BF Classified: 1923 Gray-Dort Touring Car

Seller’s Description: Rare 1923 Gray-Dort. Gray-Dort was a Canadian automobile manufacturer in Chatham, Ontario, Canada, from 1915 to 1925. It started as Canadian carriage works of William Gray & Sons Company Ltd, founded in 1855 by William Gray. In 1915, Robert Gray obtained the Canadian rights to manufacture the Dort automobile from Flint automobile manufacturer J. Dallas Dort and that year Gray-Dort was formed. This here is a 1923 touring car, that was eventually converted to a pick up truck by its late owner, at which point it was also restored. Documentation suggests it has been stored since the early 2000’s. The engine is free, so it should not take much to get it running. The interior will require upholstery work. Underside of car shows virtually no rust or corrosion.

Price: $8000
Location: Queensville, Ontario

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