BF Classified: 1947 Chevrolet 3800 Advanced Design Panel Truck

Seller’s Description: 1947 Panel one-ton Chevy with 138-inch wheelbase. This was a rural school bus in Wyoming and was professionally converted by Winter Weiss Company of Denver, CO for that purpose. A riveted tag indicates that. About 20 years ago the truck was brought to rural Minnesota where a farmer used it in summers and fall. The truck received an upgrade to the 235 engine along the way and ran nicely upon storage about 12 years ago. Assume it needs trailering now. Has nonethanol gasoline in the tank.

This has the retainer ring style 17-inch rims. Tires imperfect on holding air. Tinwork inside the truck is in remarkable condition with few dings. The truck shows no signs of the typical abuse these suffered at the hands of plumbers and the like who threw cargo into these with great abandon. Has a single bench front seat, not the split one that this originally had. Plywood floor. The dash is painted but is not butchered up with modifications. Radio blanking plate appears unmolested.

Truck located about 75 minutes from St. Paul, MN. It has been stored in a weather-tight barn for 12 years. Not a rust bucket. Door bottoms on the inside have some rust, one running board rusted, but body overall in good condition all things considered. Rear doors retain the curved glass windows. Doors are not all banged in and trashed and still open and close.

Price: $6500
Location: Milltown, WI
Mileage: not known
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Listing: Here on craigslist

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