Japanese Barn Finds

Clean Commuter: 1988 Honda Prelude Si

This 1988 Honda Prelude is the desirable Si-spec trim, listed with under 100,000 miles and showing excellent cosmetics. The seller notes this is likely due to long-term ownership by a mature, female owner who was a non-smoker. The Prelude… more»

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One Family Owned: 1974 Toyota Corolla 1600

Being a fanatic and/or aficionado of vintage Japanese vehicles, my eyes bugged out of my gourd when I saw this 1974 Toyota Corolla 1600 Deluxe. This one-family-owned, incredibly-preserved time machine can be found here on eBay in Mountain View,… more»

Survivor King Cab: 1984 Datsun 720 Pickup

It’s one thing to find an 80s-era Japanese pickup truck that isn’t a pile of rust; it’s quite another to find one that isn’t a pile of rust and is a genuine survivor still wearing its awesome period graphics…. more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1968 Datsun 520

If you are a fan of compact durable pickups, the Datsun 520 is likely to be high on your list of potential trucks to own. While they aren’t known to be terribly powerful or fast trucks, they have a… more»

More Barn Finds from Georgia Getting Rescued!

As some of you likely know, I am helping to clear out a large collection of salvage and project vehicles from a private owner. You can read more about the collection here in Part I; here in Part II; Part… more»

The Widow Maker: 1975 Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750

This 1975 Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750 was recently removed from storage in seemingly excellent condition with 12,365 miles on the odometer. These bikes were known as “widow makers” for their blistering performance that depended on wobbly handling to… more»

Twice The Fun: 1987 Honda ATC200X Pair

There are many dangerous things in this world. I sort of miss the days when people could buy things that were considered somewhat dangerous but were still in stores and showrooms. A show of hands for those of you… more»

Restored And Parked: 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser

This extremely clean 1970 Toyota Land Cruiser drives a mild bit of fear in me, and I’ll explain why in a minute. Before we get to that, however, what you’re looking at is a fully restored Land Cruiser that… more»

SR5 Survivor: 1988 Toyota 4Runner

This 1985 Toyota 4Runner combines several desirable options into one pristine package, including the SR5 package and preferred five-speed manual transmission. While these trucks are hard to find in condition like this, I feel like more of them are… more»

15 Years Parked: 1989 Honda Accord Coupe

This 1989 Honda Accord is another survivor from the great state of Washington, where numerous vehicles otherwise extinct in other parts of the country seemingly survive without too many battle scars to show for it. In addition, it’s the… more»

Low Mileage Specimen? 1974 Honda CB750

This 1974 Honda CB750 is described as a specimen in “…great condition,” with under 10,000 original miles. Not much else is shared, but enthusiasts know the CB750 is a bit of a legend in the bike community, and one… more»

38k Original Miles: 1976 Datsun B-210

When the Datsun B-210 debuted on the American market, its timing could not have been much better. With the 1973 Arab Oil Crisis being felt around the world, the little Datsun was one of the cheapest cars that the… more»

Eclectic Collection: Barn Finds in Baltimore

This listing for what appears to be a shed or barn full of projects doesn’t have much info to go on, and prices listed seem ambitious. But there are some interesting projects here that may warrant a phone call,… more»

Lovely Liftback: 1977 Toyota Celica GT Survivor

It seems that the rear-wheel-drive models of Toyota’s Celica sports car are finally earning recognition among enthusiasts, especially the attractive first-generation model. This survivor-quality 1977 Toyota Celica GT that’s available here on eBay is a pristine example of a… more»

Pristine 46k-Mile 1991 Honda Prelude 2.0Si

Despite having a reputation for building sporty and reliable compact vehicles, the Honda Prelude doesn’t come up in conversation nearly as much as other models, such as the Civic Si or CR-X.  Unfortunately, just like other Honda models from… more»

31k-Mile Survivor: 2000 Acura Integra Type R

If you’re a fan of sporty compact vehicles, chances are you admire Honda/Acura’s Integra Type R. The car was a homologation special, and due to its importance for the company’s image and racing competitions, the manufacturer was reportedly fine… more»