BF Classified: 1949 Mercury Monarch

Location: Vancouver BC
Mileage: n/a
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 0374H4977591

Seller’s Description: The fourth project in a three project shop. Was progressing along as an
electric conversion but stalled when I bought a 1930 Model A and a very
inexpensive third hand electric car. I’d be happy to remove the 9″DC motor
and the T5 transmission if it doesn’t suit the buyer.

The car was rescued by a local hot rod legend who did a 2″ chop- I’ve kept the chop lines visible
throughout the work as an homage to the art. The floor had rotted out [someone had cut the
roof off and then left the whole project in a field] so when I had it rebuilt the car was channeled 3″.
Originally it was planned to use 26 lead acid batteries so there is a battery box designed into the
trunk. The metal was bead blasted and epoxy primed before being painted. The interior is gloss while the exterior has been coated in matte finish. There is a complete set of trim pieces as well as a number of extra bits that one accumulates while looking for parts. Four sets of tail lights and three sets of parking lights [minus the parking light buckets. I was going with LEDs so I 3D printed the parking light buckets.

There is a 9″DC motor with adapter plate attached to a T5 5 speed transmission. A custom drive shaft back to a rebuilt stock diff with a custom suspension for the extra weight and new front end with disc brakes [rear brakes stock] . There is an electric vacuum pump and reservoir installed in the engine bay as well as a modified heater/blower system in progress.
The rear 3 piece curved glass is ready to be installed and there are patterns cut for all the flat glass. Rear windows are built as fixed with the front window winders in place with the associated handles- the exterior handles have been shaved. The headliner and seats are in without any of the coverings being done – there are two rolls of the chosen vinyl colours but that is, of course, at the new owners discretion. The steering wheel is a stainless steel marine wheel with suicide knob as the stock wheel practically touched
the seat. The dash is complete but not installed with at least two of each stock instrument provided. I’ll happily photograph any area or portion of the car that might be of interest or concern.

1949 Mercury Monarch [Canadian version]
4 door
Clear title

2” chop by Norm Abrams
Purchased from Norm Abrams

New floor fabricated
Rocker Panels & A &B pillar bases
3” channel
Elvis Jay Gurlund

Media blasted

Epoxy primed
Laurie Peterson

Paint -Interior Gloss
Exterior Gloss with Matte clear coat
seats built but not upholstered
Beale Kustom
Complete rear window
Templates for all flat glass

Headliner installed
9” DC motor w/adapter to T5 BW manual transmission [rebuilt]
new drive shaft
Rebuilt Diff [stock]
New rear springs to handle battery weight

Front disc brakes/rear hydraulic
Vacuum pump [electric] installed
Steering stock

Complete dash and instruments with duplicates
[or triplicates] of most pieces. Handles, interior lighting’
blanket rope etc in multiples.

Multiple sets of headlights/signal lights/brake lights

Complete trim package with spares
Monarch Grill with spare parts
front and rear bumpers non-stock

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