1 Of 4? 1961 Chevrolet Corvair Pickup

Despite the seller’s claims, I can find nothing on the internet about any factory Corvair pickup that isn’t the classic Greenbrier cab-over version. I’m guessing this is actually a converted Lakewood station wagon — but it sure looks like… more»

Time Capsule 1972 Audi 100 LS

This is a highly desirable example of a car probably not a lot of people are looking for, a 1972 Audi 100 LS. The listing, which you can find here on craigslist in Aurora, Colorado is definitely a barn… more»

Two-Stroke Racer: 1957 Berkeley SE328

If you recognize this little car, it’s probably because we featured it when it was listed for sale and then again when we bought it! We quickly went through the brakes and got it running again. It’s great fun… more»

1 of 80 Made: 1973 Piper P2

The world of kit car building is as deep and as varied as the solar system, it seems, with untold brands and one-offs that populate the oddball archives. Many of them were, not surprisingly, forgotten due to poor quality… more»

1957 Chevrolet 150 Handyman Pickup?

In 1957, Chevy built more than 1.5 million cars. And within their extensive line of passenger vehicles, you could get a hardtop, a sedan, a convertible, a sedan delivery, a utility sedan, and a handy man’s station wagon. But… more»

Bargain Buggy? 1967 Volkswagen Dune Buggy

Oftentimes, when VW-based dune buggies show up for sale, they are in rough shape or a mishmash of parts that need assembling. Cheap to buy and prone to being left outdoors with no protection, the second- and third-owners of… more»

Green Duck Edition: 1987 Citroen 2CV

When people think of a widely-produced car that came from Europe, almost everyone thinks of the German-made Volkswagen Beetle. But that would be doing a disservice to the similarly popular Citroën 2cv, another strange-looking car, but made in France. Citroën… more»

Silver Bullet? 1984 Pop Top Can Car

Back in the 1980s, a marketing company came up with a promotional car that looked like a beer can. It was largely a Volkswagen under the skin and used at a minimum by Budweiser and Stroh’s for a time…. more»

Rare 1976 Buick Century Pace Car

You don’t see these cars come up for sale very often. This is a 1976 Buick Century Pace Car and it is located in Clinton Township, Michigan. The car is unrestored and would be considered a mid-level project that… more»

Factory Hardtop: 1973 Volkswagen Thing

There’s not a lot of information to go on for this dusty 1973 Volkswagen Thing, which sports great colors and a factory hardtop. Typically, Things are either in two states of condition: totally restored or total basketcases, so finding… more»

Original Paint! 1977 AMC Pacer-X Survivor

Cars often appear in movies and tv series in speaking roles, stunt work, and other supporting roles. Remember KITT in the series “Knight Rider,” the orange 1969 Dodge Charger performing death-defying stunts in “The Dukes of Hazzard,” and a… more»

Unique 1940 Willys Two-Seat Roadster Kit!

Let’s agree that cars have personalities: Headlights look like eyes, grilles look like mouths, and the metal crafters’ skills often create “facial expressions”  portraying images that the manufacturer hopes will attract buyers who connect with the car’s personality. Yet,… more»

Restoration Started: 1929 Renault NN2

Certain automobile marques were always identifiable by a styling trait. In prior years, it was the radiator shell and shape such as that found on a Duesenberg or Rolls-Royce. Even certain models got into the act like the Chevrolet… more»

Not Barn Finds? Four Volkswagen Things For Sale

Here in the northeast, the only way a VW Thing still exists is if it’s someone’s completed restoration project, or an artist’s exhibit in some soybean sippin’, Birkenstock wearin’ college town. Surprisingly, a batch of Things has popped up… more»

Fishbowl Survivor: 1978 AMC Pacer

You could always count on AMC to come up with products whose thinking was a little “out of the box”. The AMX, the Rebel Machine, the Gremlin and – of course – the Pacer. To many, it resembled an… more»

Huge Collector Car And Parts Auction!

An online auction running from now until November 17th features a whole host of classics that are currently bidding at exceedingly small amounts. The brand selection ranges from Dodge, Chrysler, and Desoto to Cadillac, Ford, and Oldsmobile, along with… more»