11 Saabs for $10K: Saab Collection in the UK

This really does seem too good to be true, especially if you’re a Saab fanatic: 11 Saab projects for $10K, or 7,500 in British pounds since this barn find is overseas. The collection consists largely of… more»

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Where Are They Now: The Volvo P1800 Whisky Cars

I came across an excellent recounting of misadventure on the high seas involving some 29 Volvo P1800 coupes, ordered by Americans who held deposits on the swanky Swedes. For some of these special-order cars, their chance… more»

Swedish Deal: 1972 Volvo 142 E

The Swedish are known for manufacturing brick shaped cars, and while both Volvo and Saab are guilty of this Volvo kept it going for a long time. Volvos are the type of car you either love… more»

Second Chance: Our 1984 Volvo 240 Rally Wagon

UPDATE 10/16/17 – Well, the auction ended at $2,925 (a bargain considering all the time and money put into it), but the high bidder backed out claiming that he didn’t get permission from his wife… I’m… more»

One Owner Turbo: 1987 Volvo 740

Bear with me: a boxy Volvo sedan? Well, when you consider how few of these pop up on eBay – especially with a one-owner history – this is a rare bird indeed. The turbocharged model is… more»

Throwaway Money, Keeper Car: 1972 Volvo 164E

What’s the price point at which you just can’t say no anymore? Is there a certain amount that’s just funny money to you, and if it can be traded for a complete, rust-free, interesting car you… more»

Michigan Man Forced To Liquidate His Collection

While some wouldn’t classify Ron D’s car hoard as a collection, chances are he wouldn’t quite agree with them. He’s been buying interesting cars since he was 21 years old. Most of his cars are currently… more»

One Owner! 1976 Saab 99GL Barn Find

After aging in a barn for 30 years, this cheese-colored 1976 Saab 99GL now finds itself on Minneapolis, Minnesota Craigslist. Thanks to Pat L. for finding this Swedish sedan located in Prescott, Wisconsin, about 11 degrees… more»

Estate Sale Find: 1967 Volvo 122

Said to have been found at a local estate sale, this Volvo 122 sedan is a stalled restoration project of unknown quality. Looking like it was loved at one time, the sedan sits on flat tires… more»

Angeleno Wagon: 1971 Volvo 145S

As I’ve pointed out before, major cities tend to be short on literal barns, but long on tucked-away spots to store old cars. Los Angeles has the added benefit of generally excellent weather, so while many… more»

868 Original Miles: 1984 Saab 900

This 1984 Saab 900 has 868 original miles and retains many of its pre-delivery features, from the plastic covering the seats to an OEM radio that was never hardwired to the car. It isn’t perfect and… more»

Balloon Tire Sonett: 1968 Saab Sonett

Saab Sonett II’s are fairly rare cars to find due to limited production, and some falling victim to neglect. Although that is certainly not the case with this big tire, flared, V4 powered example. Extremely clean,… more»

Rally Update: The Race Is Over!

We completed the final day of driving in the NW Classic Rally last night! It was filled with excitement and a few struggles too. We started the day off feeling confident that we could stay on… more»