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Swedish Duo: Volvo 1800S and 1800ES Projects

For the vintage Volvo fan, it doesn’t get much better than this: a garage-find pair of an 1800S coupe and an 1800ES wagon. The seller is a specialist in Volvo sales here in New England, and has helped find… more»

Commemorative Edition: 1993 Saab 900 Turbo

When you think about a Saab, what model comes to mind? For many, a “Classic” 900 is the iconic Saab. The 900 debuted for the 1979 model year, and took Saab upmarket in the United States as an unconventional… more»

What’s in Jeff’s Garage? Nothing!

I wish I had better news for you all about my collection of barn finds, garage finds, and unconventional projects, but sadly, this is all I have to offer at the moment. We actually moved to a new house… more»

Oil-Injected Two-Stroke: 1967 Saab 96

Two-stroke Saabs are a prime example of the adage that it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast. Their three-cylinder engines like to rev high so you can drive them flat out while barely breaking the speed limit,… more»

Mixed And Matched: 1969 Saab 96

One of the fun things about the Saab 96 is that it’s easy to customize one to your liking by mixing and matching parts from different years which are easily interchangeable. I’ve always had a thing for the 1969… more»

1 Of 500: 1983 Volvo 240 Turbo Evolution

This Volvo is quite a find! It is a homologation special for competition in Group A, Touring Car Racing in accordance with FISA (Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile) regulations. It is one of 500 but has a unique difference… more»

Mellow Yellow: 1974 Saab Sonett III

It is impressive how many Saab Sonett IIIs still come up for sale considering their relatively low production volume when compared to the 96 sedans that they were based on. This 1974 Sonett III is available here on eBay… more»

Dual Purpose Hauler: 1959 Volvo PV445 Duett

The utilitarian Volvo PV445 Duett is the granddaddy of today’s luxurious Volvo wagons. It was based on the PV445 chassis that was first available in 1949, using the same engine, front suspension, and front sheet metal as the PV444… more»

Assembly Required: 1963 Saab 96 Project

The 1960-64 “bullnose” Saab 96 is the car that cemented Saab’s reputation as a rally winner. Behind the wheel of a 96, legendary driver Erik Carlsson won the RAC Rally three years in a row in 1960, ‘61, and… more»

Rare Bertone: 1990 Volvo 780 Coupe

The Bertone-styled Volvo coupes occupy an odd spot in automotive history, as they have one of the most famous styling houses attached to their name but it remains a fairly cheap collectible. The Bertone brand certainly still has value… more»

Garage Find: Volvo 1800 ES Wagon

The 1800 ES is one of the more collectible Volvos, along with the very hard-to-find fiberglass-bodied 1900 convertible (67 made before the plug was pulled) and the P210 Duett station wagon and panel van. These days, most of the… more»

One-Family-Owned: 1974 Saab Sonett III

The Sonett III was the final iteration of Saab’s fiberglass sports car, and traces its roots back to the six Sonett I roadsters constructed between 1955 and 1957. Officially known as the 94, the original Sonett got its name… more»

Two For One: 1958 And 1959 Saab 93

It’s rarely good to see a vehicle sitting on a dirt floor for who knows how long, but overall these two Saabs, a 1958 and 1959 93, somehow look solid. They’re really interesting cars and they don’t come up… more»

Restoration 90% Done: 1974 Saab Sonett III

I have an unusual minibike that I started to restore and then got too busy and it’s been sitting for almost four years now in a couple of big cardboard boxes, dozens of marked Ziploc bags, and is otherwise… more»

Swedish 4 Stroke: 1971 Saab 96

Saab has always been known for quirky, out-of-the-ordinary cars and this 1971 96 is no exception! Located here on craigslist in Santa Barbara, California, this rust-free example of a unique Saab can be had for an asking price of… more»

Upgraded Engine: 1970 Volvo 142S

If you’ve never driven a classic Volvo, then you’ve missed a bit of a rare treat. Below that slightly conservative sheet metal is a car that offers a rewarding driving experience. Cars like this 1970 Volvo 142S are still… more»