Serious Airflow: 1960 Lincoln Continental Breezeway

Last driven in 1991 this massive Continental Mark V Breezeway has loads of style and a very cool rear glass that actually rolls down! Top of the line with many power options, it is easy to see how classy this machine once was. After a 26 year hibernation, this Lincoln is still complete, but needs some help. Amazingly all of this classic style and elegance will only cost you $2,000! Check it out here on craigslist out of East Bend, North Carolina.

There are no photos of the massive 430 cubic inch V8, but there are plenty of interior and exterior photos to check out. The interior is complete, but has a rather odd choice of carpeting. Beyond the strange blue “shag” looking carpet, the remainder of the interior looks to be original. There are some condition issues, as the dash looks very well baked from the sun, and the steering wheel has some cracking. But there are some positives. What appears to be original upholstery is in place, and could delicately be removed and cleaned to aid in rebuilding the seat cushions. The door panels have all of their cool trim and door handles, but could use a little sprucing in the padding department. This Lincoln is no bed of roses, but for a die-hard Lincoln fan there is enough here to work with.

With a lot of styling going on at once, it would be great to see this luxurious old street boat hitting the streets once more. Perhaps original but chalky, there is still a lot of paint left on this sedan. Although found in a barn, there are some rust concerns to contend with. The driver floor needs a patch, but the extent of the damage isn’t shown or described. There are areas where surface rust has developed and washed down the side of the body, primarily around the windshield, the front edge of the hood, and the lower rocker sections. None of this rust appears to be rot, but it wouldn’t surprise me if you investigated and found a few holes. Beyond the rust, the body is very straight and looks to wear all of its original trim. The only other items that stick out are the oddly gapped hood and trunk, and a cracked driver side window. With a lot of style and a big engine, would you pick up this affordable luxurious classic?

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  1. Hector

    Dig the style I will be In NC next week might just check it out if still for sale.

  2. Vince Habel

    It will cost a small fortune to restore it. They did one on Fantom Works.

    • DVS

      I saw that episode. Dan said we would never do another ’60 Lincoln again. Buyer beware!!

      • JimmyinTEXAS

        I saw that episode too and their major problem seemed to be with the engine(a one year variation on a seal or something) and their thought that they had to rebuild THAT engine. With any number of replacement engines available this wouldn’t be any more difficult than any other resto-mod…

  3. RoselandPete

    I wonder if the window and dash have replacement parts available?

  4. Don H.

    I love it

  5. Paul R

    What a cool ugly car!
    Almost need a CDL to drive it, its massive!

  6. Greg

    A big big stretch on the description of condition

  7. Leo

    Sadly its relegated to a has been. You could never see the upside of doing even a paint job on it much less the chrome or the interior

  8. RS

    In 1966 my dad got into selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners and his boss, the owner of the business, sold him his 1960 Continental Mark V 2 door hardtop. What a barge! I was ten years old and loved it. When you knocked on the front fenders it sounded like you were knocking on a solid wood door – no tinniness at all. The power vent window motors made a high pitched whine that was like music. A couple years later my dad sold the car to my brother who was 16 at the time and a year later he sold it for $100 (if that) to a guy who put it in a demo derby. Imagine an 8 year old Continental being demo derby material. As for this car or any like it, I would be leery of such a car so heavy with a unibody if it had the slightest bit of rust to fix – as this one does. The dealer where my dad had something fixed on it said that it stickered in ’60 for $9300 and the curb weight was 5600 pounds.

  9. Howard A

    Someone may correct me, but I believe this was touted as the biggest car ever made. What a tank. I took my road test on a ’68 Lincoln, which probably wasn’t much smaller than this.

    • Clay Byant

      I had the twin to this. Maybe not the biggest but the longest production American car at, I believe over 22 feet. I’ve been fortunate enough to also own a 61 4dr convertible. Hold on to your hats………..I gave 200 bucks for it and it was as close to mint as you can get. (46 years ago)

  10. DJS

    I can remember my uncle driving this with us kids in the back seat what a boat it was, his was blue, and it had ice cold air,

  11. rando

    That is like 15 – 20 miles from me. Too much project for me, though. I’d have to have a runner to even consider it.

  12. Larry K

    I’d love to labor on this one.

  13. Dan

    Looks like it was designed by the Soviets, especially when you compare it to the 1961 Lincoln.

  14. wuzjeepnowsaab

    This and the “SquareBird” are my absolute least favorite pieces coming off Ford artists’ pens

    Just my opinion of course…I know folks love them and bless their hearts for doing so :)

  15. the one

    Ok this rear window “breezeway” was advertised; you can drive in the rain with the window down and water won’t come in!”
    heh, the water came in..

  16. Ikey Heyman

    Good for parts but doesn’t seem like a reasonable restoration candidate unless you have the skills, the time, and a bunch of money you don’t mind spending.

  17. Steve H

    Pretty neat car but it’s a massive money pit.

  18. GaryC Gary charlton Member

    I have been blessed with the job of maintaining a collection of cars and motorcycles. My favorite one to take out on occasion is this ’60 Mark V convertible. It’s a big Ole boat and a ball to drive. Plus the chick’s my age dig it.

  19. Harvey Peever

    Dig those crazy headlights. Now that was ….style?

  20. tugdoc

    I wonder why pickups never picked up on the power rear window. Especially the expanded cab models. Seems at least as practical as sliding units

    • Dovi65

      Toyota did have the power rear window on the Tundra several years ago. I’m fairly certain it went at least 1/2 way down, if not completely.

  21. jackthemailman

    It seems to me that electric rear window was also available on the 1958 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser. A friend’s dad was the local FoMoCo dealer and he brought all sorts of cool stuff home to show off.

  22. Tom S.

    Neat car. It should have it’s own ZIP code. Sitting right in the dirt with those flat tires, you just know the underside will be rotted.

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