say, they’re among the most unusual vehicles to be shown… more»

Rare Vega Twin: 1978 Pontiac Sunbird Safari Wagon

While we often see the Chevy Vega listed for sale in varying degrees of condition, its corporate twin the Pontiac Sunbird “Safari Wagon” shows up far less… more»

Never Seen One: 1980 Mercedes-Benz GTR Kit Car

Kit cars normally aren’t my jam, but this oddball Mercedes GTR “clone” was too eye-catching not to post. Frankly, I’ll go out on a limb and state… more»

Turbocharged Garage Find: 1984 Ford Mustang SVO

The idea of rescuing a Mustang from a garage or barn is what most of us live for. What about finding a limited- production turbocharged performance model… more»

Acapulco Edition: 1974 VW Thing

Given the 1:18 scale model of a rare 1974 VW Thing “Acapulco” edition is selling for $100 on eBay, it should be of little surprise this is… more»

Right Hand Drive: 1941 Ford Woody

A rather unusual find, this 1941 Ford Woody is a right-hand drive variant that is claimed to have been found in a barn in Argentina. Woody’s, in… more»

Take Two: 1957 Fuldamobil S7

For regular readers here at Barn Finds, this little Fuldamobil is a case of deja vu. It previously featured in this excellent article by Scotty Gilbertson. Barn… more»

Battery Boxster: 1999 Porsche Boxster EV

It’s pretty rare when we show a car this new here at Barn Finds, but a reader sent in this tip and being a lover of unusual… more»

Rare Captive Import: 1976 Dodge Colt

Among the legions of captive imports we usually write about, I can’t recall seeing a Dodge Colt wagon anytime recently. Based on the Mitsubishi Galant, which lived… more»

Ultimate Yard Art? 1954 Chevrolet Hauler

When I see photos of vintage cars being hauled by cool vintage trucks, I can’t help but dream of all those factory-fresh cars and wish I could… more»

Desert Car: 1958 BMW Isetta

The BMW Isetta continues to mature as a collector car, both among vintage car enthusiasts and BMW fans alike. This has led to project-grade examples or parts… more»

From Russia, With Love: 1986 Lada 2101

It’s some sort of epidemic! It’s amazing how cars from the former Soviet Union have suddenly popped up out of the woodwork. Barn Finder Roger is great… more»

Genuine Manx? Barn Find VW Buggy

You have to be careful how you refer to the many different designs of VW-based dune buggy kits made throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. A genuine… more»

Trade for Kei Truck: 1971 Honda AN600

I had a deep fascination with these little Honda AN600s, no thanks to Barn Finds listing an Exclusive for one a few years ago that piqued my curiosity…. more»

Russian Prize Winner: 1984 LADA 2106

The Lada 2106 was a product of the Soviet Union that remained in production for 30 years. During its lifetime it didn’t feature a lot of running… more»

Taxi! 1977 London Black Taxi

I say old chaps! Have we got a car for you? If you are looking for something a bit different, and if you can cope with a… more»

$500 Euro Hatch: 1976 Opel Kadett

It’s a bit dizzying to learn about the multiple nameplates this 1976 Opel Kadett was sold under during its production run. Built by Isuzu and sold as… more»

Cool Commer Project: 1967 Sunbeam Funwagon

If there’s a more interesting name for a vehicle I can’t think of it right now, can you? This is a 1967 Sunbeam Funwagon and as you… more»

Portland Police Spec: 1985 Volvo 240 Turbo

The era of Volvo selling police-spec 240 Turbos to municipalities is a special one to me, as it seems like a bygone era that isn’t coming back…. more»

Editor Find! What the Heck is a Tugley?

A few days ago, I spotted this winter-ready rig on the side of the road near North Scituate, Rhode Island. I was on my way to inspect… more»

Collection Sell-Off: AMC Matador Eliminator + Parts Car

A listing on craigslist claims the seller is getting out of his AMC hobby and putting his collection of cars and parts up for sale. Both cars… more»

Free Limo! 1964 Austin 1800

If you’re not scared of taking on a complete oddball project, there’s a free Austin limousine listed on craigslist in Long Beach, California. The seller notes there’s… more»