BF Classified: 1929 Packard 4dr Touring Sedan

Seller’s Description: Although this car needs to be totally restored, it would make an awesome street rod. Comes with the grille, radiator, and hood (not shown). To view additional photos, go to Delivery is available.

Price: $6,000
Location: Quincy, IL
Title Status: Missing

Seller’s Listing: Here on Fotki

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  1. Will Fox

    $6K? From who……..Stevie Wonder?

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  2. Arthur

    Stevie Wonder? Probably not. But perhaps from a technical college that has a metal fabrication course?

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    • Turbo

      Actually not a bad idea. If it ever returns to the road, I envision the usual MII front end, 350/350 drivetrain, chopped top, plenty of billet, blah, blah, blah. I don’t hate the street rod crowd, it just seems to be the same formula over and over again. Sort of like going to a car show and seeing only Camaro’s or only Mustangs.

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      • Steve R

        Why would a college pay that much for this, make and model would not matter. Random cars from this era in that shape should be able to be found for next to nothing especially if the school is in a rural setting. If someone buys it, it will be a Packard collector.

        Steve R

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    • Phlathead Phil

      I believe the remark is directed to this: “Even a blind man can see this is no deal.”

      No disrespect to Mr. Wonder. I have been a HUGE fan of him since I was 12. He is a musical genius and both an American Legend an Treasure!!!

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  3. Lance

    ‘Would make an awesome street rod” Really???? I think not. $6000? LOL. You better take what you can get even if it means moving the decimal point.

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  4. Bill McCoskey

    I’ve been buying/selling/collecting Packards for almost 50 years. Also sold Packard parts. If you’re restoring a late 1920s Packard and you need parts, the price is not that far off.

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  5. Phlathead Phil

    6 k for a pile of crap?


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