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BF AUCTION: 1951 Mercury Eight Coupe Project


When we featured Nathan G’s Mercedes 220A, we had a few people ask about the other Merc sitting next to it. Well, that 1951 Mercury also needs to go! It’s a big project, but it’s complete and could make for a cool hot rod project. Finding unmodified ’49 to ’51 Mercurys is a bit of a challenge these days since they’ve long been popular with the hot rod and customization crowds. This one has a cool look to it and since it’s rough, it could make for one killer rat rod! So, if you have been looking for a patina project, a Mercury parts car, or restoration project, you can find this one in Breckenridge, Minnesota and can bid on it below.

As you can see, rust has really hit this Merc hard. And that’s going to be the biggest challenge with making this one roadworthy again. You can get repair panels to fix the rust, but it’s going to require a fair amount of fabrication to make this one right. The way the paint has worn through sure looks awesome though, which makes this one appealing for anyone looking to build a rat rod. With some work, you could repair the rust and touch up the paint to give it one mean look!

The original 255 flathead V8 is present but no attempts have been made to start it. Nathan isn’t even sure if it will turn over. Hopefully, it isn’t seized up, as there could be some value here for anyone needing a 112 horsepower flathead for a different hot rod build. If reviving it is an option, that would be the most affordable route, but if you are building a wild rat rod, an engine swap is likely going to be in order. A Cadillac OHV V8 would be the engine of choice for a period-style build.

The interior is about as rough as the outside. The dash is actually in decent shape considering the condition the rest of the car is in. And it looks like the dash trim and gauges are all present. The seat have seen better days, but at least the frames are there and give you something to start with. If you go a custom route, you will likely be installing custom upholstery anyways.

This is one rough project, but it could be a cool build. There are lots of valuable trim pieces here, so it could even prove to be a great parts donor. I honestly hope someone saves it though, as it would be a shame to see another ’51 Mercury head to the scrapheap in the sky. So, if you’ve been on the hunt for a ’51 Merc to build, be sure to cast your high bid for this one below!

  • Location: Breckenridge, MN 56520
  • Mileage: 52,927 Showing on Odometer
  • Title: Clean
  • Engine: 255 Flathead V8
  • Transmission: 3-Speed Manual


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  1. TimM

    Now here’s a Mercury that could be hot rodded!! Rusty and crusty with thrashed interior!!! Could be a great cruiser with some style to it!! Just paint it!! Don’t use the P word!!!

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    • Chevy Guy

      NOOO!!! Not the P word!!!!!

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  2. Kurt Member

    That rust looks bad, as in beyond my abilities (which isn’t saying much). Would look great when restored.

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  3. Kenn

    Not too far gone to become a lead sled. Why rat-rod it when they are beautiful with door handles and most other trim gone, fender skirts, lowered and painted. I guess making a rat-rod can be inexpensive if not professionally done, but this doesn’t look beyond the capabilities of a DYI car enthusiast. Wish I had the time.

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  4. Anthony347

    It’s not to far gone I have wanted one of these back when I was 12 years old my father had one this car here holds a lot of history with me and my whole family I still want one the most out of anything wish I had the money but my father passed away not to long ago and the holidays are here man what is it I find one I can afford but now is not the time like every other time I find a merc that in my budget ohwell ….merry Christmas everyone and don’t rat rod it ……..just customize it

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    This is one that if you have the time, talent and $$ you can pretty much turn into anything you want. I’s not like the other one that’s in pristine condition, this one takes a lot so do what you want.

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  6. Ken Carney

    I’d slip in a 302 or a 351 and a C-6 auto
    tranny, upgrade the brakes and electrics,
    get it running and driving safely, and then
    let Mom drive it while I finished the rest of it. We need a 2nd car, and this would
    be a great one to use in that role. Just think of all the box boys fighting over who would get to fill the trunk with
    groceries! I think AMT made a 1/25th
    scale kit of this car in the ’60s. Been
    awhile, but I think they used a 413
    Chrsyler V-8 with staggered 4bbls for
    the custom version. I bought that kit at
    Osco Drugs downtown for $1.25 back in
    ’65 or thereabouts. Too bad I’ve gotta
    have heart surgery soon. Otherwise, I’d
    take it on.

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    • Johnny

      My friend has 2–a 4 door and a 2 door. He is really good at most anything. One was a rust bucket he bought up in Ohio some years back for I think $3,500,You should see it now. One day I saw a metal model 50 mercury and bought it. I gave it to him. He, s a Viet Nam friend and lives in Summersville,W.Va.

  7. Kurt Member

    On second thought this would look fantastic if just restored to show room condition but would still cost a lot.

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  8. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    I have a car mag some where, like Popular Hot Rodding, that featured an article taking a 49-51 Mercury and putting it on a 1973-4 Pontiac Lemans chassis, the body channels over the frame, and it stops as it is pushed towards the back. After that you just need to move the rear axle a few inches to line up, pretty slick.

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