Clean as a Whistle: 1941 Oldsmobile 66

Sometimes when you look at a car it has all the right boxes checked like this 1941 Oldsmobile 66. Extremely clean, and appearing mostly original, this great looking coupe has a lot going for it including its 36,100 actual miles and its $9,549 but it now price! Take a look at this fine machine here on ebay out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The tried and true inline 6 is a solid runner, and starts no matter what the conditions may be. Propelled via an automatic transmission, the only issue that lies with the drive-train is that the automatic will not engage 4th gear. The seller speculates that there may be an old seal that has failed causing a loss in pressure preventing shifting to 4th gear. Otherwise this car is ready to roll. The brake system has recently been serviced, but needs some fine tuning as the car pulls to the right.

Brace yourselves, as this interior is going to blow you away. So many times with classic cars the interiors will have varying issues, or perhaps they have been updated at some point in time. Thankfully this Oldsmobile is factory original in appearance, and only has minor concerns as far as its condition. Absolutely beautiful, this interior needs nothing other than to be maintained. There are so many beautiful elements and styling cues that are simply pleasant to the eye. The only condition concern is the driver side of the bench has some an area of wear, but it would likely be overlooked at a quick glance. Faux painted, but rich in color, the dash almost appears as a solid piece of wood that was hand carved by the finest craftsman.

Featuring the “right amount of doors” there is a lot to appreciate about this Olds. I personally like and admire the Art Deco styling of the fender emblems and trim. Also the “narrow eye” look is unique, and the styling overall is quite appealing. Wearing a lovely shade of blue, the paint is very nice on this one. There is no rust in sight, and the paint still offers a hazy shine. The chrome and glass is in excellent shape, and the only thing that somewhat stands out are the modern style wheels. The seller has the original wheels and hubs caps, in the event that you aren’t in love with the current wheel set up. Cars of this caliber are difficult to find, as this Olds is very straight, rust free, and is ready to drive despite its lack of 4th gear. With the way prices have fluctuated, this Oldsmobile 66 seems like a reasonable deal for the $9,549 buy it now price. Would you pull the trigger on this clean Olds?

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  1. Rich

    Heck of a deal for something you can drive home and doesn’t have any rats nests in it for under 10k!

    • PoPPaPork

      IDK about driving home in this unless you live in the next town over, brakes are deffective and IMHO inadequate for driving in traffic in this 85hp , 3800lbs beast. Not to mention the inop. 4th gear is 1:1….
      Is it a good deal? Sure it is even without the Inline 8 cyl but lets not be overly positive, this is not a “hop in on and drive home” vehicle.

  2. Fred W.

    Also has the “Make Offer” option. someone may get a real deal. Tranny is probably the original Hydra Matic, one of the best autos ever. Might be fixable just by pulling the pan and fixing a stuck servo, etc.

  3. Bob C.

    I remember on one 1950s Highway Patrol tv show an escaped convict stole a car very similar to this one. They would never name the make of the car. They would say, for instance, be on the lookout for a gray 1958 sedan.

  4. Bob

    I love the style of the car because, aside from the longer nose, it reminds me of my 47 Chev coupe. If I didn’t have so many projects I would buy this tomorrow.
    I used a 53 unmodified hydramatic in an Olds powered hotrod, and the transmission was bullet proof. I always wondered about the earlier transmissions, but I never knew anyone that used one.

  5. Steve Visek

    1941 was only the second year for the automatic transmission. It was Olds only in the debut year of 1940. In 1941 Cadillac also got it. Nice find.

  6. Bill McCoskey

    Ever noticed how the beautiful, low mileage cars are always the bottom of the line cheap cars, Like this Olds 6 cylinder coupe? I had an almost identical car with the Hydramatic, and even in the best conditions, when the traffic light turns green and you step on the gas pedal, that little 6 cylinder roars for several minutes before the car begins to move [at least that’s what it seemed like!]

    I don’t remember exactly how the Hydramatic shifting goes, but if memory is right, second gear in the low gear set is the same gear as 4th in the high gear set, as the trans is a combination of two 2-speed planetary gear sets. So if it’s not shifting into 4th, but it shifts into second, it may be as simple as adjusting the shift linkage.

    They key is how the trans fluid appears. If it’s bright pink, it’s probably just an adjustment. If it’s clear, it needs changing now, if it’s brown, you can expect an overhaul. Unlike every other auto trans, the Hydramatic needs to shift HARD. The harder the 2 – 3 shift is, the longer the trans will last.

  7. jackthemailman

    Is that an aftermarket turn signal controller I spy there on the steering column? Or is that what “old Olds” controllers looked like?

  8. Rex Rice

    When I was a kid, my friend had an uncle that had a used car lot. He brought over a 1939 Olds coupe with a semi-hydramatic transmission. It had a clutch pedal and had to be shifted from low to drive. The car was 100% original. I wonder where it went…

  9. Vintage Tin

    Great post-war Olds…..if I had the room to store it I would grab it quick!

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