BF Classified: 1936 Dodge Canopy Truck

Seller’s Description: This truck belonged to my mother’s uncle, a painter named Sam from NW Indiana, who used it as his work truck after purchasing it new. It ended up in our big red barn after he passed and gave it to my mother and father. It has been there since probably the early 1960’s. Had hoped to restore it one day myself but think it’s better off to be sold to help pay for my 85-year-old mother’s continuing care needs.

Hopefully, someone with the skill, time, and resources can make it look like the old advertisements once again.

Would love for it to be worth enough for even a month of mom’s care… about $4,500.

I don’t know much about the doll on the hood… but it sure is creepy, so I didn’t want to move it.

Location: LaPorte, IN
Title Status: Clean

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