BF Classified: 1917 Ford Model T Touring


Asking Price: $11,500
Location: Essex, CT
Mileage: 100
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Description: 1917 Ford Model T Touring

This is a 105 year old, 2 owner, absolute survivor car.

In essence a museum piece that one can use to see how things were built and sold over 100 years ago if you’re looking to make an accurate representation of an early Model T.

It was purchased new in San Jose, CA at the Lannin and Hansen Lincoln, Ford and Fordson dealership and spent nearly it’s entire life in the desert of Santa Clara, CA. She was serviced at the 110 year old Tiffany Ford dealership in Santa Clara. Tiffany Ford is still there today!

Although some mods have been made over the years, they are what would be considered “day two” type upgrades, such as the Firestone de-mountable wooden wheels and an electric starter. Also purchased in that same time frame were the “desert cloth” interior panels, snapped in place over the original interior panels to protect them from the desert sun and dust. They also provided a few more pockets for that little extra bit of stowage.

When the current owner purchased her a few years ago, she was running and moving but not well.

He pulled the engine (it is believed to be the original engine and is date correct – June 1917 build date) and had it rebuilt, serviced the brakes/bearings, installed a new correct gas tank and put new tires on her (Wards Riverside 30×3.5). Accurate Machine (Middletown, CT) and Antique Auto Service (Essex, CT) performed these tasks. As he drove her a bit, he found other aspects weren’t up to snuff for even mild jaunts about town, so the radiator was recored and he installed a new water pump and new coils. The original top was in tattered pieces so a new top was sourced. All parts were purchased from either Lang’s or Schneiders.

In terms of safety on today’s roads, he installed an air horn and rear blinkers. These can easily be removed if a buyer doesn’t want them and no one will be the wiser.

I’ve been told that this was fairly well optioned too, with a fuel gauge, larger side mirror, dual mount rear spares and the kerosene lamps, including a rear red lamp. The headlights work as does the “A-OOOGA” horn mounted to the driver side body. This may have been one of those “day two” add ons.

The body is in all original condition, all original paint and original interior. Although there is visible surface rust, there is no perforation anywhere.

Adjust spark, choke and throttle and she fires right up, once warm, set both tabs to the up position and she idles like a champ. Ease her into forward gear and apply low range and she moves right out, easily getting up to 15 mph. Set her into high range and she’s galloping up to the mid 20’s.

The current owner reports having her north of 35 mph on a downhill and things got a bit scary. This car was not designed for those speeds, so no comparisons to anything even half this girl’s age.

What you’re looking at is a true survivor that can be fired up and taken out and enjoyed around town (unless you live in downtown LA or NYC). You show up at any Cars and Coffee in this and you WILL BE the hit.

The owner has over $10,000 into her (not including purchase price) and although he doesn’t expect to make money on her he feels there might be someone out there as crazy as he is who will cherish and value this piece of original history as much as he has.

The asking price is $18,500 because, well, where are you going to find another 105 year old original anything that runs and drives as good as it did the day it left the show room?

All reasonable offers WILL be considered so please don’t be put off by the asking price.

The current owner is selling this (and several other pieces from his collection) because it was requested of him by his better half to start thinning things down as his age is starting to creep up.

Any questions, for several hundred more photos and video, to schedule a time to see her in person or simply to make an offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for the interest!

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