German Barn Finds

40 Years In A Barn: 1973 Opel Manta Luxus

For two model years, US customers could get a slightly-upscale Opel Manta and this 1973 Opel Manta Luxus is one of those cars. While not a luxury car by any means, it would be mainly interior refinements that would… more»

Gone Bats! 1973 Opel Batmobile Replica!

Born as a stand-in Batmobile to delight a California hospital’s youngest patients, this crazy 1973 Opel custom in the Flushing neighborhood of Gotham (i.e. New York City) seeks a new owner; one who welcomes bats into their belfry and… more»

Special Order Paint: 1957 Porsche 356A

This 1957 Porsche 356A coupe is an impressively straight project car, fresh out of long-term ownership that ended with the caretaker sprucing it up prior to the sale. The 356 is a desirable early model with several unique styling… more»

Three W123 Mercedes For $3,500!

Yes, this trio of Mercedes W123s are all in rough shape, but Reader George S is asking just $3,500 for all of them. While they are rough, all three run with the 240D being a driver as-is. Robert had… more»

AMG Modified: 1991 Mercedes 190E

This 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E is equipped with the 2.6L inline-six and a host of AMG upgrades, both cosmetic and performance-minded. The car is a gray market example and wears larger AMG monoblock wheels; an upgraded suspension; Sebring exhaust; and… more»

Black Plate Coupe: 1963 Mercedes 300SE

This rare 1963 Mercedes-Benz 300SE coupe is listed as a project that needs minor restoration work, apparently with one owner from the 1970s until just recently. The W112 clearly needs its pneumatic refreshed, but the seller claims it’s quite… more»

Purists Stay Home! 1970 Porsche 914-6

After driving a friend’s nice original Porsche 914-4 and several modified ones, I can tell you that they offer a spectacular driving experience as long as you aren’t interested in going terribly quickly in a straight line. The rare… more»

Parked in 1990: 1971 Porsche 911S

While the owner of this 1971 Porsche 911S says that it isn’t a rust bucket, it will certainly need some work before it is ready to tear at the tarmac once again. It has been sitting since 1990 and… more»

Theft Recovery: 1983 Pontiac Firebird

Finding a sunken anything is always a trip, but long-lost muscle cars under water will never cease to be entertaining. This 1983 Pontiac Firebird was stolen in 1989 and recently turned up in a lake bed in Cobb County,… more»

How Many Left? 1971 Amante GT

This 1971 Amante GT is a little-known VW-based kit car that could utilize any number of powerplants, from the slow and typical air-cooled motor to a thumping V8. Like so many other kit car builders, this Amante faded into… more»

Backyard Find: 1963 Porsche 356 Super

This 1963 Porsche 356 is a claimed survivor that was only recently relinquished by its long-time second owner, who purchased the car in 1986 and kept it parked in his backyard for the last several years. The 356 features… more»

Westy Alternative: 1975 Volkswagen Riviera Camper

When it comes to Volkswagen’s beloved Type 2 Bus, most people are familiar with the Westfalia camper vans, a conversion commissioned by VW itself. However, other coachbuilders made camper conversions for the Type 2, such as this 1975 Volkswagen… more»

Cheap Cosworth? 1987 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16

As someone who is restoring a 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16, I immediately felt a slight twinge when I saw the opening bid on this example of just $3,500. Had I finally found a car that made me question my… more»

EXCLUSIVE: 1991 Porsche 944 S2 Survivor!

Reader Colleen C has decided to part ways with her rare Porsche 944 S2. Porsche shipped just 442 of these cars to the United States and who knows how many of those were optioned in black with a black… more»

Spotless German Classic: 1970 Porsche 911S 2.2 Targa

With presentation that is both close to perfect, and that belies its 49-year age, this 1970 Porsche 911 S Targa represents one of the great classic sports cars. Everywhere that you look on this car you find nothing but… more»

Automatic Cossie: 1987 Mercedes 190E 2.3-16

The Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.3-16 is a vehicle near and dear to my heart for obvious reasons, but I’ve liked these cars well before I bought one out of a junkyard in Pennsylvania. While mine seemed to justify taking a… more»