Resto-Modded Tin Top: 1987 Suzuki Samurai

A few days ago, I had flagged a clean Suzuki Samurai in Maine for writing up here on Barn Finds. Wouldn’t you know, the truck was gone within a few hours. It was a fair price but not a… more»

Low Mileage Sport Van: 1986 Chevrolet G10

The seller calls this 1986 Chevrolet G10 Sport Van a former barn find that has clearly been revived. It looks like it just stepped out of a trucking or vanning magazine left on the newsstand in 1975. With flares,… more»

Original Paint: 1956 Dodge C Series Survivor

This is the fifth solid-survivor vintage pickup truck I’ve written about in the past month. And most haven’t been Fords or Chevys, but the “other brands,” including International and Studebaker. Now I can add a “Job Rated” 1956 Dodge… more»

Triple Carbs/4-Speed! 1959 Chevrolet El Camino

There’s no doubt about it, a Chevrolet El Camino always gets my attention. I’ve waxed on about them here on Barn Finds, often, but I have to honestly tell you that the bat-winged 1959 version is not my favorite…. more»

Loaded and Low Mileage: 1978 Ford F250 Ranger

When it comes to selling vintage cars and trucks, there are a few “gold standards” in terms of what will drive a strong sale price. One is equipment levels – the more features and options it left the factory… more»

Eclectic Collection Sell-Off: Days Gone By Museum

Museum and private collection sell-offs are enormously entertaining. In one sense, it is sad to see what is surely a lifetime of work being broken up piece by piece, but on the other, these eclectic assortments of vehicles likely… more»

Only Two Owners: 1968 Chevrolet C20 Pickup

For as many great trucks as we see flowing across our pages at Barn Finds, some stand out. This is one of those, here on craigslist, a 1968 Chevrolet C20 pickup, with only two owners and an asking price… more»

Parked in The ’80s: 1965 Chevrolet El Camino

Some enthusiasts hesitate if confronted with another person’s project build when it comes to market. There’s always a worry that its shiny paint hides second-rate repairs that will come back and bite the new owner. I don’t believe that… more»

1953 Ford F-100 Pickup V-8 Anniversary Edition

We have seen several promising F-series pickups on these pages recently. Here is one more, on eBay, a 1953 Ford F-100 anniversary edition truck for restoration. Bid to $2,650, it is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We have prolific… more»

401 V8 Powered: 1976 Jeep J10 Honcho

Pickups come in all shapes and sizes. Americans love the utility and freedom that owning a pickup provides. This 1976 Jeep J10 Honcho truck is a bit unique and one that you don’t see everyday. The J series pickup… more»

BF Auction: 1946 Dodge COE WHMA-48 Tanker

Some people find the prospect of tackling the restoration of a classic truck overwhelming. However, they can prove surprisingly straightforward. Admittedly, everything is bigger and heavier than you find on the average car, but the engineering and construction are… more»

Something Worth Saving: 1974 Dodge Club Cab Pickup

1974 was a pretty eventful year.  The Miami Dolphins won Super Bowl VIII, Evel Knievel attempted to jump Snake River Canyon, and Richard Nixon was waist-deep in the Watergate scandal.  Meanwhile, in Detroit, Dodge was punching out pickup trucks. … more»

A Spartan Survivor: 1959 Studebaker Scotsman

Here’s a rare one. Studebaker only offered the low-priced, spartan Scotsman pickup for two model years: 1958 and 1959. And this one can be put in the survivor category, plus it’s been owned by one family for 63 years… more»

Road Warrior: 1988 Toyota Motorhome

The compact Toyota pickup-based motorhome has an amazing amount of staying power despite being being a fairly antiquated piece of machinery by this point. They must have an effect on their owners, because the people that own them remain… more»

One Family Owned: 1984 Dodge Ram 4×4 Royal SE

A known ownership history is always a serious consideration for any enthusiast contemplating a classic purchase. Regardless of the vehicle type, it provides an insight into its history and whether it may have suffered abuse during its life. That… more»

Donated To Charity: 1973 Ford Ranchero

Ford pioneered the “gentlemen’s pickup” in 1957 with the Ranchero. Based on the company’s 2-door station wagon, the product was more “civilized” that the F100 or other Ford trucks. Though different platforms and sizes were used over the years,… more»