BF Classified: 1952 Ford F2


Asking Price: $25,000
Location: Essex, CT
Mileage: 72000
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Description: 2 Owner, all original 1952 Ford F2 Pick Up.

Mr. Park bought her new in 53 from O’Meara Ford in East Hartford, CT.

It had several options, like the power assisted wipers, Magic Air heater and oil filter.

This is a truck of yesteryear, meant to work, not coddle it’s passengers in heated seats and self driving lullabies.

Mr. Park was an engineer, welder, and 1/4 scale train enthusiast. He bought this truck to haul his trains and for his construction business.

He fabricated special rails to mount into the bed and heavy duty ramps to load the steam engine into the bed. He mounted a winch and also fabbed up a heavy duty crash panel for the back of the cab. To take on the look of a train, he also created a bull bar front bumper with the lights located up top. He painted everything to match the “Express Medium Green” of the truck. Lastly, he built his own trailer and hitch for the rest of the train cars. Only the trailer is not included in this sale, however, the current owner, who’s had her for several years, removed those items and tucked them into storage.

The truck was very well serviced and cared for, with records up into the late 90’s. It appears as though he had the truck undercoated in probably a Waxoil type of product and that has kept the under body of this truck exceptionally rust free.

It went into storage for the last few years before the current owner found her, being started only to move her around.

With some simple recommissioning, she is back on the road and has been enjoyed around town for several years now.

The truck starts up easily with some choke, a few pops of the gas pedal and pressing the starter button. According to the owner, she likes a little gas, so we keep the throttle open a bit and idle her at around 800 rpm. The gauges all work and she shows awesome oil pressure and no over heat issues. The “Cost Clipper 6” inline 6 cylinder runs great and at 221 CI puts out just over 100 HP and 185 lb ft. That is sent out through a 4 speed manual, non synchro transmission (1st is a granny low 6.40 to 1) to a full floating Timken rear axle loaded with 4.86 gears.

yeah, there’s some grunt there, but be ready to double clutch and jam some gears.

The interior is in original condition and looks pretty darned good. It’s loaded in luxury of the time.. Naugahyde seat cover, positive action wipers, Magic Air heat and defrost, this one has the dealer installed #900 Sigflare Switch signals. (the front currently are not connected as they were fashioned to the bull bar), everything works, headlights, high beams, emergency flashers and the roof mounted lights too. The glove box still contains some of Mr. Park’s favorite stogies and some other personal items, notes. etc.

The body is in excellent, rust free shape and wears her original paint, that has been touched up here and there over the years.

The odometer shows just over 72,000 miles and that is actual. Tires are Goodyear Work Horse 6 ply, 7,50×16 and a second set on similar wheels, is included in the sale.

This a time capsule of a truck and is now ready for her next adventure with a new owner.

Original, super strong runner/driver, 2 owners in 70 years.

This wonderful piece of history is for sale at $25,000.

Any questions, for MANY more photos and video, to schedule a time to see her or to make an offer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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