Great Options Fitted: 1967 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup

What a lovely rural scene. Trees? Check. Machinery? Check. Cat? Check. Chevy C-10 with a cow on the roof? Check…WHAT? Yep, I’m not sure what the point… more»

56 Years Young: 1962 International Harvester Scout

As I get ready to add another year onto my age in a week, I’m reminded how much I like vehicles from 1962 since that’s when I… more»

Freewheelin’ Package: 1979 Ford Bronco

The seller says he isn’t afraid to drive this 1979 Ford Bronco Freewheelin’ package survivor anywhere given how smooth it runs. With the original graphics fading nicely… more»

Rust Repaired: 1967 Jeepster Commando

This 1967 Jeepster Commando has been refreshed but not restored, with enough improvements made that should improve its reliability and resistance to rust. The Commando was spotted… more»

Small Project Pickup: 1964 Datsun 320

It’s hard to believe how far Nissan has come in small truck production, from the Type 14 pickup in 1935┬áto their current “small” pickup, the Nissan Frontier… more»

All Original: 1971 GMC 1500 Pickup

This 1971 GMC 1500 pickup is said to be all original except for some small maintenance items that have been updated. With original patina trucks being so… more»

Service Station Survivor: 1969 Jeep Gladiator J3000

Years ago, you would always see a shop truck parked next to the local service station. It did it all – from plowing the lot to making… more»

Rust-Free Restoration: 1939 Chevrolet Pickup

While some of you may look at this 1939 Chevrolet Pickup and see a solid basis for a rat rod project, this may well be a vehicle… more»

Patina… Or Mold? 1974 Dodge Club Cab Pickup

Sitting forlornly out in the snow is this 1974 Dodge Club Cab Pickup. It has recently been removed from a barn, where it appears that it may… more»

Rusty Golden Eagle: 1979 Jeep CJ7

When you first lay eyes on this dusty Jeep CJ7 “Golden Eagle” edition, it seems modestly hopeful. It’s just dust, you tell yourself, nothing more than what… more»

Great Hunting Rig: 1969 Ford Bronco

The winter season is just around the corner and this 1969 Ford Bronco might just be the fun that you’re looking to have when the snow arrives…. more»

Styleside Sleeper! 375 HP 1965 Ford Pickup

A good, honest work truck can serve its owners for decades. They typically trudge on, absorbing use and abuse with minimal attention beyond oil changes. Their parts… more»

Clever Packaging: 1961 Chevy Corvair Rampside

$3K seems like a decent price for a classic Corvair Rampside pickup, one of the more clever classic trucks to emerge from the 1960s. The seller says… more»

Strong Runner: 1981 Chevy C30 Dually

The dually-bodied Chevy pickups are not necessarily some engineering marvel or particularly rare vehicle, but when they pop up in clean condition, they always strike me as… more»

Parts or Restore? 1962 Mack B61

So, consider me surprised: restored Mack B61 trucks command a decent price when restored, upwards of $20,000 or more. Does that make this project-grade example a bargain… more»

Ultimate Yard Art? 1954 Chevrolet Hauler

When I see photos of vintage cars being hauled by cool vintage trucks, I can’t help but dream of all those factory-fresh cars and wish I could… more»

Fire Victim: 1953 Dodge M37

We’re accustomed to Dodge M37s and Power Wagons looking rough around the edges, so the sight of this example wearing a few different colors and looking somewhat… more»

Daily Driven: 1956 Land Rover Series 1

The seller doesn’t know much about the history of this 1956 Land Rover, but has confirmed it was at one point sold to a junkyard before emerging… more»

1942 Chevrolet Pickup Barn Find

While there were vehicles produced for civilians during WWII they are probably not as plentiful. This is a mid-war produced 1942 Chevrolet pickup truck that had been… more»

Mechanically Sound: 1979 Datsun 620 King Cab

This 1979 Datsun 620 King Cab may look rough on the outside (and it is) but its owner has invested a fair amount of dollars in its… more»

1979 Chevrolet C 3500 Ready To Restore

This red, one ton, four-wheel drive dually, 1979 Chevy C3500 is ready for restoration. With a buy it now price of $8,555.55 or the ability to make… more»

Editor Find! What the Heck is a Tugley?

A few days ago, I spotted this winter-ready rig on the side of the road near North Scituate, Rhode Island. I was on my way to inspect… more»

Your Own Water Hauler: International KB-6 Truck

This International Harvester KB-6 water truck apparently belonged to a private home prior to a well being put in, providing that owner with daily water transport needs…. more»

Sitting For 20 Years: 1965 Datsun L320

It’s hard to believe that there were small, basic pickups like this at one time. I think that it’s time for a small pickup to be made… more»