Cheap Clean Fun: 1973 Ford Maverick

Ford Mavericks are great cars that have been modified, raced, and even restored. Original surviving examples are always nice to see, but let’s be honest. Who wants a 6 cylinder Maverick when we all know that… more»

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Affordable Low Mileage Coupe: 1963 Oldsmobile F85

Thankfully some classics were stored away when they experienced catastrophic failure. This lightly aged F85 is claimed to have only 70,000 miles, and has spent 41 years in a garage. The transmission failed in some form… more»

Serious Airflow: 1960 Lincoln Continental Breezeway

Last driven in 1991 this massive Continental Mark V Breezeway has loads of style and a very cool rear glass that actually rolls down! Top of the line with many power options, it is easy to see… more»

Wire Wheel Wagon: 1968 Ford Country Squire LTD

How can you beat the cool vintage styling, a V8, plenty of space, and air conditioning, all wrapped up into a classic wagon? This ’68 Country Squire LTD has some good things going for it, despite… more»