BF Classified: 1948 Mercury M68 Canadian Farm Truck

Seller’s Description: Rare Mercury truck that was made by Ford of Canada. Finding one in the United States is challenging enough and locating one in solidly good, driveable condition with a known ownership history is truly a rare experience. If you’re unfamiliar with their story, Mercury pickup trucks, known officially as the Mercury M series, dated to 1946 when Ford of Canada split its Ford and Lincoln-Mercury divisions into separate sales groups. The Lincoln-Mercury group introduced the Monarch and Meteor sub-brands of cars and wanted a light truck to add to the lineup. Mercury trucks, sold through 1968, were generally known for having more brightwork, especially around the grille, to distinguish them from their Ford-badged counterparts. The seller found this one-family-owner half-ton Model 68M on a business trip while traveling in western Canada and brought it over the border to his home in southwestern Washington state, becoming the second owner in the process.

Price: $29,900
Location: Camas, WA
Mileage: 57000
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Listing: Here on Hemmings

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