BF Classified: 1956 Chrysler Imperial Barn Find

Asking Price: $4,950
Location: San Lorenzo
Mileage: 51,753
Title Status: Clean
VIN: 55598012304

Seller’s Description: Driven into storage 1999
Pulled out 2019

Barn find car with 51k on the clock and no reason to think that the odo has rolled, but anything’s possible. Car is clean and tight for being an original, unrestored 65 year old car. Paint is original and there is no rot or rust on the car visible, but there’s probably something going on somewhere. Car is in great shape as far as I can tell.

Original underhood except for missing plug wire covers, which can be found online.

New Coker wide white tires 11/19 – $1000 in tires are already on the car. I consider this a $4000 car with $1000 tires. I’m in a position to have an opinion on the car’s value because I help run a 100,000 page website dedicated to imperials – google Online Imperial Club if you have time on your hands… This is the 41st Imperial that I’ve fished out, cleaned up, and offered for sale in the last 25 years, so I feel qualified to call this car a good opportunity to have fun without need to spend an extra $20k for a full blown restoration.

I borrowed a 6v battery and engine started and ran nicely. Smooth.
Carburetor (on engine) and water pump (removed, in trunk) need to be rebuilt – they both leaked badly.

Some cars are worth restoring.
Others are nice enough that they really ought to be left alone and enjoyed as they are. This car is very honest and usable as it is. Would make a great project because its so complete and not a basket case like the other cars in this age and price range – look at CL and you’ll see some serious monsters that will bleed your wallet dry.

Let us suppose that the engine runs well enough and you want to put this car on the street?
This is what I forecast – there will certainly be other items to do, but this is what’s obvious right now:

$300 Carburetor
$300 Water Pump
$500 Brakes
$500 Clean Gas Tank
$??? re-seal transmission if it leaks. It did not leak or get tested (no brakes).
$??? rewire engine compartment – wires are really old, but they do work
Since it’s an old cars, it will certainly delight the tinkerer – the windshield wipers are pointing straight up, for example… There will be more to do, but the really scary stuff just isn’t that scary on this car because it hasn’t been left to rot like so many others.

The seats have very tight covers on them. I see original eagle pattern Imperial covers under them. Seats are not torn or rippled under the covers, so the present covers “might” be hiding original seat covers in good shape. Might not. Your problem.

Note that this car has optional rear air conditioning, an unusual and desirable option.

Delivery available in California or Nevada for $2 per mile, one way from my 94580 address to yours according to google maps. Car is also listed locally and is being sold on first-come-first cash in person basis.

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