French Classic Cars

Mini-Corvette! 1970 Opel GT

I remember going into a Buick dealership as a teen around 1972 and seeing an Opel GT parked right next to an Electra 225. Strange pairing to say the least. It would be interesting to know what GM’s logic… more»

Maserati-Powered Project: 1972 Citroen SM

The siren song of the Citroen SM is known well by the enthusiasts who work tirelessly to keep them on the road. These are exotic, over-engineered specimens you can usually buy cheap in project form, but they are not… more»

Huge Collection Of Rare And Oddball Cars For Sale!

If you are looking for a seldom-seen car or project to add to your collection, there are a dozen of them assembled in Madison, Wisconsin, looking to find new homes due to an estate liquidation. Most of these are… more»

Green Duck Edition: 1987 Citroen 2CV

When people think of a widely-produced car that came from Europe, almost everyone thinks of the German-made Volkswagen Beetle. But that would be doing a disservice to the similarly popular Citroën 2cv, another strange-looking car, but made in France. Citroën… more»

CLASSIFIED AD: 1957 Facel Vega FV3

We’ve had some amazing finds come through the Barn Finds Classifieds, but this could be one of the rarest and most incredible yet! With just 45 Facel Vega FV3s having been built and 30 remaining, this is one rare… more»

Restoration Started: 1929 Renault NN2

Certain automobile marques were always identifiable by a styling trait. In prior years, it was the radiator shell and shape such as that found on a Duesenberg or Rolls-Royce. Even certain models got into the act like the Chevrolet… more»

Rare in the U.S.: 1992 Renault Alpine GTA V6 Turbo

Talk about forbidden fruit: this 1992 Renault Alpine GTA Turbo is a rear-engined sports car that sadly never came stateside while in production. Thankfully, the 25 year rule means it’s now eligible for importation and it’s eons cooler than… more»

Rare 1927 Chenard And Walcker Y8 “Tank” Sports Car!

There’s probably not an old enamel sign in your garage or hot rod shop emblazoned with the “Chenard & Walcker” logo on it, and there’s a good possibility that this French carmaker’s brand may be coming to your attention… more»

Rare Aluminum Body: 1954 Panhard Dyna Z1

The Panhard Dyna Z is not a car that we see that often here at Barn Finds, so to have two examples appear on our desks in quick succession is a rare treat. I have to say a huge… more»

Estate Sale Find: 1959 Panhard Dyna Z

French automobile manufacturers have had a reputation for producing more than their share of quirky and interesting vehicles, and we’ve seen quite a few of them here at Barn Finds. Some of these are iconic, like the 2CV. However,… more»

Plug-In Project: 1980 Lectric Leopard EV

Millions of people around the world know them as the Renault 5 and we know them as the LeCar here in the United States. This car has yet another name, it’s a 1980 Lectric Leopard, a battery-powered R5, or… more»

Free Baguettes: $1,500 1980 Renault Le Car

One look at the baked paint tells you that this 1980 Renault Le Car has experienced plenty of UV exposure. That is hardly surprising since it appears that it has spent its life in sunny California. It needs cosmetic… more»

Oddball Racer: 1983 Renault R5

While almost any car can become a track car, some candidates seem more unlikely than others. Certainly, a Renault R5 would fall into this category, as despite its rally heritage and impressive performance credentials when found in turbocharged form… more»

French Barn Find: 1971 Citroen DS21

French cars have never sold particularly well in the U.S. Renault may have been the most successful because of its connection to American Motors at one time. Peugeot has come and gone and is supposedly coming back in 2023…. more»

French Find: 1966 Citroen HY Pickup

In the continuing quest to find and bring unusual vehicles to Barn Finds readers, here’s another for the “seldom seen” category, a 1966 Citroen HY pickup. Unusual? You bet, I know I’ve never seen one in the steel and… more»

Nicest One Left? 1984 Renault Fuego

I remember an old Jay Leno bit about GM naming their electric car the Impact and how that name maybe hadn’t been thought through too well. Some could say the same thing about the Fuego which means fire in… more»