German Barn Finds

Huge 911 Stash: 1972 Porsche 911 Targa

Feast your eyes on a treasure trove of air-cooled goodness, looming in the darkness of an unknown garage. There’s other goodness here, too, if you’re a German car fan, with an E24 chassis BMW 6-Series just visible over the… more»

Drop Top Pair: 1967 and 1978 Volkswagen Beetle Convertibles

This pair of Volkswagen Beetle convertibles are in rough shape, but it’s still a potential bonanza of parts or restoration projects for an adventurous air-cooled enthusiast. The Beetle on the right is a desirable early model, and if it’s… more»

Daily Driver Ready: 1961 Volkswagen Beetle

Sometimes it can be pretty easy to determine that somebody really loves their classic car. One of the giveaways is when they decide to give it a name. That indicates that they have developed an emotional attachment that goes… more»

Clean Carrera Coupe: 1985 Porsche 911

When it comes to air-cooled 911s, you can sometimes feel like you’ve seen it all. After a certain point, it’s hard to get excited about a make and model you’ve seen over and over again, especially on classifieds and… more»

Ready To Drive: 1978 Porsche 911 SC

The Porsche 911 is an interesting machine that has become wildly popular. I’ve always appreciated the unique engineering and looks of these cars, but when prices first sky-rocketed, I didn’t quite understand the sudden surge in interest. That was… more»

Barn Find Bug! 1973 VW Beetle Convertible

I have a little bit of familiarity with a ’73 VW Beetle, my sister bought a new one in May of ’73 and I drove it occasionally though not too often. Her VW was not a convertible but nevertheless,… more»

Just Needs TLC: 1971 BMW 3.0 CS

Nowadays, some cheap cars look like expensive ones and some expensive ones look like cheap ones. I have spied what I thought were BMW crossovers only to find out, up close, that they were something quite a bit less… more»

First Year! 1964 Porsche 911 Project

We have covered quite a few Porsche 356’s here on Barn Finds along with a smattering of 911s, 912s, and 914s. Today, we have a 911, but it’s a ’64, the first year for what is arguably, one of… more»

9k Miles? 1972 Porsche 911 Targa

Ambition and determination are two very strong traits when it comes to restoring a car. Although they are admirable, they can get you into trouble, like with this ’72 Porsche 911 Targa. Having possibly only covered 9,000 miles in… more»

1-of-1: 1991 Porsche 911 Reimagined By Singer

The Porsche 911 is a car of legends, and its iconic shape is one of the most instantly recognizable in the automotive world. They are already considered desirable, but when you find one that has been “Reimagined by Singer,”… more»

Stored 35 Years: 1958 BMW Isetta 300

That’s a big storage unit for such a small car, I wish I had that much spare room. We have seen many Isettas on Barn Finds over the years and this is one of the most Barn Find’y ones… more»

Rear-Engine Barn Find: 1961 Porsche 356B

With a clear Colorado title, this Porsche 356B  barn find was certainly not a stranger to winter weather in its past. Despite the rust that nearly all unrestored 356’s suffer from, this project isn’t as bad as most. Looking… more»

Original Paint! 1974 BMW 3.0CS Survivor

When it comes to E9 BMWs, buying a project-grade specimen really isn’t the way to go unless it’s free or has zero rust. Rarely, do those two paths come together, and while a finished car will cost you a… more»

Paul Mitchell’s Targa? 1982 Porsche 911

This 1982 Porsche 911 SC Targa is selling for no reserve, and the stickers along the rocker panel suggests possible celebrity ownership. The seller notes he purchased the 911 from a longtime owner, who owned it since 1985 and… more»

No Reserve Rag Top: 1961 Volkswagen Beetle

This 1961 Volkswagen Beetle was parked in the garage it’s currently stashed away in three years ago and hasn’t seen much action since then. It’s a desirable Webasto sunroof model, the kind of opening that necessitates cutting a hole… more»

Rare Performance Package: 2004 BMW 330i ZHP

This 2004 BMW 330i ZHP is more modern than we normally feature, but it definitely fits the definition of an emerging classic. The ZHP option was a rare sport package offered between the normal sport trim and the top… more»