BF Classified: 1953 Morgan Plus 4 Flat-Rad


Seller’s Description: This Morgan is a very rare Plus 4 “Flat-Rad” Roadster. I have owned this nice car for over 55 years, but I am 81 years old and I can’t take it with me when I go. This Morgan has been newly and completely restored. It never has had any rust, sheet metal damage, or wood rot. However, due to a careless “looker” the ring gear on the starter was just recently damaged. Included with the car is a perfect replacement flywheel with an excellent ring gear. The paint is new, all 6 tires are new, the seats are new, the exhaust system is new. this is a really beautiful car that turns heads wherever it goes. I can provide more photos.

Price: $29,500
Location: Meadows of Dan, VA 24120
Mileage: 100
Title Status: Clean
VIN: P2665

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