German Barn Finds

Barn Find Oval Window: 1956 Volkswagen Beetle

It’s amazing how many places desirable collector cars can be found, hidden away. You’d be forgiven if you thought they were just in dense urban population zones, like Los Angeles or New York. But the truth is, barn finds… more»

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Rapid Survivor: 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

This 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo is a spotless survivor that is owned by a true enthusiast. It is a prize-winning vehicle, and it appears that it might even count a famous name amongst its previous owners. The current owner… more»

Hallo Vrienden! 1967 Goggomobil Panel

If you speak Dutch, you know that “hallo vrienden” means “hello friends” in English, and this rather rare Goggomobil is for sale here on classic-trader in Terborg, Netherlands. Read on to learn more! (thanks to reader Jeff for the… more»

Aircooled Camper: 1980 Volkswagen Westfalia

Earlier this week, I wrote about a project Volkswagen Type 2 Bus, which is one of the most fabled vehicles of its type. It’s successor, the Volkswagen Vanagon (T3), offers many of the same qualities in a slightly more… more»

1965 Mercedes 300SE Cabriolet Conversion?

Oof – you hate to be the guy that paid full retail for what he thought was a genuine Mercedes 300SE convertible, only to find out the title claims it was originally a coupe. The seller is pulling the… more»

Fast Hauling Pair: Rare BMW M5 Touring Wagons

When it comes to forbidden fruit, few vehicles get European car enthusiasts more excited than a wagon version of a high-performance model line. This listing is for a pair of E34-chassis BMW M5s, a model that was never imported… more»

Panel Project: 1963 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus

As one of the most popular vehicles of its type, it is hard to find an affordable specimen of Volkswagen’s Type 2 Bus that doesn’t require a full-blown restoration. This running and driving 1963 Volkswagen Type 2 Bus that… more»

32 Years Stored: 1971 Porsche 914

This 1971 Porsche 914 was purchased as a running project but hasn’t been touched since the seller brought it home 15 years ago. Prior to that, it had been stored for 17 years, making this yellow 914 a bit… more»

Parked 29 Years Ago: 1973 Porsche 914 2.0

Despite the 2.0L engine being frozen, this 1973 Porsche 914 looks like a worthy candidate for restoration. It is said to be largely rust-free despite residing under a tarp, outside, since 1991, but this is yet another classic from… more»

City Dweller Sports Car: 1985 Porsche 944

Owning a sports car in a city environment is among the bigger tests a car enthusiast can face. Lack of parking, lack of space, and often inconsiderate fellow motorists can render a pristine machine into a dinged-up and dirty… more»

Lagoon Green Targa: 1987 Porsche 911

High mileage isn’t scaring bidders away from this clean 1987 Porsche 911 Targa, as close to 180,000 miles on the clock is getting up there for almost any vintage vehicle. Still, many enthusiasts claim this is the era of… more»

Porsche-Powered! 1969 Safari Dune Buggy

There are probably three different ways that you can build a dune buggy. The first would be to do what I did with a friend years ago and mash something together from a discarded VW Beetle, tools needed? A… more»

Lime Green & Running! 1969 Bradley GT II

This find is definitely not for someone that doesn’t want attention! As far as stares per dollar, you won’t find much more value than this Bradley GT II listed for sale here on eBay. Currently, the bid is up… more»

No Reserve Driver: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300D

If you appreciate or are in the market for a classic Benz, you’ll want to see this! It’s an ’84 300D that was brought to America from Germany, and it’s for sale right now here on eBay out of… more»

Rare Early Model: 1956 Porsche 356

This 1956 Porsche 356A is a desirable early model, and while it’s not the exceedingly rare “Pre-A” examples that command even more respect on the auction block, it’s easily the next best thing if you’re hunting for one of… more»

Dashing Diesel: 1980 Volkswagen Dasher Hatchback

Most folks are familiar with Volkswagen’s Passat, a midsize vehicle which the company has sold globally since 1973. Even though the Passat name made its way to the United States for the 1989 model year, the automaker sold the… more»