BF Classified: 1954 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

Seller’s Description: A running 1954 Chevy 3100 pickup. It needs all 4 brake cylinders replaced. There is some rust on the floorboard and driver-side cab panel bottom. The bed needs reboarding. This is a restoration project that never got going. There are many extras which include 2 carbs, a 235 head and lifters, and new springs, manifold, an oil pump, pan, two starters, two generators, and 3 voltage regulators. This has an original 6-volt system though have complete changeover to 12. Also, two complete rear ends including backplates and brake drums. A new front windshield an extra clean gas tank, ac fuel pump, door seals, and door panel frames. Flywheel and clutch, 2 steering boxes, heater core and motor, two windshield wiper motors, two distributors, and two carbs. As well as two unground camshafts, two rear leaf springs, an extra 4-speed transmission, 3-speed transmission, and 8 brake shoes. Boxes of spare parts include Felpro gasket sets for the engine and head. Inline leaded gas lines. Extra door handles and dash gauges. Altogether about a ton of extra parts to rebuild this truck. I’m asking $9,000 (now asking $4,500) for the truck, plus $5,000 if you want all the spare parts.

Price: $4,500
Location: Wolf Creek, OR
Mileage: 25K on rebuilt
Title Status: Clean
VIN: H540014186

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